Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Highland Springs Ice Bowl

    In a flash of deviance, I decided to enter a tournament at a course I had never played.  Considering that Highland Springs is widely considered the first "Disc Golf Course", I chose to abandon caution and enter for the experience. 
    In conversation I had learned that the course offers technical tree shots, albeit short ones, thumber opportunities as well as some wide open hucks.  In play I learned all of these things and more.  With pins in their long positions, my best drives ended up at the short placement and left 40+ feet to the basket.  I underestimated the need for a good roller.  I say good roller because I also saw errant rollers causing damage on the score card.  If a player had confidence and accuracy in their roller, they could shave 3 or more strokes off of their score.
    After one round of play, I felt calm, collected and ready to improve with a new set of tees and what looked like the pins being moved to shorter positions.  All this was twisted by a rumor that we would be playing round two as a doubles round.  This was not met with enthusiasm but the decision was based on hours of light in the day.  Round one would be payed out based on one score and round two doubles would have a separate payout.  Teams were chosen based on round one performance.   The lowest scoring A-pool would be teamed up with the highest scoring B-pool.  I have never played in a tourney like this, but it was fun.  If you watched my team, you might have had a hard time figuring out who was the A and who was the B.  My partner had a cannon for an arm.  He out drove me on the huge hyzer shots the new set-up allowed for.  Although I would have preferred a second singles round with players who scored the same as me for the first round (I wanted to see what they shot and get some different looks at the course), I really enjoyed the looseness of a doubles afternoon round.  I was allowed to go for strange shots and run putts that made me grind my teeth in the first round. 
    All in all the trip to Lake County was well worth it.  I was inspired to play the course Tom Snyder made famous.  Here's to the "Steady Ed" in June and here's to the MCFC showing up and playing solid disc.
   -Aloha, pau.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter Meeting January 18th

Ok folks- time for a meeting- hope all members and folks planning to be members this year can show up and give there 2 cents in regards of what our club wants to do this year.  Topics will be whatever people want to talk about. Definitely including Ft. Bragg/mendo course improvements, new bag tags/art work, ice bowl and special tourneys.
We will meet Friday January 18th, 5pm at the Pizza factory.
Hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fort Bragg course improvements

Hi guys,
i sure had fun up north for the holidaze, i got to see some great music, go snowboarding in deep powder, and hang out with family and friends. Now i  am back and moving full steam ahead with the course improvements and ice bowl preparation. I am trying to do both these things at once so i sure could use some help. i would really like to get some if not all of the new tee pads in before the icebowl, which means if you are currently trying to help get sponsorships now is the time to collect $ asap. big news is that the windjammers from Stockton have already sent $$ to sponsor a tee pad, if ya see krash or get a chance to thank them on facebook that would be awesome. i will also be needing help to do all this work so please let me know when u might be available. we will be working out there a lot in the next few weeks to make the course cleaner and better than it has ever been. i will update this post often to let you know about who is sponsoring and when we will be working out there