Monday, December 27, 2010

Sunday Yeller's

On December 26th Ryan Magee trumped his fellow throwers with another well strategized disc golf performance. Due to his overall high level of play, the occasional layup seemed warranted and appeared only part of a well played game of discgolf. One away from double digits, his -7 handicap round took the cake as well as bag tag 3. Nathan Anderson also turned in a clean card with a better than par performance closing the door on 2nd place, and a not-to-shabby $5 dollars. David Stein was an unstoppable force through the front 9 before he, well, stopped. James Eldridge enjoyed what most should consider the shot of the day draining a "o'er the curb" 75 foot approach from deep parking lot. Our friend Gregg failed to repeat, but succeeded in bringing even more ctp fun. The author contributed little to the tournament aside from a few new moving pictures viewable at location:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hey guys, ive been working on getting stuff together on the icebowl, things are going good . we got a few sponsors to help with the expenses of putting the event on and we have some donations already.

looks like the cost of entry will be
25$ and 2 cans of food = a disc and a t shirt
35$ and 2 cans of food = a full color buzz and a t shirt

i also wanted to offer a club member special
of 50$ entry to tourney = a full color buzz, a t shirt and a hoodie

also anyone who registers early can swap out a full color buzz for either:

tye dyed pro katana
champ boss, or valkyrie
star katana, mako, or sidewinder
or a Z nuke

you got to let me know by jan 10th

ill be out of town for a couple weeks but it would be great if you can call me and let me know what you want

ill be in touch

G Slaps Weather Upside Head

Well most of you missed what ended up to be quite a riveting Sunday tourney, let me tell you! Check this out:

We had seven intrepid travelers sign up for the carnage, as a bodacious bewildering bowl of bluster had us baffled and bowled over! The weather was at once everywhere and nowhere...the torrential rainwater which surrounded us never seemed to find us, but the wind direction changed constantly, often within the same hole, making driving and putting akin to hammering nails with your eyes closed. One player even pulled out and had a DNF, leaving only six to cower over the scorecards.

The round was not without its spectacular highlights however! With not a shot of warm-up, our own Elderberry (that would be your loyal narrator) stepped up to his first hole, hole #3, and let a low drive skirt the bluster, skip gently in front of the right bush, and fold neatly into the basket for the ever-elusive ACE!!! Let me tell you, I highly recommend being 2 down after 1. It's an excellent way to start a round, no matter what anyone says! Two thumbs up!

Unfortunately, I didn't make many more negative numbers after that, nor did anyone in my group. The other group, however, held a secret assassin who shrugged off the weather as if it were nothing more than a paramour blowing in his ear. As is his custom, Greg told everyone after the round that he had shot a 6 down, and after our guffaws, the joke was on us: He had in fact shot a 6 down, 5 under his handi, and 3 better than anyone shot without handicap! Nate took second with a respectable 1 under his handi, and the rest of us contented ourselves with the fact that we hadn't lost discs.

Hats off to the brave souls who showed while it blowed!!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12 Under Through 13!

I did not witness this feat I only heard about it..."Hemmies was 12 under after 13 on track to break the course record". After thinking about this I was jogging my memory to think if I ever went 12 under after 13 holes or if I have witnessed this. Has anyone else achieved this feat at our little course on the coast? I can remember being 8 under after 9 holes but never 12 under after 13. Anyways I thought it worth mentioning and talking about.

As for the rest of the tournament there was a 4 way tie for first with each member shooting 5 under their handicaps. Those members including: Hemmies, Jims, Rye Bread, and (drum role please) Roy. After Hemmies received a controversial call (3 people saw it no good and 1 person saw it good) on the uprights for the elusive "Top O' The World" shot this did not slow him down for hitting a big putt to seal the deal and win the tournament. Jimmers took second after 3 holes. Congratulations fellers!

Can someone post the rest of the scores? Hemmies, is there a way to move up the bag tag order to the top of the page? Currenlty, it is way down on the page.

P.S. Hemmies, is that a bowling shirt your wearing? Where was that picture taken and when?


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

1st Annual Dark N' Weather Commerorative Disc Golf Tournament @ Koa Willits Disc Golf Course; Hosted by the Mendocino Coast Frolf Club

elcome to the write-up of the 1st annual DNW DGT@KOADGC. The Co-Tournament Directors (CTDs) thought a mix-up of formats would lend a festive aire to the 1st annual DNW DGT. First up we scheduled a night, glow, alternate shot, handicapped doubles round. Second we switched up a few holes for the standard singles handicapped sunday round. Finally we added the two handicapped scores of each player and awarded the MCFC Special Tourney Trophy to the winner.
Night round was uneventful.

It fulfilled the requirement of dark. This was apparent to every frolfer in the game. Drives became much more difficult and required tutelage by Obiwan Kanobi to feel the shot with your being not just your eyes. A fair amount of over the counter and medicinal substances made this little trick possible. Putting took on a new persona in that your glowing (or not, AJ) disc had to fly through the darkness and find a safe landing in the basket (or monster from your worst nightmares). All in all the round was successful. No lost discs, limited controversy and plenty of stories to tell afterward. David and Ryan (CTD, CTD, CTD) won with a -1 handicapped round followed by Jim and Aaron with a 0 and Derrick and Jared with a 0. The leader board was tight with another round to play.

Waking up to the sun was a pleasant surprise. The fact that it was only a few hours after laying down to sleep made it difficult to embrace but it seemed to be an omen for a great round of play.
As the teams broke up and the play began, so did the rain. The weather component of this tourney was now in play. I can speak only for my round (+12) when I say that rain can be a limiting factor in scoring. With two alternate pin placements, one never having been shot (#2 over the newly constructed "Willits Castle") the difficulty rating of the KOADGC increased dramatically. With a few discs in the pond (there would have been more if we didn't make a last second decision to not move the pin up the hill to the sunday position) and a few wet hoodies, the players all made it back in one piece. The winner was Erin with a hadicapped 0 followed by Nate and Craig tied for second with a +1. It has been a while since a score not under handi won a tourney. Nate and Craig played hole 1 and Nate won with a 30' putt for birdie.

There were many CTP prizes handed out and lots of smiling faces. The famous Cherry Wood Scaled Down Destroyer Trophy was awarded to..............................................................................
CTD David Stein with a +1 hadicapped score over the two rounds.

Thank you all for showing up in the rain for a fun tournament.
I would like to give a special thanks to Matthew Starkweather for all of his work and oranization that has gone into making our tournaments and club something we all can cherish. Aloha Oi Matthew and good luck in your travels. We will be waiting for your return to Tourney play. May your tires stay inflated, may your flip flops never fail, may you know the difference between the cantina and the jail. May you always see the angles and embrace the songs you've sung and may you stay, forever young.
We love you Matthew.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

what a round

well i dont know bout all-o-yall, but i thought sundays tourney was pretty special.
The weather was very nice. Big G$ WON THE ACE POT !!(2nd biggest?). I shot my best round ever at mendo the elusive 10 down. Anxiously awaiting my key to the double digit down clubhouse. This round felt good to me cause ive felt like ive been at a "plateau" for some time in my golf game. We had like 9 star frames on our card, and the total under for the card was 32 down. Oh and i won a super cozy scarf for a ctp on 14. jim took 2nd with 5 under his handi. i remember nate dogg had a good game at even i think. and he brought flowers

could some one fill in some scores?

erin -12
jim -10
nate dogg even?
D roc -10

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Next Weekend!

Here is the flier for the Special Tournament which is next weekend in Willits:

* In commemoration of Matthew “Parkweather” Starkweather *

The Mendocino Coast Frolf Club presents:

The 1st Annual Matthew Dark N’ Weather Special Tournament

When: Saturday December 4th and Sunday December 5th, 2010
Alternate Shot Handicapped Glow Round on Saturday at 7pm
Sunday Tournament at 12pm (players meeting at 11:30am)
*Optional warm up round on Saturday at 2:30ish*

Why: Because we haven’t had a special tournament in a long time and to celebrate our beloved leader Parkweather before he ventures off the coast and into Babylon (he is moving)

Where: Willits KOA Disc Golf Course

How: Please RSVP to Davey D or Rye Bread because we are reserving camp sites

What: Bring a CTP prize (if you can) and yer “A” game because Rye Bread and Davey D are hosting and there will be many a surprise

Fees: $5 buy in for the glow round and Sunday tournament ($10 total). Also, bring money for camping (if you’re camping) and Liars’ Dice

Brought to you by the Mendocino Coast Frolf Club

Friday, November 12, 2010

fort bragg handicapped weekleys

hey all , just wanted to let you know we had our first fb handicapped weekly this thurs at 2 pm, (with no handis yet). 7 folks showed up ,jeremy, g, myself,tom (a new player) , dennis, jason, and vince, we played the front and back nine and i won it with a six down .it was a beautiful day, fun was had by all, hope some of you might make it in the future when your schedules allow

Monday, November 8, 2010

12 person turn out, Hemulous and Jimmers put up a 10 down, G brings 4 CTPS, and Jason goes Pro?

