Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday before sunday but after sunday.

Johnny Quest(ion) defeated myself and the rest of the field with a smooth performance. Having finished his yearly dispersal of gifts to all the good christians of the world (Yes, Johnny is Santa Claus), he was in proper focus for a dismantling of the MCFC elite. All accounts pointed at an "impending sense of greatness" that surrounded the Sunday Champion throughout the round. I, for one, question his use of a skeet launching device on his longer drives but let's leave that debate for the PDGA scholars. What I found to be to his advantage was his ability to realign himself molecularly and turn into the image of his choosing (a shape-shifter). Whether putting as a rhinoceros or a purring house kitty, Johnny was knockin' 'em down. Raise your hand if you have ever seen a cactus picking up birdies on the back nine. My hands are still on the computer. Cacti, though very much living, breathing organisms, do not have a muscular skeletal system. Unlike members of the kingdom animalia, cacti can not pick up, throw or retrieve a frisbee. Although there are no rules against one playing, cacti are generally not invited to disc golf outings. They tend to be sharp and rigid. Cactus or no cactus, human beings make the best disc golfers. Followed by dogs (based on most rounds observed), gorillas (distance wins in the end), chimpanzees and robots (which will climb up the list until they dethrone the humans). Let us band together in the fight against mechanized disc golf. It is our role as worker ants to help train one another for distance and stamina. We never know when it will happen but anyone of us could be the next John Henry of disc golf and have to battle the robots in a 198 hole marathon match. Maybe if they are gentlemen they would accept a doubles challenge. At least we would have two looks at each shot. They would be robots and it would be like two of the exact same shot (so much for precision). What I'm saying is that Johnny is not a robot and won the Sunday tourney with a -4 handicapped round. No robots placed in the top three.

Monday, January 24, 2011

14 people turn out, 3 new members, the JETS lose but J-Cob wins!

Let me first start off by saying that the weather (not parkweather...although this tournament was dedicated to him...again) was phenomenal and so was the least from J-Cob. The man shot a -7...9 under his handicap...when will this guy's handicap match up with his skill and play. Questions soon to be answered...I hope. Anyways, we had 3 groups and 3 new members joined and payed their $20...Chris, George, and Patrick...Welcome! An 8 year old named Bryant played in my group and let me tell you the kid has a flick. J-Cob, you better watch out for this kid in a couple of months. The highlight for me was when he parred hole 16. Where was Rye Bread and Arvin Julius on this glorious day...watching the JETS game? Craig Mack took second place shooting a -3...5 under his handicap. I think Hemmies shot the best round shooting an -8 or -9. Well, another tourney in the books and it appears as if the club is growing and growing. After the tournment a couple of us hung out and discussed getting new bag tags and re-upping our yearly dues. Hopefully the bag tags will come in time for the Ice Bowl and we can register and re-up or dues. We also talked about having another meeting before the Ice Bowl maybe in 2 weeks. What about Sunday 2/6/11 somtime before tournament? Lunch time (12noon) at Frankies? That is Super Bowl Sunday so I don't know if that is an issue for folks. Anyways, HAPPY FROLFING!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hemmies Heroic Heave!

Well, let's just call Erin's entire round on Sunday a, "Heave". Shooting 9 under par on this windy gale force day was nothing to shake a stick at (or a tree in those conditions). Hemmies was the only person to shoot below their handicap and with the exception of this worker (you know I gots to pump my own shit up) the only person to shoot below par. Congrats to HemHaw for winning a tournament with a -8 handicap. Second place was a tie between yours truly (the Davey D) and J-Cob (Jason) which took us to Top O' The World where something happened that I have never witnessed...J-Cob hit the light pole and almost took out the light and his disc ended on the hill above basket 7. Needless to say it was a tough shot from there but if he hadn't hit the pole the onlookers verified that he would of went through the uprights. Well, Hemmies wins gold, Davey D gets the silver medal and J-Cob bronze. We had a big turn out on this day with 3 new players and I think a total of 15 or 16 players (13 paid customers). The ace pot lives to see another day and the #1 tag goes to NicaraguaWeather. Are we going to let soontobetropicalweather take the coveted #1 tag to La Jungla? Someone challenge that guy.

In related news: J-Cob wins CTP of a Ginger Brew and $10 gift card to Harvest and Davey wins a thong?

Can someone post the scores?

davey d boo hoo ducks

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Bang

Nice Win Matthew! 10 down...Can someone else do the write up? I'm just the photographer.

"The weather was exceptional, the conditions ideal and the competition fierce.
Seeing as how Matthew won with a -10 it may seem odd that I will relate my own round but it was because Matthew was not in my group and I didn't see his play.
I started on #3 and didn't miss a birdie until #7. At which point I went on a tear and birdied #8 through #11. -8 after 9. The wheels never fell off, but they didn't hum with the sound of smooth tarmack. I never got anything else going. Negating my two more birdies with bogies on #13 and #17. Interestingly I got -8 on the front 9 proper as well as -8 after my first nine holes. -8 was the score and I thought it would hold water. That is until I saw the wry smile on old SplittingMendoWeather's face. -10. Let the couldas, shouldas and wouldas remain in the didn't catagory and the next time mother nature gives us a round like that...

-Ryan Magee

Here are some photos from January 2 2011.
Some videos too: