Monday, April 15, 2013

Bruce Springsteen, monkey off backs, Tobey Stein, and Adam Scott

I would like to personally thank Bruce Springsteen, the monkey that jumped off my back, Tobey Stein, and Adam Scott for my win on Sunday April 14, 2013.  Bruce Springsteen?  Why you may ask...It appears that anytime Davey D listens to Bruce Springsteen the day of tournament he either wins or comes in second.  I would like to name the monkey Ralph and thank him for getting the FUCK off my back yesterday and allowing me to win a Mendo Tournament.  Tobey Stein is my baby sister and it was her birthday yesterday and the vibes were flowing back and forth. 

What do David Stein and Adam Scott have in common? 

1.  They both won a tournament on Sunday April 14, 2013.
2.  There are 3 total syllables in their first and last names.
3.  The both have the astrological sign of Cancer.
4.  They are both very handsome Caucasian men. 
5.  They are both skinny.

Somewhat of a conversial ending came into play yesterday when Big Arm (not to be confused with Big Foot) AKA Hems threw OB (or is it) in the parking lot and he wasn't sure if the parking lot was OB on A course.  He played a provisional (he played the hole as if it weren't OB and scored a 3) and played it as OB and scored a 5.  This would have made a difference in the handicapped tournament becuase we would have tied for best handicap score at -3.  Who was at our last meeting?  Not at the small course design meeting but the meeting prior where we decided to make the parking lot and tennis courts OB?  The question the parking lot OB on A course or just B and C and is it written down in the meeting notes?



Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Record...I think.

For goodness sakes will someone put a picture of Erin Hemmings on the blog?  The dude broke the C course record and shot -10 on a half dry/half rainy C course round on Sunday 4/7/13. 

Aftermath = House (who shot an impressive even round) and Hems tied for handicap round and played a 4 hole playoff only to see Hemmies win it on hole 9 A course.  The hole before this (A course hole 8) House threw a turn over shot that Schmanged out of the chains.  Parks, Tups, myself, Hems, and House heard this wonderous noise and ran up to the basket only to see the disc NOT in the basket but laying right next to it.  Nice shot House!

P.S. The week before = B course doubles round...Tups and Davey D took down Parkweather and Baseball Jessi.  I forgot the exact scores??    


Saturday, April 6, 2013

cr course update

Hi guys, i met with the dean at the college the other day, he wanted to let us know that even though the future of the college is uncertain he believes the course is safe. He thinks that the three possible scenarios are this. 1 the college stays open and they lease out the western buildings to the montessori school, in which case there would be a fence built by those buildings that would probably not affect the course very much. 2 the college is sold to another school institution like mendocino college  which would probably not affect the course either, or 3 the school just shuts down then the course would be fine too. He also wanted to just make clear the work the club has done out there for whoever is in charge in the future so they know all that we have done out there. i have sent him a letter detailing all the improvements we have done. including the new baskets. so if by some off chance whoever is in charge decides they don't want a course there we will be able to remove the new baskets, i believe if that did happen they should be offered to the sponsor that paid for them first along with the picnic tables that the platinum sponsors paid for as well.
Also he agreed to make the club the official "stewards" of the course. Which means that MCFC via the fort bragg course design and maintenance committee make the decisions out there. any major changes to the property will still need to be cleared with the dean or whoever is in charge, I think that this is great because it sets a standard hopefully to prevent random people from going out there and chopping a tree down they don't think should be there or whatnot and it gives more recognition to our club.

also I will be gone a lot this summer as usual so i would love it if some people could step up and handle some improvements out there. Please anyone who thinks they could find some time contact me, there are a lot of projects to be done out there from big to little, and i would love it if we could keep the ball rollin out there, also there are still tee sign sponsorships available, 150$ gets you or your business name on a tee sign and we could really use some more $ coming in so if you have any ideas that would be awesome

Friday, April 5, 2013

In the aftermath

May 9, 2013

No one knew it would come to this.  After the first strike, everyone thought it would be over.  It wasn't.  After the second strike everyone thought there would never be an over.  They were right.
Under the cover of disc towels and rain jackets, one man persevered.  If it weren't for his training and experience in hucking plastic discs around in the rain, all of humanity would be lost.  From under their own noses, the provocateurs were destroyed with a Blizzard Destroyer armed with an impact triggered nuclear device the size of a dime.  With the leaders out of the way our hero was left with only the multitudes of soldiers roaming undirected and unrestrained and un-unarmed.
"Beware of the depth charges dropped from enemy John-Boats."  The words remind him of the last time he saw a friend alive.  Diving for his protein, he finds more dangers from above than down below.  The sharks are his friends.  They don't hunt him.  They don't wish him ill.  They just feed and he just avoids them.  Life would be so simple if it were that easy.
Opening his bag he sees only 12 Aviars left.  One wizard (they suck anyway) and all the Blizzy he would need to restore freedom to this, the fallen country.  With his discs armed and ready for anything, he sets out into the guts of the enemy's encampment...