3 groups of 4 men walked around circling one another throughout the early afternoon attempting sphere shaped objects in chain linked structures some better than others and some much better than their handicaps. The thing I can say about my group was that Jimmers played GREAT and the bounces were going his way. He should of been 9 under after 9 but missed a couple of putts and ended his first 9 holes at -7. Roy and Nate also shot well and were at -3 after. As for me well let's just say I have seen better days but did end my round with no bogeys, a par and birdie finish and finished a mediocre -5. The back 9 saw a tree steal Nate's disc, the wheels start to come off for Nate but our entire group parred hole 17 (the first time I can remember that everyone on my card got a par on 17) and Jimmy missing a difficult putt on 18 for par and a tie for the win. This day belonged to Jason who shot his best every round...I think -1 which is 7 under his handicap and who than decided to go Pro and take everyone out for beers at Splattys...THANKS JASON. Jimmy and AJ tied for second which Jimmy won in a 2 hole playoff.

PS Jimmy hit the basket twice for ace runs BUT the ace pots lives and grows to $136.80.
PSS Special Willits tournament is scheduled for December 4th and 5th...stay tuned for a flier.
PSSS Can someone post the scores and maybe a picture of Jason or a picture of a shoe cobbler?


Monday, November 1, 2010

Willits Special Tourney!

Hey Frolfers,

As per Ryan's awesome idea and willingness to organize, and Davey's willingness to co-organize, I am writing to chime in on the timing of the DELAYED-SO-LONG-IT-WAS-LOOKING-LIKE-WE-WOULD-NEVER-DO-ANOTHER-ONE special tourney! Rye, you mentioned wanting to do it in November. The only weekend I could do it is the last one, the 26th-28th, which is the weekend following Thanksgiving. So I'm pulling hard for that weekend, or any weekend after that. LOVE the idea of another special tourney in Willits! Will it be too cold to camp? Do we need to rent cabins? Will the course be a slogfest? All questions I look forward to us working around!


Monday, October 25, 2010

a couple of announcments

g$ and jason tied at manchester rainy tourney, it poured all day on us down there. but h at didnt slow down g or jason, g won it in a playoff, i played like shit for sure ,

also in da news king of the lake in tahoe will be a national tour event next year, big deal for sure in july, just a few weeks before the worlds in santa cruz,

also fort bragg ice bowl preparations under way, i am looking for people who really want to help out.
my number is 541 490-9321
looking for peeps to do :
donation gathering
help with course layout or improvements to course of anykind
scorecards and flyer layouts
media rep
any and all help will be greatly appreciated
lets do this up better than last year peeps

News Flash: It didn't rain on Sunday Tourney

As might have been expected, there was a gathering of Mendocino Coast Frof Club players at the Mendocino High School in the picturesque victorian village of Mendocino, CA. With only the strong of heart as witness, a rain-free round of Disc comenced.
Ryan, Craig, Jeremy, Jason, Greg and Nate set out at the agreed upon hour of 4:30 (We should consider changing that next week as we finished in the dark) and played through the mild and frolfy conditions. A swell time was had, including but not limited to, Craig; our hadicapped winner with a -3. Second was the overall winner, Ryan, with a handicapped -2. Great match with a close ending involving every player in the tourney on hole 18.
In belated news, and you would think one of these guys with internet access would post it before the guy who does this from his office in town, David Stein battled out an epic four man playoff to win last week's tourney. For more news on this check in with the man himself.
Aloha, pau.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Headlines: 1. UTM back on the scene to shoot his all time best -5, 2. Hemulous shoots 10 down, and, 3. Winnie McWinnerson Parky Parkerton WINS!

Winnie McWinnerson Parky Parkerton (or simply Matthew) shot a stellar bogey free -9 (6 under his handicap) round to take the gold on Sunday. There were rumbles and shouts of, "Purple Rock". There were songs being sung about it referencing Prince. There were also whispers in the other groups (including my own) of, "what is this Purple Rock"? A new kind of crack rock with hints of purple in it? A nickname of a Cal Bear Football Player? An entry in the Cannabis Cup? Little do folks know that the Purple Rock is Parkeeloko Gold's new putter. Anytime this disc is released from Putterton's hand someone somewhere in the world says, "Purple Rock". Has anyone checked the weight or legality of this fierce weapon? I think not, and much like a Giants game not to long ago I, David Todd Stein, am putting this disc golf round under protest. That's right you heard it hear first a protested game!! Well, just like the Giants ended up winning that game and going on to win their first round of the National League playoffs I am already conceding this protest and saying congratulations to Winnie and his magic Purple Rock.

Can someone, anyone post the scores and maybe a picture of Prince or Mateo Rockerton for the blog's front page?? Once again, I really need to learn how to post pictures...


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chick Record Smashed in Lindsey's Seismic Victory!

In a devastating display of masterful driving, putting, and psychological warfare, Lindsey destroyed the field, the chick record, and her own personal best on Sunday by shooting a 1 down, 8 shots under her handicap! On a day many found the wind speed and direction to be daunting, Linz used it to her advantage, and left her opponents literally in the dust. When asked after the round to describe her putting, she chuckled disdainfully and looked at the horizon like a gunfighter recalling a particularly brutal victory: "I made everything."

Many members of the MCFC have subsequently expressed doubts about continuing with the sport after their dismembering on Sunday, and one can only hope the club will survive--much as one hopes a wild animal will survive after being trapped and placed in a zoo. How long can the body continue to live after the spirit has been gutted? Only time will tell. But the memory of this performance will live on, if only in the nightmares of the competitors there to experience it!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stormin' in for Victory, Jeremy ties for second but leaves

In one of the briefest summations of a tourney ever, Brian Storms showed up last Sunday and opened up a nice fresh can of whoop-@#$, and beat everybody by eleventy billion strokes. Jeremy tied for second but was already at the coffee shack in Ft Bragg by the time the round ended, so Vince took second place by not leaving early. As is tradition, whom ever post about the tourney has to mention there own great/mediocre/horrible round. lets just say mine was the latter. Oh and David shot really good. And Erin.
Lindsey +6
Jake S. +4
Vince -3
Ryan M -2
Nathan +4
Matthew +4
David -9
Jason +4
Brian -3 FTW
Jeremy -3
Greg +2

Monday, September 20, 2010

4 Way Tie, 15 people turn out, Erin Lays up?

News heard all around the Frolf World: Erin the Hemulous Hemulie shoots 12 under, wins with a -7 handicap by laying up? Thats right folks you heard it hear first. The 4 way tie consisted of up and comer to the Frolf world Tai, Vince the Vinny Vincenzo, back from Frolf tour (oh I'm sorry I mean PDGA Disc Golf) Derrick strokes a lot Dirka Dekendra, and none other than Frolf Designer HemHaw. Top of the World was played with 3 out of the 4 players missing, Hemulous laying up and taking the high pay out (I am not sure how many paying customers).

Other news on this beautiful day included 3 (thats right folks 3) CTPs. Hole 12, 13, and 15. Rye Bread took 12 and 15 and won $9 and a shirt and Nate the Sawyer Sawyerton won the hihgly sought after new Aviar made of sturdy wood and rubber (smell it).

Bagtag Challenges: Dirka holds onto his bagtag after tying with minussixweather. The dentist fends off pesky little Arthea Julip (Arvin Jules).

In related news: after shitting the bed last week wtih a -1 (my worst round in a long time maybe ever) the dentist comes back and shoots -8 hitting 33.5 foot jump putts and missing 15 foot gimmes.


Ok well Matthew here Jumping in on David's post to break down a few scores-

jason +12
Tim +8
Jake +4
Jeremy 0
Tai +2
Craig +1
Vince -5
Derrick -6
AJ -3
David -8
Nate +4
Matthew -6
Ryan Magee +2
Erin -12
Ryan (city) +6
Ok just a reminder for all you in frolf land, we had a little contraversy last week which could have been avoided if:
a) scores had been double checked
and b)people didn't roll in half hour late.
Also, we should wait until all the cards are in and checked before going up the hill to hole 19.
Should we have a drop dead cut off? a time? Maybe no one after first drive has been thrown?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Jeremy Wins

Running out the door, found that I had two scorecards from yesterday. Here are the scores on those two:

Nate: +7
Ryan: -7
Matthew: -6
David: -1
Jim: -8
Erin: -10

Hope someone else has the third card.

Congrats to Jeremy!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boontfling 2010

It started out as an outing amongst friends and ended as a cohesive bonding in revelry as well as consolation.

This post will try (if possible) to recount the events at the inaugural Boontfling Beer Tier event. The first arrivals were A.J., G-Money & Jeremy; all of whom played in the Friday night doubles round. The reports were of a -17 posted. This was an intimidating bit of information for the early morning crew. David and Jim, Matthew and Ryan & Erin all heard the news, picked out a Stalker of their choice and warmed up. Two discs were lost within the first ten minutes. This was not a good omen. Talk turned to the new #2 tee box which very much brought the pond into play for the average hucker. The players meeting was called and the bar was open (8:30 AM). The teams were broken up and off we went. I can only speak for myself when I say that I had a pitiful round. I say that in hindsight because I thought it was only so/so. Upon returning to the clubhouse I learned that Jim, Erin & Greg all scored -5! Well played gentlemen. A.J. posted -2, Matthew -1 & Davey at 0. Jeremy and I were the only MCFC'rs to shoot over par. I was dissapointed, but it was nothing that a little dipping of the ol' figs wouldn't solve. We headed on down to hole #9 and had a dip in the river and a recharge. The next round proved to be a bit more of a challenge due to high temperatures and wind. Erin fired off a -4, A.J. ground out another -2, Davey and I shot -1 together on the same card & Matthew, Greg and Jim fell off. As a team we all rallied together and realized that we were mostly playing well and support would be provided and would lead to a great finish.
The after-hours party will not be reported on here. The only post frolf information to be passed along was that the BBQ was fantastic. Mexi- rice and beans (better than you think and I know you think it was good) carne asada and tortillas with salsas to die for. We ate up and retired to a gentle night of rest (or did we...).
Next morning at ten we met and played the third and final round. Davey took the club weekend honors with a -6, followed by myself with a -3, Erin slowed but finished strong with a -2, A.J. a 1 (I think), Greg 2 (maybe) and Jim and Matthew with higher scores than they would have liked, yet were still competitive.
There were three aces: a one-on-top-of-the-other-first-time-ever-ace-by-good-friends ace and an on the fly Boss flick on 1a (a temporary hole along 128 and under a few oak trees (really, a basket under the canopy of oaks in Booneville?)) by none other than Ryan Magee.
I think the club all really pulled and rooted for each other all the way through the weekend. Guys were picking each other up and showering each other with support. I felt like part of a disc golf club. I think it was a maturing of the club and it would have been all the better with a full turnout. I noticed that being rowdy (as some of us can be) does not have to be negative. We were the merry frolfers and were not afraid to share it. I hope this is a sign of where the club is going. I like the camaraderie we brought with us and it showed in the standings:
Erin Hemmings -11 4th place
AM 1
David Stein -7 3rd place
A.J. Bule -3 5th place
Ryan Magee +1 6th place
Greg Thompkins +4 6th place

Congrats to the players and thanks for the support. I went from the worst score in the AM1 division to placing in the money. I hope you all enjoyed each other as much as I enjoyed being with you.
Please post your own accounts of rounds, de-constructions of certain holes or just sound offs.
Aloha, pau

Monday, August 30, 2010

Erin the Hemulous Hemulie and G Roney Monie!

A pretournament tournament was held in Booneville, California at the one and only Anderson Valley Brewery Company, the home of Poleeko Gold Pale Ale and Summer Solstic Cerveza Crema (in a can). The Trees Group (or Resinators) consisted of: Mr. Intermediate DMoney, Oscar's Daddy, Mr. Epic, GRoney, and ArvinJulius. The Queens or "The Kid and Dog Group" consisted of: moi the dentist, Big Arm Hemmings, Mr. Dizzle, Chenzo (my girlfriend drives a Vespa and works at a this Italy or Fort Bragg?).

As the title of this post reveals the day belonged to Big Arm and Roney. HemHaw shot an impressive -7 (even with his handicap) and GMoney shot an also impressive -3 (even with his handicap). The playoff saw both contestants birdie hole 3 (the orginal hole 1) in impressive fashion. GMoney parked it 20 feet out and HemHaw hit a big 40 foot putt (how far was the putt Heminngs?). Which brings us to hole 4 (the original hole 2). GMoney shoots first and in an unlikely turn of events he attempts to hyzer it around that pesky tree but low and behold Rex, who was sleeping in the tree, grabbed G's disc and held it up in the tree resulting in an unfortunate 4. Hemmings throws his putter straight at it but at this point Rex was down from the tree and knocked HemHaw's disc right into the tree. Hemmings lays up and pars out and wins the pretournament tournament.

Other News:
Rex...opps I mean Rye Bread challenges the dentist to a bagtag challenge unfortunately Rye Bread has been eating too much candy on his recent trip back East and ends up on his back in the dental chair. The Dentist shoots 3 under and Bread shoots 3 or 4 over.

Can someone post the rest of the scores?

Lets get the party started...I will see y'all next weekend at the BeerFling! P.S. Does anyone have an oversized (big) tent that I can fit my airmattress in?



Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rainbow Bridges and Stardust Moon Pies

In his search for the finest, softest and most luxurious sod, Rex discovered paradise. Surprisingly, Rex's heaven on Earth was located at a nursery and gardening center in Farmingdale, NY (Home of the Fightin' Dalers). Rex was sent out to the Starkey Landscaping Depot on official business by the NYC Department of Things Golfy. He had spent the better part of a year in search of the perfect tee box surface. There were many others like him; looking for putting greens, fairways and even some straw-like rough. Rex liked working with others, but when it came to tee box grass, he could only work alone. Unlike the others, Rex wanted to see the grass grown out. He didn't like the stressed out, short, over-fertilized look of putting grass. He knew that many courses have been using this grass for tee-boxes and it enraged him. "How could the same turf be used for such different applications", Rex thought. Rex preferred to lay in grass about two to three inches tall and imagine it mowed perfectly to 3/8". Rex had found many adequate sods, but not the one that would end his search, that is not until he arrived at the garden center on this particular day.
Rex wandered the aisles for hours checking out potential yardage markers such as Rhododendron (pink, white and yellow), Fuchsia, Calalilys (for around the sprinkler heads), and even some gorgeous Rock Rose (which he intended to use in his own yard). He checked out the latest in fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides as well as the fine assortment of potting soils and planting mixes. Finally he found himself in the area of Sod samples. He didn't need to look long before he found it. Soft, luscious, elegant and sweet. As Rex laid down in the grass (as he always did, to confirm its characteristics), a puff of powder billowed up. Rex's eyelids grew heavy and just as an associate came running over shaking his head and trying to tell Rex to stand up, Rex could not make out what he was saying, he just fell into a deep, comforting, easy, Sleep.

No longer restrained by his body, Rex flew freely through the store, out the front entrance and into the open sky. He flew west and watched the buildings grow larger and taller until he was over mid-town Manhatten and had to dodge the Empire State Building. Passing the city he was instantly over the saltmarsh of the Meadowlands in Eastern New Jersey. As he traveled he saw the forested hills of the Poconos in Pennsylvania. These hills gave way to the Ohio and Mississippi river valleys. He now needed to gain elevation because despite the flat landscape he knew the Great Continental Divide of the Rocky Mountains was coming up. Up over the Rockies, through the great western desert and finally over the spine of the Sierra Nevada and Rex was where his mind was taking him... Mendocino. A small, quaint Victorian village on the north coast of California and Rex decided to take a break in a nice field with a view of the Point Cabrillo Light House to the north and Grey Whales breaching to the west. His meditation was broken by a shout of "Shister!". What Rex saw only lasted a brief moment. There were men, dressed in drab, earth-tones. Their hooded sweatshirts and sturdy hiking sneakers seemed to be some sort of uniform. Rex saw them throwing frisbees at a cage ringed with chains. When one of them landed in the cage and cheered for a Birdie, Rex was astonished. Birdie means one less than par and par is on a golf course. What is this game?

"Wake up sir", the pimple faced sales associate said. Rex tried to convey his vision to all of the people around him. "They were playing golf without clubs and balls. Just thin wide hockey pucks." Rex knew he could never teach these New Yorkers about this game, so off to work he went, supplying sod for tee boxes and never again tried to share his dream of the Perfect Game.

Friday, August 27, 2010

manchester tourney

its happening again this year. sure to have a larger turnout. its gonna go down oct 23rd, i got some flyers to give yall. and big news is 50% off cabins. and night rounds. Lunch will be provided again. Franny will bring cookies!! We got to represent its on the mendo coast after all

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Erin Ain't Errin'

In a thrilling playoff, Erin pulled out the victory on Sunday by edging out AJ on the second playoff hole. AJ's drive at the top of the world missed the uprights by a scant three inches, and after both players bogied, Erin made AJ pay by knocking down a 40-foot putt on the next playoff hole, hole 8, for the win! Both players made it into the playoff by shooting a strong 4 under their handi in windy but shockingly sun-drenched conditions. It was Erin's first victory in a number of months, but proved that under the right conditions, even a 7-under handicapper can win. Great 11 down under adverse conditions, Erin!

By the way, E, AJ asked me if the C course was up on the blog. I believe you said it was, but it doesn't look to be listed with the A and B course maps?

Monday, August 16, 2010

2010 Boontfling! Pre-Register NOW

Let's do this thang. Apparently it's filling up, so let's make sure we're all in!


Three-peat Averted

Just a quick post to let all who were rendered sleepless by fear of another Ryebread three-peat that you can rest safely once again--the honor of the MCFC (yes, you heard me, MCFC) was successfully defended on this windy Sunday, despite a strong effort by the aforementioned Mr. Bread. The scores below:

Tai: +11
Nate: +3
Vince: +1
Brady: -3
Erin: -3
Ryan: -6
Davey: -9
Jim: -11 and the win

Monday, August 9, 2010


Since the inaugural MFC tournament back in 2006 only one player has achieved the sought after and extremely fickle three tournament wins in three weeks. There have been a few back to back wins which triggered a landslide of attention, but with the exception of one, all of these attempts have landed wide of their target. The only successful run was made by the author of this post. As it is my style, I will now address the reader directly concerning this record/fact. When I completed the coveted threepete, there was little fanfare as we were a young organization and could not have understood how momentous an occasion we were taking part in. I can say from my perspective that my threepete was made possible by the slow working out of fair handicaps. At that time I was just beginning to find a stroke as I had only played this game for less than a year and was only just starting to take it seriously. My handicap at the beginning of the run was +4 and worked down to +2 for the third game. I was playing much more inconsistently and happened to find my stroke for three weeks. I think my third win was with a -5 (-7 handicapped), and looking back I think that win was huge for my bourgeoning game. I do recognize that the circumstances surrounding handicaps allowed for my threepete. The only way to achieve this feat of strength and stamina is to play three rounds in a row with better and better results as you go. With players in the low handicaps (-6/-7), this becomes a daunting task. Can someone throw in the middle to high double digits three weeks in a row? Circumstances will always come into play. Last week I won with a -5 (-2 handicapped). No one played a stellar game, and what I look at as a decent round took the match. If there had been 15 players, I would never have stood a chance. I remember both Davey and Nate Dog going for the third and having huge turnouts that can easily drown out a decent round and require your absolute best. I consider myself lucky for the first. I scored a -10 (-7 handicapped) this sunday and had no real challenge from the field. This was my second double digit win within a month and I know my handicap will reflect it. Now, unlike the first time, I will have to work through a much tougher handicap and hopefully a much larger turnout to achieve the unachievable again. I look forward to all challengers next sunday as I will be playing my best and will put any skepticism to rest as to the circumstances of the allusive THREEPETE.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tahoe throw down

hey guys i sure have missed you all. ive been up north seeing music and hangin with my family. i hope all'yall are doing great, anyone want to go to tahoe to play a nor cal series tourney at bijou a super fun course. i am super excitesd for it as i have now rose to 3rd place overall in the nor cal series in the int division, im really hoping we can make a mfc roadtrip out of it.lets do it, i wont be at sunday tourney again cause its frannys bday and we are going to go float down the russian river. i will prob give yall a call to see if i can spark some interest in the tahoe trip


Monday, July 26, 2010

Vince and Nate!

Thats right ladies and gentlemen you heard it hear first...both Vinny Vincenzo and Nate the dizzle dog Anderson shot 8 under their riduculous (wait did I say that out loud) handicaps. Both Nate and Vinny played in my group along side EHems and it was a pleasure to watch the twos of thems battle it out. Nate shot a -4 (8 under handy) and Vinny shot -7 (8 under his handy). Vince was parking everything and Nate was overthrowing shots I have never seen him overthrow like hole 10. He also parked hole 1. Nate made friends with the Katana on this day. After they tied on topple the world Vinny beat the Natedog on hole 12. Another highlight of the day was Ehems almost aceing hole 17 throwing a turnover threw the treeline and going over the basket. Nice shot Hems! There ya have it. Can someone post the scores?

Nate -4
Vince -7
David -6
Erin -9

Jeriemiah 8
Jeremy 0
Logan +5
AJ -6

Linz 9
Brady -4
Gregg -1
Jim -8

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Ace List Grows with Each Passing Day

Sunday tourney was 8 frolfers strong. Ryan, AJ, Tai, and Linz (along with Maddie the Caddy) teed off on 5, while Nate, Devon, Brian and Matthew teed on 1. No sooner had we arranged our names neatly in order on our homemade scorecard, than my group heard whooping, shouting, hollering and yahooing from the parking lot. Matthew Starkweather hucked his limited-special-edition-MFC logo disc for an ACE on hole 1! Might I remind you that this blue disc was the very same disc he won as a CTP on hole 1 not long ago. 'Twas meant to be.

Try as we might, no one managed to make Matthew split the ace pot in 2 that day, though I came mighty close on 8 when I turned my blue avenger over into a bee-line ace-run and hit the basket!

Nate Doggy Dog took the tourney with a 2 under his handi, and Linz got second with a 1 under her handi. I'll get you yet, Dizzle.

This is really just an abridged version of Sunday - I'm sure Ryan will give us all the poetic version, and perhaps we'll hear a first-person account of 'The ACE of July 18, 2010' from Mr. Starkweather himself.

Linz +4
Tai +11
AJ +1
Ryan -2

Devon Josephs +28
Nate +2
Brian +9
Matthew -1


Monday, July 12, 2010

My Boy

Sunday Scores:
Lindsey +7
Brady -5
Ryan -10
Jim -8
Tai +6
Nate +3
Jeremy +1
AJ -6
Brian +11
Derrick -1
David -9
Erin -11

Friday, July 9, 2010

Live From Fort Bragg, It's Thursday Night!

One match, five teams and three and a half hours is all it takes to kick off the summer season of doubles at the newly minted Fort Bragg College of the Redwoods eighteen hole disc golf course. After some deliberation over how the teams would be broken up, a final draw left: Erin & Nate, Greg & Derrick, Vince & Jeremy, David & Ryan and Jim played the round Cali. After the front nine of play it was G&D with the lead (-7), followed by N&E (-6), a tie for third between V&J and D&R (-5) and J pulling up the back (-1). This was a tight match.

Let us now discuss the intricacies of playing someone Cali. As Jim can attest to, if you are not playing well Cali does not afford you a partner to "pick you up" when you need a big putt or a drive just a bit closer. Now wait a minute. Could it be that I am now arguing against Cali on the grounds that it makes things tougher for a player. Wasn't it not too long ago that you, Ryan William Magee, argued that Cali was actually too easy and that a player could dial in a hole with two drives or make certain he nails that putt with two tries? I have to defend my maniacal ramblings by saying that nowhere in this post have I said that I am against playing Cali. There is simply no way to play with an odd number that would be any more fair. Besides, if I pose a question to myself on my own post and then proceed to answer it, is this not a bit like smashing a tee-ball home-run versus a heated discussion at the bar after a round which would be more like hitting a Lincecum change-up out of the park after falling behind 0-2? I suppose so, but I prefer to visualize this analogy in terms of whiffle ball. In my mind, answering my own questions versus an open debate with fellow frolfers is like pitching to Skye Estelle Starkweather versus pitching to Aaron "the home-run baron" Brun. You should take note that my analogy is from the perspective of the pitcher and not the hitter. I think the pitcher has the advantage and therefore deserves the spotlight in the production in my mind. If this were to actually try to explain the nuances of playing Cali then we could just show up to the course, ingest a half ounce of psychedelic mushrooms and play away. Instead we play the game like regular folk and the outcome depends on who plays the best.

