Monday, December 26, 2011


12/25/11 Holiday Christmas Frolf (or better known as Disc Golfers Anonymous) saw 9 participants: this writer (ds), Jimmers, Hems, Jubilee, G, Rye Bread, Rye Bread's bro-in-law MattyIce, Devan Hemmings (for the back 9), and little Ace Eldridge (Auden). Slight north wind maybe shifting at times didn't appear to take it's toll on many a players on this glorious day. We all played on one card and Jubilee (who is getting a lot of strokes) birdies hole 1 knocking down a stellar putt from the woods. Play continued and it appeared as if Rye Bread was walking away with the thing until the back 9 where G-Money came alive. While G and Rye Bread battled for the victory this writer had his eye on the number 1 tag. I was one stroke up on G for the overall victory when he parred 17 and I layed up for a bogey. We both went through the uprights and both of our discs rolled a good distance from the basket. I layed mine up and G ran his and it barely chained out leaving us both at -11 and leaving me with the number 1 tag and GeZee with the number 3 tag. I must say that G shot out of his head! There were several birdies on 18 such as Bread (don't count this guy out), Jimmers, and I think Ace Eldridge with the Banshee he stole out of my bag. Nice Work Lil Ace!

Results: G wins by shooting 9 under his handicap and Bread comes in 2nd shooting 7 under his handicap. Nice work fellas.

I now head to the Arizona Desert to spend time with family and my new nephew, Sylas. I will bring the MCFC spirit and the number 1 tag to a disc golf course in Tucson, AZ and represent and kick some desert arse!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

MCFC Meeting 12/21/11 Minutes...

Those Present: Chris V, Wip, Hawk, Nate, Rye, Hems, Vince, Natalie (off to the side), Ice Bowl Tom, Dirka, and this writer-Davey D.


New Handicaps
Bag Tags/Dues/Revenue
How things should be decided and how things shoud be voted on
Work Days
Planter Boxes
C Course/Playing C Course
Mendo Doubles Round

1. How Things should be voted on
It was decided (by a majority vote) that committees should be formed (ex. work day/maintenance committee or handicap committee) and in order for a committee to make a big decision they need 10 people to vote/agree with them. These votes could and should occur at Sunday Tourneys. At our our future meetings a representative from each committee will report on what the committee has been done since the last meeting.

2. Bag Tags/Dues/Revenue
Nate proposed to increase the dues to $40. It was decided that we would have varying player's packages priced at various amounts i.e. $25 for a t-shirt and a disc or $35 for a hoody and disc. Also, the overall consensus was to get new Bag Tags.

3. Handicaps
Rye Bread gave a run down on the countless hours of examination, mathmatical calculations, and arguing concerning our current handicap system. Nate brought up a good point that the club didn't vote on this change but after learning it is going to benifit him and everyone in the club besides Hems, Jimmer, and David it was agreed upon that we would try this new handicap/averages system. It was also agreed upon that the handicap commitee will consist of: El Presidente (Parkweather), Rye, Hems, Jim, and Davey D.

4. Work Days
The work days/maintenance committee consists of: Hawk, Chris V, Wip?, and Nate. An action plan is for Chris V and/or other members of the maintance committee to talk to College of the Redwoods and Jesse (the Dean) to confirm that we can maintain and/or alter the course.

5. Planter Boxes
This is too controversial to talk about on the world wide web...ask one of the attending members about the planter boxes.

6. C Course
It was voted on and agreed that the MCFC WILL start playing C course using the B course adjusted averages until we get C course averages.

7. Mendo Doubles
It was agreed on that there will be an optional 10am doubles round on every Sunday before the regualr tournament.

Other randomness after the meeting and questions: 1. When will Jimmy talk to Alan Carlson about expanding the Fort Bragg course to 18 holes? 2. We gave a little update on the rules and how the Coast Cup is being run. Some club members wanted to know why Manchester is not being played for the Coast Cup? A lot of pizza, beer, and soda pop was consumed!

If I missed anything please post.

