Sunday, June 17, 2012

I won, Finally, Tups, A formidably opponent, I suck at dice, Davey Earnhardt Junior, Splattys, Gone For 3 weeks, My Final Horray!

Upon the eve that Dale Earnhardt Junior won in my home state of Michigan...where I first learned how to play disc (umptenth years ago..actually 17) the monkey actually leaped off my back.  Many of the readers didn't know the monkey was hanging around but (check the records) I don't think I have won since the 4 peat in October of 2011.  Anyways, unlike Matt Cain, I didn't do anything special I just played super solid disc golf and made my 20 foot putts except hole 1 when the monkey knocked my putt out.  Anyways, it took a 2 hole playoff where my compadre, Jacob Tupps a lot Tuppir, knocked down a 33 foot putt to push it to a 2nd hole which I parked and Tupps parred.  Anyways, I shit the bed on posting a picture so anyone feel free to change the pic.  P.S. Max Sherzer struck out 12! 

Fellows, I am out!  I will see y'all July 11thish!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Last 2 Weeks, G, Tups, and Matt Cain!

Sunday June 3, 2012 witnessed the MCFC play C course and G Money Smooth Skin take home the golden cookie shooting something under his handicap (???).  Sunday June 10, 2012 Traditional A course was played and Jake Jacob Tupper Tups shot 3 down which is something like 10 under his handicap.  BagsWeathers came in 2nd place.   In related news San Francisco Giant Matt Cain (Erin Hemming's doppelganger) pitched a perfect game...the 2nd of the year, the 22nd in MLB history and the 1st in Giant's history.  This story leads me to the question of the week:  Is Erin Hemmings and Matt Cain the same person?  Have you ever seen Matt Cain and Erin Hemmings in the same room?  I haven't.  Maybe Bruce Wayne is to Batman what Erin Hemmings is to Matt Cain.  Curious minds want to know.  I can't wait for Boontfling!