On this evening, Derrick & Greg played the best. Taking a commanding three stroke lead after birdying the 11th they looked tough to beat. Erin & Nate made a play at it with a birdie on 12. Dave & Ryan decided enough was enough and birdied 13 to come within 2. The game came alive on hole 14 when N&E and D&R birdied and the CTP D&G missed an important one. 15 is a massive, monster L to R shot easily over 400 ft. E&N missed long and right (not a typo, turn-over boss shot), D&G short and R&D short. Greg made an excellent up shot after a rare Derrick miss and Dave neatly secured par for us. D&G up 1 over N&E and D&R. 16 spelled birdie off the tee for D&G while N&E pulled off the par and Dave made a brilliant 30 footer for birdie and sole possession of second. Along came 18 and the whole game. D&G missed leaving a make-able par while Dave parked a drive making for an interesting playoff. We decided to tee off from the road behind 1 out to the basket for 6. D&R were up on the hill, pin high with about 15 ft. to go and D&G were 35 ft. out past the basket and left. Two putts left short gave D&R a chance to win. Dave missed low and Ryan smashed the chains dead center and bounced off the pole. A little too much gas. Off to hole 7. D&G parked and D&R deep 20 ft. Ryan chained barely upper right, Davey short and thats all it took. D&G bagged it with a birdie.
Nice match. I for one am much more interested in Thursday frolf with the new full 18.
Aloha, Pau.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Erin's unplayed original C

Jim's C course

Thank you Erin for updating the MFC blog style. It looks fantastic. I am coming out of my blogging retirement to comment on the boot-leg course activity on the Mendocino Coast. I have just recently embraced Erin and Rick's "B-course" as my favorite. I have fallen victim to the sleepwalking adventure we call "A-course". It has always proven itself challenging in the windy conditions, but the "birdie or die" nature of the course has gotten stale. I must preface the rest of this post by saying that Mendo High is one of the most visually impressive frolf courses anywhere. With white-water views, Point Cabrillo, sunsets and sea stacks one is drawn to the idea of a cross between Torrey Pines and Pebble Beach. The only thing separating us from them is the fact that every hole on the course is within reach of the average player with the exception of 17. With the recent landscaping of the 4 and 9 baskets, the risk/ reward ratio has been made much easier. B-course changes all of that. A good hard won par can vault you up over the competition. A 30 foot birdie chance is something you hope for. I think tougher courses breed better putters. On A, if you have a 20 foot putt, you missed on your drive. On B, if you have a 20 foot putt you nailed your drive. This, to me, is what frolf is all about. On Thursday I had the pleasure of playing the Fort Bragg "back-nine" for the first time. After a tough round of chain-outs, pole-outs and basket-outs, Davey had Matthew and I beat with 10 down or maybe better. Matthew played very well with a 7 and I puttered out with a 2. Things were tight after 9 with 5/3/1, Davey/Matthew/Ryan. The back being played as the front again, Davey lit things up. This is how he beats us all at Fort Bragg. Let it be known that if Davey beats you at Fort Bragg it won't be because he got warmed up and shot all the same holes again. The back nine is tough, long and plenty of left to right. I got decidedly beat by Jeremy again with the theme of my game, chain-out and pole-out your birdies. I love these new holes. They are hard and may keep the scores a little more in check at Fort Bragg. Now I open the blog page and see "Jim's Mendo C-course". What is going on? Have we 4 legitimate courses right here on the coast? I think we should start a club. Call it the MFC or something and play against the MCDGC. Thanks again to Erin and Rick for B, Rusty and Roy for FB back nine and now Jimmers for C. Now for the Epilogue.
We should consider not playing Mendo A for every tourney. It would be exciting to mix up the courses on Sundays but play with the handis. Open season for comment.
Aloha, Pau

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Erin & Lindsey's video response...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Dizzle Dazzles!

Natedog finally healed that bum elbow, and took down the tourney with a fierce, blistering 4 under his handi. Jim, Erin and Gregg tied for second with 3 under handi, and after the playoff, both Jim and Erin had birdie putts. Jim's putt cruelly ignored the wind and stayed an inch high of the basket, and Erin put away his equidistant putt for the ten bucks. Dallas came out, brought two guys with him, and put up a strong 8 down, tying Jim for second place in the overall, but Erin defended the MCDC overall score with one shot better. It was a beautiful day, marred only by the poor no-show of one DaveyD, who had lost the overall the night before to the ruthless wiles of Woodbridge.

Erin took home the scoresheets.

I did and here they are:

Craig +8
Rob -4
Erin -9
Dallas -8

Nate +1
Droc -1
G$ -5
Randy -3

Vince +8
Ryan -3
Jim -8

Monday, June 21, 2010

And Then There Were 2!

Well, I should start off by saying, don't worry the streak continues...barely. As I was practiciing putting at 4:20pm, and not a soul in sight, low and behold the man, the myth, the legend, Vinny Vincenzo Vincealots shows up. GAME ON, we have an official tournament. After we both contributed a dollar a piece to the ace pot the game was on...and what a game, might I say match it was. After 9 holes Davey D was -3 (3 over my handi) and Vinny was even (1 under his handi). After Vinny birdied 15 and I birdied 16, I was -7 (1 under my handi) and Vinny was -1 (2 under his handi). I finished with a par and a birdy and Vinny finished with a bogey and birdy. Ladies and Gentlemen you know what this means...tie game and playoff. Top of the world saw Davey D split it and par out and Vinny miss but he runs his par putt and barely misses it. Once again Davey D is on top of the frolf community.


Davey D: -8 (2 under handi) PLAYOFF WINNER
Vinny: -1 (2 under handi) SECOND PLACE


Monday, June 14, 2010

Does Jim Break/Tie the 3 in a row record?

As Jim slowly exited his car with an invisible neck brace we all knew it was gonna be hard for him to go where some men have gone before...3 in a row. The real story on this day was Lateweather showing up kicking some ass, taking some names, and breaking his record by 2 strokes. That's right without a practice putt or drive (he didn't even get to flip his disc because we drew cards) Breakrecordweather shoots a -10 and clearly won the tournament. Also, Jake the Snake Smotherdisc shoots an even round (5 under his handicap) and takes second place. Jim was barely able to lean over and congratulate Tenweather (well at least his head didn't hang low). Well, I guess that just shows you what kind of guy Jimmer is. Dirka, can you give us an update on how Lake County went? Can someone post the scores? Here is what I remember:

Winsalot: -10 (Winner)
Davey D: -7
Gees Nut: -6
Breadin': -3
Snake: 0 (Second Place)
Arvin: 0
NeckJim: 0 or +1?
Dizzle: +5?
Larry: ?
Jeremey: ?
Johnny: ?
Who am I forgetting?


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

8th Annual “Steady Ed” Headrick Birthday Memorial PDGA Sanctioned B-Tier Event In Lakeport, Ca

Highland Springs Basket Cases Presents
8th Annual “Steady Ed” Headrick Birthday Memorial
PDGA Sanctioned B-Tier Event In Lakeport, Ca
June 12th and 13th 2010
Questions??? Contact Shayne 707-263-3210 E-Mail us at
Min. $500 Added cash in all open divisions and sweet player package for all Am players!!
Pool A 2 rounds Sat.1 at Original course &1 at Temp {Player’s meeting 9am !!!} 1round Sun.
Pool B 2 rounds Sat.1 at Temp course &1 at Original {Player’s meeting 10am!!!}1round Sun.

Add $3 to the Total Entry Fee if using PayPal to pay!!! PayPal us at
Add $10 if you are not a PDGA Member or if you have not paid your PDGA fees for the year!!!
Add $10 per person to total fees if you are planning to camp!!!

link to download flyer

tom snyder is signed up and me and franny are gonna go and camp any one else in?????????/

3rd MFC Meeting

3rd MFC Meeting
May 25, 2010


1.) Plotter - This topic took up almost all the time of the meeting. Anyone who is not familiar with this topic, please read this post. Erin presented the cost breakdown for plotter start-up purchase. $199 for the Cricut with free shipping, $20 used cartridge from Ebay, $60 software download. Additional costs include, but are not limited to: $1/yd. vinyl, replacement blades, dye, contact paper. Compared with $900 for hot stamping discs through Innova, the club decided to move forward with the Plotter idea. It was unanimously agreed that :
  • The MFC will use its money ($383) for the purchase of 1 plotter & related expenses
  • Erin will download the software & be responsible for printing/cutting vinyl for the club on a volunteer basis
  • Club members are responsible for purchasing their own discs for dyeing
  • Dyeing will happen as a club, as a group, or individual, on a volunteer basis
  • Vinyl cutouts beyond the MFC logo, and use of the plotter for public/personal use is not allowed until it can be discussed in a future meeting.
  • The potential for making club $ back was also discussed, but nothing was decided
Erin presented the idea that each current club member will receive 1 vinyl cutout & dye job for free as part of club membership, but must supply their own disc. After that, a small Club fee (undecided) will be necessary to cover continued use of the plotter.

2.) shirts - The club decided to pay $40 from our cash to Hidden Treasures (located on Main Street in Mendocino) for the purpose of converting our logo to a silk screen form. This form will be permanently on file there, and ANYONE can go into Hidden Treasures, purchase a t-shirt, hoodie, or pair of underwear, and for $5?, have the MFC logo silk screened onto it. Volume discounts are available - Derrick offered to take orders for clothing - and the deadline for getting your order in for this volume discount is SUNDAY, MAY 30 (bring your $$ to tourney!). After that, people are on their own for purchasing silk-screened clothing from Hidden Treasures.
There is also an $80 set up fee for logo embroidery (like for hats) and the club decided to put this off for now.

3.) KOA PRO/AM JAM - Derrick has 3 campsites, and costs per person will be based on how many people are camping. He requests people bring SHADE TENTS & LIGHTS/CHRISTMAS LIGHTS

4.) repair tee signs for hole 5, 9 & 10 - To be done sometime this summer during a future work party. Erin offered to make new t signs for ones that are missing, Nate will donate materials.

5.) bag tag rules - The club discussed current problems arising from Bag Tag challenges. Derrick offered to re-work the rules and repost them. All bag tag holders must follow our Club rules.

6.) tournament - not discussed

7.) ace pot cap discussion - not discussed

8.) changing the club name - The club unanimously agreed that the Club is evolving and expanding, and that changing the name to more adequately reflect the Club's nature is appropriate. Mendocino Coast Disc Golf was mentioned as the possible new name.

9.) club donation pot - Derrick offered to bring a donation pot to Sunday tourney. Any money in the donation pot will feed directly into the Club's treasury funds.

10.) changing Nate's handicap - The Club agreed that due to Nate's injury, he doesn't have to pay tourney fees while he waits for his handicap to better reflect his game.

11.) dues/$$$ - not discussed

12.) pay Jim for bag tags ($77) - Jim graciously offered to postpone reimbursement for the bag tags until a future time when club funds aren't being used to create awesome logo discs and sweet tshirts

13.) pay high school logo winner - DONE

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last Weeks Results, MFC meeting

Hello Everybody-

I wanted to post last weeks scores and update the handis- But I don't have one of the scorecards from last week- I have mine but not the other groups.
Also I wanted to let everyone know there will be a MFC meeting this tuesday at frankies pizza in Mendocino, at 6:30 Pm. Many folks have expressed interest in a meeting and I think it would be good to do it before the KOA proam jam. (I would love to take down some fools with an MFC logo disc.) (I just had another fantasy where Erin is on the lead card on Sunday and aces hole #3, and Greg Barsby pulls the disc out of the basket and comments about how he wishes he had one that cool)
(I am not sure why I am putting everything in paranthesis)
- Parky

Saturday, May 22, 2010


The registration list is up for the KOA tournament if you want to look on and see who will be playing in your division. :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Roy Reigns Supreme on Mother's Day!

We'll need to find a fine photo of Roy for the blog, because he put the biscuit in the basket in a thrilling three-way playoff on a beautiful temperate Mother's Day and took home the big prize!

Eleven guys were rude enough to show up on Mother's day, and the weather cooperated, giving us fantastic conditions and just a breath of north breeze. Matthew kicked in two CTPs for us, at holes 3 and 15, and after deciding on teeing off old-school-style--that is, both groups going off on hole 1, and two big groups of 5 and 6 people at that!--we went out to set the course on fire. In my group, people had it going on! Put it this way: after nine holes, I had shot a bogie-free 5 under par, and I teed off at number 10 at the back of the bus! Birdies were flying, and I got so caught up in Ryan's start--he had 7 birdies in the first 9 holes--that I missed the stellar round that Roy was quietly putting together. You know that Roy...he'll knock down a huge putt and then sneak it out of the basket so quickly and quietly that no one even notices. And THAT'S EXACTLY THE POINT! He's a sneaky sucker, I'm here to tell y'all! Well we get to 18, and my group has some struggles getting through the uprights, shall we say, and Roy in particular seems to be having problems coming back through the uprights, and Matthew looks toward Roy quietly and shakes his head, as if to say "Ah, poor Roy, he really had it going today. What a shame." Little did he know Roy had everyone EXACTLY where he wanted them! We add up the scores, all set to send Derrick and Ryan up their top-o'-th'-world playoff, when the math suddenly reveals that we have all been duped: three players had shot 5 under their handis, not two! That's right, Roy had stumbled around on 18 just to keep things interesting--and probably just so it would hurt those poor guys even more when they lost in a playoff. I'm telling you, Roy is that PERNICIOUS! The guys march up the hill, and of course Roy nails it through the center of the uprights, while Ryan narrowly misses wide, and Derrick cruelly hits the upright. Roy's birdie putt makes his nefariously clever win official, while Derrick takes home the $10 second prize, Davey takes overall at 9 down, and myself and UTM bring home the CTPs: two beautiful bottles of Husch wine (Thx Parky!). All in all, a good time was had by all, and here's hoping all the mother's enjoyed having some afternoon time to themselves!

Hey, Matthew here jumping in on Jims Post- Here's last week scores

Also Derrick through out Wed May 19th for a Disc Golf Meeting. That works for me as well- any takers?

Rusty +4
Greg 0
Unleash The Magic -3
Dirka Dikendra -7
Davey "Che" Rica -9
Roy "Champ" -2
Rye Bread -7
Matthew 0
Jimmy Z -7
Jeremy "Epic" 0
Nathan "Backhand" 4

I am updating the Handis now...

Bag Tag Preservation

Hey Kiddies: I wanted to post that one of our bag tags has been lost, and another was almost lost. While I investigate whether it is possible to reorder a replacement, I think we need to all do our best not to lose these things. The guy who lost his claimed that it was the fault of the metal loop on the tag, which he said kept opening up or something. I'm not entirely sure how this happened, but if you find that you have a problem with your tag or the metal loop attached to it, don't wait for the tag to fall off your bag and get lost: do something to protect it. That something might be reclamping the metal loop tighter with some pliers, or buying a metal keychain loop at a hardware store (they cost a nickel?) and put the tag on that. I have a cool mini carabiner which holds my tag. Do whatever it takes. It's inevitable that things get lost, and I'm sure I'll be the next one to lose my tag, but let's at least do our best to take care of these things. That is all.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Retry for Disc Dye.....anyone???

Over the weekend in auburn I noticed that disc golfers have neat discs. Either badass Ebay plastic circa 1992...or discs that have been dyed and look way cool. It was easy to imagine using this dye process with our logo instead of hotstamping in order to save a few $$$. Vader is an example of what a dyed disc can look like. The disc was originally white, and the red is all dye.

Here is a rundown of the dyeing process. You get some sign vinyl (cheap), which is a thin plastic film that is sticky on one side. You cut out the design*. Apply the decal to the disc and your ready to dye it. Regular Rit dye works well, and you can either paint it on, or let the disc float face down in the dye pool.
* Wait, cut out the design? Are you kidding me?!

Well, there is an easier way. The machine to the right cuts out your design for you.
It's a printer that cuts, called a plotter. It's $250 and will cut out any design you make on the computer. We would also need the software to run the plotter, $70. There is definitely some skill involved like positioning the logo on the disc, making sure there are no airbubbles, etc. The plotter could also make great vinyl logo stickers for car windows.

As far as what discs can be dyed, all candy and star discs work well. Pro and Dx not as good. Any disc can easily be turned into a blank canvas with a cloth dipped in acetone. From what I have read gold and silver hot stamps are the easiest to remove, while the rainbow stamps are the most difficult. Also, Discraft stamps are harder to remove. I watched a video online of this process on a star disc and it took 10 seconds to wipe the stamp away cleanly.

