Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MFC Bag Tags!

So, who knows the official standings for the bag tags? If you look to your right you will see an almost complete list but I don't see Jake "the Snake" Smotherman or Jeremy "Epic" Center. Also, didn't Nate Dizzle lose his placement and then regain it from Mr. Epic?

Other matters: 1. Welcome back Jimmy and nice shooting on Sunday (-10) and nice win, 2. New Chick Record for the Linzanator shooting even and nice second place finish from Top of the World, 3. I think tournament is at 5pm on Sunday, and finally 4. Wish the MFC representatives (moi, HemHaw, Dirka, Brodys, and UTM) luck when we go represent in Oroville this weekend for the Feather River Open. Hopefully, we will bring back some money and plastic (and maybe some Steelhead) to the COAST!

P.S. I went to MCTV today and bought a copy of the video footage from the Fort Bragg Ice Bowl...Hemulus, can you help me upload this on the blog?

Can someone post the scores from last tourney on line?

Happy Frolfing


March 21 Scores

Vince -2
AJ -2
Jim -10
Lindsey 0
Greg +2

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Glow Dubs Turnout

It might be fun to have a good turnout for Thursday, tommorow doubles at CR. Who's in?
Also Night frolf is fun... But I would just as soon play a sunset round..

Monday, March 15, 2010


Hemulous shot 15 down, the rest of us sucked, and thats all that needs to be said. No, really though, a BIG congrats to HemHaw (again) for breaking? tying? the course record on a windy day. Also, a big thank you to Hemmings for organizing the "Put the Baskets Back in their Rightful Place" Day and thanks to all that came out and helped with puting the baskets in. It was a good turnout with 12 frolfers frolfing it up. Erin killed it and Roy and Baltimore B tied for second which sent them to the "Top of the World" shot which Roy won and took second place. It is worth noting that there were some bag tag challenges and placement switches. Matthew Parkahontas graciously lost his 4 tag to none other than yours truly and Baltimore B, Nate Dizzle, and someone else had a challenge. So, have we decided what time to have our tournaments for the month that the little league is on the field. 5pm won the vote but it seemed like some 5pm voters changed their tune a bit. I personally say 2pm. Anyone else in favor? Featherweather, can you post the scores? Lets gear up for Oroville.


I like how I can edit posts! I am all powerful!

Heres the scores:

Johnny Q +7
Jeremy +8
Roy +4
Brian +5
Nate +8
Rusty +9
Vince +7
Brady +8
Matthew +3
AJ +5
Eazy D -3
Erin H -15

Shall I not record these? only one score below handicap (Erin's)
What say you frolfers?

Friday, March 12, 2010


Hey there frolfers,

just wanted to see who would want to play some summer tourneys, brodys, hem haw, utm and myself are all planning to kick off the season playing the feather river open in oroville there is camping and its gonna be a lot of fun, there is only a limited number of players packs for this tourney so if you think you might want to join us send in your registration soon,
( you can find info on the pdga website) also i am planning to play in the steady ed memorial at de la veaga on 4/30-5/2 i would consider getting a shared place for this event (mfc travel pad?). there is a lot of other tourneys too , the northern cali series is a whole bunch of tourneys near sac , im gonna try to hit some of them , and dont forget willitts, we dont want peope not getting in who want to play like last year, reg early, lets make some plans .. anyone??

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Soooo, in case you didn't know, our course was vandalized saturday night. Baskets 8-9 were pulled up concrete and all, and #10 was hacksawed clean off. In addition, the tee signs for 9 & 10 were stolen. Luckily the thieves were kinda dumb and dumped the baskets into Big high tide. Low tide came to reveal the baskets the next morning, but not the tee signs which must have floated out to sea.

The plan is to reinstall the three baskets next Sunday Pre-tournament. I will be there @ 12:00 noon to start work. I invite any and all who can lend a hand.

Things we need:

A metal wheelbarrow for mixing concrete, or 2?
Post hole digger
Pieces of rebar
(2) 5 gallon buckets
hand trowel

Things I will bring:
A digging bar
Concrete, 5 bags
1 shovel

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Frolf Scores from 2/28

Brian Storms 0
Jeremy C 0
David Stein -10
Nathan Anderson 2
Greg 5
Vince -3
Matthew 0
Uncle Matt -1
Johnny Q -1
Derrick Robbings -4
Erin Hemmings -10

Friday, March 5, 2010

im buyin a lotto ticket

so im watching the memorial, the first big event of the season on the internet. it was a live broadcast. i signed up for it in advance and paid ten bucks to register. during there first day coverage of the "super group" climo, locastro,jenkins and ulibari, they were drawing names for prize packages, they had been doing this several times during the event and i thought it was for participants of the tourney. Then, the announcer looks at the paper and says we have another winner from california...Derrick Robbings you have won a disc golf world prise pack.. then about five minutes later he again brings up my name and says its similar to derrick robbins hall of fame disc golfer, so as soon as i clean myself up, and put on some fresh drawers im heading to go buy some lotto tix, and if i win ill say it here/now all bag tag holders get a piece

Damn Aerobies!

Erin? That is all I have to say.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

MFC Represents!

It was a rainy day on Saturday the 27th day of February where 4 brave souls ventured off the island towards inland Mendocino County. Those 4 people were none other than moi daveythedentalhygieniststein, UTM (Uncle Travelin' Matt), Erin HemHaw Hemulous Hemulie, and the Ice Bowl Master Dirka the Dekendra. The Ukiah Ice Bowl was the draw and we saw and we played with little flaw and came and kicked some ass. We were all able to play in one group with a cool Ukiah local named Scott. Other coasters showed up as well including: Jeremy Epic Thumber Center, Greg the G Man, Dennis, Johnny, and Josh. Highlights: 1. UTM tied for 6th place in his division and took home some plastic, 2. I tied for second (shooting -2) and lost the playoff, taking third place in the Advanced division and I took home some plastic, 3. Dirka (after thinking he registered for the advanced division) won the Intermediate division (shooting -1) taking home a shit ton of plastic, 4. Erin, after a rough start, somehow managed to hit putts actually going through trees and several 50 footers and won are card (shooting -4), 4. Jeremey aced hole 15.

After Ukiah we (moi, UTM, Dirka, and HemHaw) went to Willits and played a bag tag challenge and Hemulie held onto number 1 shooting a riduculous -11. Dirka took down the number 2 (moi) shooting an impressive -4...I ended shooting -3...I am forgeting what UTM shot.

Onto the Mendo Weekly...I won it, shooting -10 (5 under hc) and Hemulie came in second shooting -10 (4 under his hc). Vince, Baltimore B, and someone else tied for 3rd shooting 3 under hc. Whiskeyweather, can you post the scores? Thanks y'all...Willits here we come...