Saturday, May 23, 2009

Anyone seen this yet?

Gents (& Ladies?) !

To justify this post, I've tried to think of a situation where you all might be discouraged from showing up at Tourney. I devised several possibilities - nighttime, a severe storm, snow!, busy at work, sick - but I'm pretty sure you've played through all those situations. For those days when you seriously, truly, absolutely, positively cannot make it to the high school...

Who has a Wii?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Joey Memorial

So I guess nobody's gonna post the match.  I didn't know you were supposed to report on your own wins.  Aaron and I won.  Dave and Jim were overall champs and scored the lowest overall score.  Erin played with "Uncle Traveling" Matt in his first disc golf game on real baskets.  Sun was shining and that's that.

Aloha, pau.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Action from a Casual Round

Gentle friends,
Too often we only hear about the tournament action, but of course we enjoy our glorious home course in a thousand ways, most of them taking place on the other six days of the week. Perhaps the blog-followers would appreciate a few action shots and vids from a recent casual outing, involving a typically shady collection of local ne'er-do-wells.  Enjoy!

CAUTION: The following contains mature language.  Viewer discretion advised.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tooting of the horn of which I am the owner

For those of you who had obligations on the sunny Mother's Day tournament last sunday, you missed a lesson in strategy and a few beautiful shots. 

Nate Dogg had a front nine that may be a personal best.  There was no confirmation of this, but -4 after nine is no small feat, considering that all-star David "the dentist" Stein and Matthew "walk in the park" Starkweather were at -5 and having good rounds.  Myself, having shot -3, and knowing the back nine is where I make my move, felt pretty comfortable looking at the score card.  

Nate shot 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 & 9 with picture perfect drives.  Anyone who is a student of Nate's game may have seen a few shots taken by the wind, driven into the ground, or even just jumped out of the grip.  Not on these shots.  If there is a perfect lefty flick for each of those holes, nate found it.  Really something to behold.  

David held a steady game.  Many birdies, very few bogies, and solid play led to an overall -7 (best score of the day).  Matthew, who was  a dark horse pick for the annual "hey, let's ditch mom and play frolf" tournament, could not string together enough birdies to stop the inevitable.  In fact, a missed tee shot on 18 proved to be the crucial shot in a build up to destiny.

I played with fervor.  I played with style.  I played with two of Aaron Brun's discs and used them to my advantage.  After I bogied 17, and found myself judging from the bottom of the hill, and realized Nate Dogg had the score card, I found solace in my fortunate position.  With Matthew and I tied for first with a handicapped -7, I could make my decision for a shot after seeing where he ended up.  A short, hard turning shot past the score board and nowhere near the uprights allowed my to lay-up and shoot for par and the win.  I have layed up a few times now and never had it work, but even though my shot landed at the base of the basket and rolled ten feet away, I buried the putt and took the whopping $15 awarded for such a small tournament.  I guess I will have to go on a tear and win my tournament and then two more to leave no doubt as to the consecutive-win record.  

Aloha, pau

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Special Tourny

Aloha all you frolfers out in cyberspace.  I would like to announce the terms and conditions of this month's special tournament.  

First off the tourny will be held at my house on what has been dubbed the "Joey Memorial Course".  It is a par 2 putter course that will be slightly modified down to 18 holes.   As it is a short par 2 course, we will play 3 rounds starting at 1:00 on Sunday May 17th.  There is no rules for discs other than PDGA approved plastic (I don't know if we ever set that for our regular sunday, so if it flies on the mendo course, it flies here).  This will be a doubles tournament where players come with partners.  If someone does not have a partner we will try to make last minute teams on the day of.  If there is an odd number, the single will play "California rules", which means they can choose one shot to take twice.  This means they do not get to shoot every shot on the course twice.  Please try to find a partner as this would be a last resort scenario.  Handicaps will apply.  Each team will average their handis and apply the .8 equalizer to try and create the most fair leveler.  The team with the lowest score after 3 rounds will be crowned special tourny champions.  Those two players will then play sudden-death from hole one to see who gets to keep the official trophy.  

Buy in will be the standard $5 per player but as we do not add our ace pot to the special tourney, there will be an optional $5 ace pool that will be reimbursed if there are no aces.  There are some short aceable holes, so instead of CTP prizes, if you would like to bring a prize we will have ace prizes.  The person who donates the prize can set the rules for winning; so if anyone has fun ideas for ways to hand them out (i.e. worst shot, most chained out ace runs, longest putt... )post them in the comments and we can organize it on the sunday.  

If you have a basket, post it on the comments so I can tally exactly how many we have.  As the course is set up now, we will need 10 plus the 2 I have here.  Maybe we could meet earlier to set up the course and allow folks to learn the layout and warm-up.  I will have a cooler with ice, so bring beverages and I thought we could bring food to get us through the day.  I will have some charcoal if we want to BBQ.  

Directions to my house.  North on Hwy 1 past cleone.  When you pass the sign for Inglenook, then the Grange on your left you are almost there.  After the big red barn house on your right, I am on the next block, Rosa Ln.  The road is on the right but the sign is on the left.  Make a right on Rosa and bear right at the fork.  I am the first house on the right, 26701 the blue house and you'll see my white toyota out front.  Try and carpool as there is not a huge amount of space to park cars.  

This is my home so lets all try and be respectful.  There will be trash and recycling cans on the course.  Please put butts in the trash cans.  I am glad to have you all come out and visit.  If you want to contact me, 964-2566 and I'll see you here on the 17th.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A little Birdy told me so

Attention Mendocino Coast Disc Golfers: this just in...a little birdy came to me as I was putting on hole 5 and told me that they saw Erin Hemmings (HemHaw) back from Baja ready to throw a mile, putt flick style, and birdy hole 17. I can't truly confirm this forsure but as that little birdy flew away (and belive me I tried to run after it and then throw my Destroyer at it to slow it down) it told me I better watch out on Sunday. I yelled, I screamed, "but little birdy, what Sunday should I prepare my best game". The little birdy laughed and laughed and laughed but it wouldn't tell me what Sunday I should prepare my so called "A game". I yelled at the top of my lungs, "Fine you little fucking birdy I will just prepare and bring my "A game" everytime out until I see the one, Erin Hemmings. The birdy continued to laugh...
Will we see Erin tomorrow? I don't have the answer just that little birdy does.
I also wanted to report on last week's game. The frolfers including: Me (Davey the dentist), Rye Bread (JD Salinger), Jim "back from Italy" Eldridge, AJ (Arvin Julius) in the first group. The second group which held the winner on this day was: Derrick "playing out of his mind with that fucking sweatshirt" D Money, Brian "snowboarding" Brody, the ever so spicy Roy, and Vince the Vincenzo. This day was weird in my group...even calling for a "pump me up huddle up" before throwing hole 11 becuase weird stuff was happening during the round. It should be mentioned that Jim refused the huddle up and I birdied hole 11...Jim what did you get on hole 11? Anyways, the winner on this day was Derrick with this writer coming in second place by a stroke. I was left, once again, scratching my head wondering why I can't break Rye Bread's record of 3 in a row...well getting a 5 on hole 3 doesn't help. Back to the drawing board.