If the MFC was into it we could dye our own discs instead of handing Innova $800+ to hot stamp 100. The way I envision it, the club would purchase the materials and plotter. There would have to be a couple of people interested in learning how to dye and willing to donate time to fill the orders. Maybe a dyeing party? I'm really not sure how much time would have to go into each disc, maybe 3o min's, 15? It would have to be something people enjoyed doing.
People who wanted a custom disc would supply their own disc to be dyed. A fee of 5-10 dollars per disc would go to covering the materials & plotter. If we dyed just 35 discs @ $10 each that would cover the initial investment. What does everyone think?

Here is a link to a cool disc dyeing forum:
Also, a link to a how to video:

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Can Someone Post the Scores from Sunday 5/2/10?

I heard through the grapevine that Greg G Money won his first this true? Can someone, anyone confirm this? Can someone post the scores? Can someone take off Arvin Julius' picture from the blog's front page? Any aces? D-Rock, can you give us a Santa Cruz update? I hope all is well in Frolfland.
P.S. I signed up for Willits.


Friday, April 30, 2010

4-25 Scores

Wow, thats a pretty comprehensive piece on dyeing discs Erin- Deserves some serious consideration-
Meanwhile- here are the scores from last week-
Roy 8
Greg 1
Vince 1
Jim -7
Jeremy 0
Matthew 1
Ryan -1
Nate 2
rusty 7
Johnny Q 3
UTM -2
AJ -7
Davey -6

AJ wins the tourney in a Boat Race- 2 weeks in a row.
Jim ace's hole 4, gets alot of $.
5 way tie for second place, playoff goes to Jim.

I am going to be out of town this weekend- could someone update the handis and bring them Sunday?

BTW- we had several votes of the 13 of us before the round- 4:00 beat 5:00 and 4:30. Its is hard to exclude anyone but with the amount of people who are in our club it seems impossible to find a time good for everyone. It seems for the majority of the people, earlier is better- 4:00 is pushing it already for many.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Showdown at the KOA Corral!

Speaking of getting everyone psyched for Willits--which I will not be able to attend this year, due to the impending addition to our family--there was a duel OK-Corral-KOA style on Friday which just begs for story-telling!

Davey, myself, Arvin and Jakey met up in Willits on Friday, a beautiful early afternoon of sun and strong wind. When we started out, I thought we had agreed to throw all the bag tags in the middle, but I discovered at the end that only Davey thought he was playing for his tag. So Dave and I went mano-a-mano, and it was a match for the ages! I didn't follow AJ and Jake's scores too well, but I can recount the duel of D vs J (for those of you not interested in boring hole-by-hole descriptions, please skip ahead):

We both birdied one and parred two and three. Warming up. On four, my drive looked good, and Dave's back must be all better, bc he drove it farther up that hill than I've ever seen him do. It might have been an ace run, but hit the right target tree, and rolled down the hill. My drive ended up pretty parked, so I birdied, he parred. He birdied 5, I parred. We both birdied 6, the pond hole (mine was about three feet away...!), and parred the uphill 7. I birdied 8 and parred 9, while Davey parred 8 and bogied 9 (first shot into the bush on the right), leaving me with a 2-shot lead after 9 at 4 under to 2 under.

The back nine was crazy. We both birdied a left-pin 10, me with an anhyzer, Davey with a flick. On 11, back left pin, I had what looked to be a perfect throw, while Dave hit the forward tree on the right, well short. Then one of the turning points of the match. Davey had a downhill putt of about 60 feet, and damn if he didn't sink it! My great throw must have rolled out, and I parred. One shot lead. We both par 12, and I miss a makable birdie putt on 13, we both par. And then came hole 14. Sharply sidehill hole through trees, with the big right-to-left wind. Davey takes out his Banshee, and I think "Mistake. That thing will skip, and with the wind and the dirt landing up there, it will be way down the hill in the blink of an eye." He throws it, and immediately says "Oh no." I watch it coming right to left quickly and think "Yup, just as I thought", and then it disappears from view, going toward the basket very fast, and then we hear: CHAINS!! AJ and Jake were both spotting, and immediately start jumping up and down! ACE FOR DAVEY ON 14!!! And as I'm jumping on him and pushing him around, I am also thinking, "No way. No F-ing way. I've got to convert to Judaism. It's got to be the religion. The guy has karma like no other." I've chained out of ace-runs going half the speed that throw had. And if it doesn't hit the basket, he's lucky to find it again (think of the color of that disc), much less make par. Instead, he takes a one-shot lead. I par.

We both par a very windy 15. On 16, Davey throws a standard power Destroyer shot right at it, and leaves himself a 15-footer for bird. Damnit. I take my beat-up Starfire and play a shot I've come to like on windy days on this hole--throw it well left of the basket with a pretty strong anhyzer, and let the wind work for you. The pepto-colored disc rides the wind like it was a trained stallion, comes right in at the basket, the stability puts on the brakes, and the thing BARELY misses the ace! It ends up two feet beyond the hole, on the opposite side! I'm telling you, I think Judaism would have dropped that disc right in. We both birdie the hole. Hole 17, Davey hits the big tree trunk on the right, I hit a high branch even shorter than that. My upshot isn't great, leaving me an uphill twenty-five footer for par. Davey's upshot is better, leaving him about 15 feet beyond the hole. I sink the putt! Davey, visibly rattled (ok, maybe only in my mind), misses the par putt, leaving us all square going to 18! I take out my Comet, and send it out. The wind doesn't give it quite enough help, but it leaves me a chance for birdie, settling at the base of the final mound. Dave's driver shot was a bit outside of me. He parks the second shot to assure his par, forcing me to birdie to take his #2 tag. I line up the putt. Very tough. Twenty-five feet or so, straight uphill, with a strong tailwind. Very tough to get this high enough. I pick my target well above the basket, and let it fly. It takes a piece of the top of the basket, and flutters harmlessly to the ground. The bag tag challenge ends in a tie. And as we all know, tie goes to the runner (or current owner). We played a playoff hole to settle the group's money issue, and Davey had a crazy skip on a very windy hole 1 to park that as well. It was clear, Davey had sold his soul to the Devil, or to Yahweh.

The final tally? I think AJ came out ahead of Jakey a bit, and after a solid even par on the front, posted a 4 over on the windy back side. But since I wasn't clear enough about calling him out, he held on to his #3 tag. Jim shoots a bogie-free 6 under, without any lucky breaks or bounces. One of the most controlled rounds of my life. Davey also shoots a 6 under, with two bogies, a crazy 60-foot putt he was probably just trying to park, and an ace which could just as easily have been a double-bogie or resulted in the loss of his beloved Banshee for all time. Somehow he still clings desperately to that #2 tag.

And I'm not bitter. No really. Seriously.

Monday, April 19, 2010

1. Arvin to the J and 2. It's good to be back!

Sunday the 18th day of April of the year 2010 saw 8 flimsy, fun, frolfers take aim at victory. This day also saw the return of yours truly, Davey D, take the mic stand once again recovering nicely from my bulging disc (disc as in back not disc as in a Destroyer). There was quite a few challenges and competitions on this day. Besides the tourney there was a 5 way bag tag challenge with moi, Parksy, Helldride, Hemulous, and the Arvin. On to tourney...the group that I was in was me, Jimmy, HemHaw, and Parksy (with Blake joining in). The other group was Mr. Epic, G Money, Arvin, and Vinchenzo. I must say that in our group it was very competitive and we all made good shots and we all missed some easy ones. After 9 me, Jimmy, and Parks were 5 under and Hemulous was 6 under. The ending scores were me and HemHaw 9 under, Parks 7 under, and Helldridge 6 under. I think the highlights for me were my birdie putt on 16, HemHaw and Jimmy's birdies on 14, the way Parksy has been playing over the past month, and everyone going through the uprights on hole 18 with 3 birdys and 1 par. The number 1 tag was still in contention and after I split the uprights on "Top o the World" and HemHaw missing it many thought this chapter was concluded but Hems found a way to par out and I found a way to miss my long putt. I guess it was destiny for the Hems to get the NUMBER 1 tag back because he hit his putt on hole 8 and I hit the basket and missed...oh well, at least I have 2. CONGRATS to Arvin who shot 8 under and 7 under his handicap just squeking by Parks who shot 6 under his handi. Once again, it was good to be back playing again. Here are the scores that I remember...can someone post the rest of the scores?

