Thursday, June 9, 2011

Breaking News

This just in, there will be a meeting held at the former golf course property on Saturday. They are looking for ideas to use the property. The premise is that the MCPRD can not afford to maintain or develop the property but are willing to hear ideas from groups that may want to use it as a regional park and maintain it themselves. I'm not sure what time the meeting is but the flyer was at the CV Starr center and I gave it to Johnny Quest. Call him. I have to take an employee to the airport on Sat. but if someone advocates for a disc golf course at that meeting, maybe our club could spearhead and design the course.
P.S. We should do a float in the 4th of July parade.

KOA - Kinda Off da hook ya All

Kind frolfers-

It has been awhile since I have written a real, honest to goodness blog post, not just some late night half-hearted beer-tinged snide comment such as "no, really, your mama said to hold that shit!".
Well my esteemed readers, this night is the night when I return to my literary roots, my latin roots, as it were, and, as I am sure my extremely intelligent and well educated audience will infer, the latin root of literary is debatable. Some think the root is "litter" as in " I littered bogeys all over my scorecard", or "Liter" as in " I drank 10 liters of beer before I tried to have a rap battle with Dallas". Either way, I am sure that most of you are skeptical by now if this post will have any point or will just be a wandering train of thought with no good substance. While, if I were a betting man, I would put money on the latter (not to be confused with litter), I will still attempt an informative and, perhaps, if the gods of the keyboard permit, entertaining discussion of what happened last weekend. (P.S. I will not mention at any point the fact that nobody wrote up my 7 stroke win 2 weekends ago, or wonder out loud if there was any regular Sunday tourney last weekend)
Sooooooo- well a bunch of us went to Willits last weekend. The weather kinda sucked ass. It was pretty much rainy, cloudy, windy, cold, muddy and wet the entire time. I think the sun might have come out Saturday afternoon, or it might have been the one round of lairs dice where I was playing well so it just felt nice. We played disc golf. It was kinda hard. I had a fun time.
It was really nice to see so many "new" club members come out at play in the tourney. When I showed up on Friday, our club had Hawk, Whip, Chris, Greg, Jeremy, Jake? (I think) and Craig playing doubles. By Saturday we also had Me, Derrick, Jim, David, Nathan, Ryan, Rusty, Jason, Erin and AJ join the mix. I think we can fairly say, the MCFC represented.
I have a bunch of thank you's, so here goes. Thanks D-roc and Double-D for getting the campsites (and G for hooking up the Depot!) Thanks to Franny, Dirka, Ryan and Kara for the delicious food. Thanks G and David for joining me in rap battling all the other crews friday night. Thanks AJ for playing Sunday. Thanks Jake, Nathan and Hawk for come out and watching my rounds and having such a good attitude. Thanks Craig, AJ, and D-roc for playing with me. I could keep going on...Thanks everybody!
Many people played well. I am going to cheat on this one, but I think the following people got paid: Erin shot -16 to place 9th in Open (oh btw you are supposed to say "yeah" after each name) In Am 1 D-roc shot -7 to finish 12th, I shot -4 to finish 17th. In Grandmaster Flash, G shot 10 up to finish 4th and in rec, Hawk finished at 12 over for second (including a -6 second round! holy shmolys!) and Nate "Bags-a-lot" took third at plus 18.
Did I miss anything? Ok so the recap was not a literary masterpiece. Then again, the tourney wasn't that pretty either. But kinda like the 2nd choice girl you took to prom, things worked out, you had a good time, and in the end, maybe you got a little more out of it than if you had the date you were hoping for. Lets us hope this isn't the last dance for the MCFC.

Friday, June 3, 2011

fort bragg thurs recap

just a brief write up on Thursday handicap at fort bragg

pretty fun round for sure in my card was Jeremy, G$, D$, Johnny Quest, and Andrew, i kinda fell of early with only one down on the front, but g and Jeremy were battling pretty hard and it was fun to watch, but G fell off in the back(unusual for him) Jeremy held on to finish with -6, everyone is saying it, but Jeremy has gotten way better in the last 6 months or so , hitting long puts and developing a nice backhand, E hemmmings came out to establish a handi crushing the whole field with 11 down, i held on with a bogey free back and two birds on 17 and 18 to finish 3 down, missed some easy putts and had some bad luck and some just plain terrible shots, BUT the big story is a awesome tie for first shooting 7 under there handis , Johnny Q and Whip, sent them off on a playoff and big JQ takes his first win at fort breezy, really exciting to see this he had a awesome round, the best hes shot out there,with a huge bird on 13 from way out, Thursdays are heating up hope some more of yall can make it