Saturday, May 2, 2009

A little Birdy told me so

Attention Mendocino Coast Disc Golfers: this just in...a little birdy came to me as I was putting on hole 5 and told me that they saw Erin Hemmings (HemHaw) back from Baja ready to throw a mile, putt flick style, and birdy hole 17. I can't truly confirm this forsure but as that little birdy flew away (and belive me I tried to run after it and then throw my Destroyer at it to slow it down) it told me I better watch out on Sunday. I yelled, I screamed, "but little birdy, what Sunday should I prepare my best game". The little birdy laughed and laughed and laughed but it wouldn't tell me what Sunday I should prepare my so called "A game". I yelled at the top of my lungs, "Fine you little fucking birdy I will just prepare and bring my "A game" everytime out until I see the one, Erin Hemmings. The birdy continued to laugh...
Will we see Erin tomorrow? I don't have the answer just that little birdy does.
I also wanted to report on last week's game. The frolfers including: Me (Davey the dentist), Rye Bread (JD Salinger), Jim "back from Italy" Eldridge, AJ (Arvin Julius) in the first group. The second group which held the winner on this day was: Derrick "playing out of his mind with that fucking sweatshirt" D Money, Brian "snowboarding" Brody, the ever so spicy Roy, and Vince the Vincenzo. This day was weird in my group...even calling for a "pump me up huddle up" before throwing hole 11 becuase weird stuff was happening during the round. It should be mentioned that Jim refused the huddle up and I birdied hole 11...Jim what did you get on hole 11? Anyways, the winner on this day was Derrick with this writer coming in second place by a stroke. I was left, once again, scratching my head wondering why I can't break Rye Bread's record of 3 in a row...well getting a 5 on hole 3 doesn't help. Back to the drawing board.



  1. get used to me in that sweatshirt, its all youll ever see me in again

  2. Somebody write up the tourney--I've got to live vicariously this week!