Edit by Matthew:

Here's more scores- i don't have the scorecard with Blake's score on it anyone have it?

Hems: -9
CTDavey: -9
ArvinJ: -8
Parksy: -7
Helldrigde: -6
GMoney: 0
Mr. Epic: 0
Chenzo: 2
Blayke: ?


Sunday, April 18, 2010

4 PM Start, Last weeks scores

Hello Frolfland,

The scores from last week were as follows-

Erin -6 (winner)
Jeremy +4
Lindz +12
Nate +12
Greg +3 (second place)
A.J. +3
Matthew DQed (for being to late)

Scores were not entered in to Handis as no one scored under their Handi.

We decided to change the start time to 4 Pm today. I think we can keep that time until winter...

See ya on the course!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Feather River Open, My Back, and Our Logo!


So, 3 weeks have gone by since the Feather River Open and I still have dreams of my hole in one, Jody's 1st place victory, Hemmings -7 under round, Dirka and Brody going head to head and tying for 15th place (earning plastic), our semi-debaucherous road trip to Chico and The Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, the sun, the wind, the intensity of 4 rounds and a doubles round, the disc golf course along the feather river, the skateboarding dog, and Oroville. I think that says it all except the fact after my third round (bogey free -5 under round...I was in 5th place after the round) I tweaked my back (lower back disc nerve stuff).

All and all it was a fun time/tournament. I must say that it was an intense weekend of discgolf...2 rounds on Saturday and 2 rounds on Sunday in the elements. I haven't played in 3 weeks and I am jonsing...I met with the Physical Therapist on Friday and I have a stretching routine that I have been following. My back feels much better and I am going to get out there soon. Erin, Brodys, and Dirka--add your take on the Feather River Open.

So, when and how are we going to put our logo on discs? What is the action plan? As far as discs I think we should put our logo on a Firebird, Destroyer, something flippy/understable, and an aviar putter? I know we voted on this on the blog but for some reason I don't think the votes are accurate...maybe we should have anohter vote?? I was thinking that we could sell some of these discs at Willits...just a thought.

I still haven't given the high school artists any money...I think we decided that we were going to give the artist who did the Happy Headband $25...what do people think? NateDizzleDog, do you still have the art entries from the high school floating around the lumber yard somewhere?

I hope everyone is doing well.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

UTM Prevails!

In a rough and tumble round which somehow managed to take 3 solid hours to complete, the one and only Uncle Travelin' Matt came out on top, with a score of 1 under his handi! Great work Unc! Three went to the top o' th' world to prove their worthiness to possess the second place prize at even par after handi: Bread of Rye (nice to have Daddy Ryan back in the fold!), Nate Dizzle, whose handicap was unclear but who went up nonetheless, and yours truly. I got off a worthy effort and split the uprights for a birdie and the prize. It was a fine afternoon, good company all around, and all was right with the world.

Oh, and the #1 tag was pried out of Erin's death grip for the first time ever. ;-)

And the scores...

Greg +4
Jeremy +6
Ryan -1
Matthew +2
Nate +6
Lindz +7
UTM -1
Jim -6
Erin -5


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ice Bowl Video Is Here

Video Footage of the 2010 Cary Letsinger Memorial Ice Bowl

Not sure how I managed to get his on here, but here it is. A miracle. Special thanks to MCTV, and to David for scoring this footage for us! Good times.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Parkahontas takes the pot

Yes, that's right. With strong south winds picking up throughout the evening, Matthew "I-Don't-Actually-Know-Matthew's-Real-Last-Name" kept his nose to the grindstone and pulled out a stellar -7, 7 under his handicap. Right on. In the same group, Jim impressed us all, following up last week's win with this week's second place (though he did have to fight Vince for it from the top of the world). It was a great tourney 12 frolfers strong, and it would be great if someone posted scores, and updated handis.

And how about a recap of the Feather River Open? Highs? Lows? Mediums? I know there are highlights guys...

And the scores were-

Lindsey +9
Jeremy +3
Matthew -7
Jim -8
Rusty +10
Roy +4
AJ -2
Vince -1
Josh +10
Blake +6
Johnny Q +1
Matt (Travelling) +1


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MFC Bag Tags!

So, who knows the official standings for the bag tags? If you look to your right you will see an almost complete list but I don't see Jake "the Snake" Smotherman or Jeremy "Epic" Center. Also, didn't Nate Dizzle lose his placement and then regain it from Mr. Epic?

Other matters: 1. Welcome back Jimmy and nice shooting on Sunday (-10) and nice win, 2. New Chick Record for the Linzanator shooting even and nice second place finish from Top of the World, 3. I think tournament is at 5pm on Sunday, and finally 4. Wish the MFC representatives (moi, HemHaw, Dirka, Brodys, and UTM) luck when we go represent in Oroville this weekend for the Feather River Open. Hopefully, we will bring back some money and plastic (and maybe some Steelhead) to the COAST!

P.S. I went to MCTV today and bought a copy of the video footage from the Fort Bragg Ice Bowl...Hemulus, can you help me upload this on the blog?

Can someone post the scores from last tourney on line?

Happy Frolfing


March 21 Scores

Vince -2
AJ -2
Jim -10
Lindsey 0
Greg +2

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Glow Dubs Turnout

It might be fun to have a good turnout for Thursday, tommorow doubles at CR. Who's in?
Also Night frolf is fun... But I would just as soon play a sunset round..

Monday, March 15, 2010


Hemulous shot 15 down, the rest of us sucked, and thats all that needs to be said. No, really though, a BIG congrats to HemHaw (again) for breaking? tying? the course record on a windy day. Also, a big thank you to Hemmings for organizing the "Put the Baskets Back in their Rightful Place" Day and thanks to all that came out and helped with puting the baskets in. It was a good turnout with 12 frolfers frolfing it up. Erin killed it and Roy and Baltimore B tied for second which sent them to the "Top of the World" shot which Roy won and took second place. It is worth noting that there were some bag tag challenges and placement switches. Matthew Parkahontas graciously lost his 4 tag to none other than yours truly and Baltimore B, Nate Dizzle, and someone else had a challenge. So, have we decided what time to have our tournaments for the month that the little league is on the field. 5pm won the vote but it seemed like some 5pm voters changed their tune a bit. I personally say 2pm. Anyone else in favor? Featherweather, can you post the scores? Lets gear up for Oroville.


I like how I can edit posts! I am all powerful!

Heres the scores:

Johnny Q +7
Jeremy +8
Roy +4
Brian +5
Nate +8
Rusty +9
Vince +7
Brady +8
Matthew +3
AJ +5
Eazy D -3
Erin H -15

Shall I not record these? only one score below handicap (Erin's)
What say you frolfers?

Friday, March 12, 2010


Hey there frolfers,

just wanted to see who would want to play some summer tourneys, brodys, hem haw, utm and myself are all planning to kick off the season playing the feather river open in oroville there is camping and its gonna be a lot of fun, there is only a limited number of players packs for this tourney so if you think you might want to join us send in your registration soon,
( you can find info on the pdga website) also i am planning to play in the steady ed memorial at de la veaga on 4/30-5/2 i would consider getting a shared place for this event (mfc travel pad?). there is a lot of other tourneys too , the northern cali series is a whole bunch of tourneys near sac , im gonna try to hit some of them , and dont forget willitts, we dont want peope not getting in who want to play like last year, reg early, lets make some plans .. anyone??

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Soooo, in case you didn't know, our course was vandalized saturday night. Baskets 8-9 were pulled up concrete and all, and #10 was hacksawed clean off. In addition, the tee signs for 9 & 10 were stolen. Luckily the thieves were kinda dumb and dumped the baskets into Big high tide. Low tide came to reveal the baskets the next morning, but not the tee signs which must have floated out to sea.

The plan is to reinstall the three baskets next Sunday Pre-tournament. I will be there @ 12:00 noon to start work. I invite any and all who can lend a hand.

Things we need:

A metal wheelbarrow for mixing concrete, or 2?
Post hole digger
Pieces of rebar
(2) 5 gallon buckets
hand trowel

Things I will bring:
A digging bar
Concrete, 5 bags
1 shovel

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Frolf Scores from 2/28

Brian Storms 0
Jeremy C 0
David Stein -10
Nathan Anderson 2
Greg 5
Vince -3
Matthew 0
Uncle Matt -1
Johnny Q -1
Derrick Robbings -4
Erin Hemmings -10