Thanks everyone for coming and Happy Chrismahanikwanzikaa!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Club Meeting

2011 is coming to an end and so we usher in "The End" or, as it will be more commonly referred to as, 2012.
It is time for a MCFC club meeting. It seems to have been good to do it on a sunday either pre or post-tourney to include as many members as we can.
We should find a date that works with as many people as possible.
Comment with any dates that DON'T work.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Looking for data

I am looking for some data to fill in a few gaps in our tourney history.
If anyone can find the winners of the following weeks, it would be beneficial to my fact-finding efforts:
Nov. 27
Oct. 16
Oct. 2
Sept. 18
Aug. 28
July 17
July 10
June 19
June 12
May 29
April 10
April 3
March 6
Jan. 16
Nov. 21 2010
Nov. 14
July 3
May 25
May 18

I took info off of write-ups and these are the gaps.
Interesting results, but until we get these winners...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dark and Weather

Let it rain... nope.
Let it snow... nope.
Let it hail, sleet, wind and freezing rain... nope.
Let it be sunny and mild... Oh, yeah.

The second annual Dark and Weather, "The Dark and Pleasure", Disc Golf Tournament at the Willits KOA Disc Golf Course, went off with some surprises and a bit of the usual.

The biggest surprise was the absence of MCFC stalwart and CTD David "4" Stein. David expressed sadness about missing the tournament but due to a family emergency was forced to withdraw. We all missed you Davey and anticipate a strong showing in the next Coast Cup stop.

As usual all attendees were charged as much as possible by our hosts at the KOA campground. We did not, however, get lectured on the current California Statutes concerning our behavior on or off of the course. As it turns out though, staying at one of the Kabins or Klodges will kost you more money to play an afternoon of disc golf than if you rocked up at 8AM and stayed until dark. Luckily the management was lenient on us (how sweet of them) and told us that there was a loophole in the law that we could take advantage of. If we left the property and returned, the disc golf fee would be lowered from $10 to $4. Thank goodness the course is that fun.

Aside from the shenanigans at the desk of doom, the tournament itself was a success. All three rounds had separate winners and the new Special Tournament champion was crowned only after a strong final showing to beat out the field.

The first round had great conditions. Light wind out of the north, warm sunny skies and 14 frolfers amped up for competition. After 20 holes of frolf, D-Roc emerged the victor with a -8. Erin followed with a -7 and third place was a tie between Wip and G$ with -6.

A few hours later the competitors returned to the tee pads, this time with much cooler conditions and much less natural light. The moon provided just enough illumination to find our way through the gauntlet and the lights and glow sticks draped an artificial sheen on all the baskets. The teams went out and the leader board shifted. First place (in a playoff) went to Ryan, with a -7. Jeremy thus slipped down to second with his -7 and Wip showed a strong third and secured the lead in the overall with a -6.

The day dawned to frosty windshields and frozen water pipes. After some minor negotiations, it was agreed that the management would allow us to pay to play disc golf again. Their generosity was greatly appreciated, considering how horribly we treat the facilities (should I stop with the sarcasm... probably). Leaving the first tee the top three were:1)Wip 2)Ryan 3)Erin. Things did change. When the groups returned there was a new hegemony. The third round ended with George at -3 and in third place, Erin in second with a -7 and first place went to the new MCFC Special Tournament Champion...






Jason with a -10 and -16 overall (I guess his picture and heading took the drama out of my little vertical rasta descent).
Congratulations Jason, the proud new beneficiary of the MCFC Special Tournament trophy and overall lead in the coast cup. The final Dark and Weather order was 1st place Jason with a -16, 2nd place Erin with a -14 and 3rd place Ryan with a -11.

More detailed scores and points can be viewed on the Dark and Weather page just below the picture of our current Champion.

In other news, Sunday tournament was held parallel to the Dark and Weather and provided interesting results. Jason's -10 still held up but Matt F. (new poppa to Bailey) stole second with a-9, followed by Erin's -7. Solid scores in a strong MCFC showing.

Congrats to Jason and everyone who entered. This was a whole lot of fun and set the bar for the Coast Cup. Special thanks to everyone for setting up and breaking down the extra holes, bringing CTP prizes and sharing their positive vibrations. Here's cheers to our next CTDs, Jim and Matthew, as the Coast Cup pulls into Booneville, CA. More details to come...

Aloha, Pau.

Friday, December 2, 2011

It's On...

Yes like Donkey Kong. The crown jewel of the MCFC special tourney's starts tomorrow in Willits. Who will emerge as the next special tourney champ? Who was the last special tourney champ??? Could it possibly be as fun as last year? Will the owners verbally abuse their only paying customers? Will Derrick beat everybody in poker? Will I stop ending every sentence with a question mark? The only way to find out is to be there by 1 pm tomorrow!!!