Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hemmies Heroic Heave!

Well, let's just call Erin's entire round on Sunday a, "Heave". Shooting 9 under par on this windy gale force day was nothing to shake a stick at (or a tree in those conditions). Hemmies was the only person to shoot below their handicap and with the exception of this worker (you know I gots to pump my own shit up) the only person to shoot below par. Congrats to HemHaw for winning a tournament with a -8 handicap. Second place was a tie between yours truly (the Davey D) and J-Cob (Jason) which took us to Top O' The World where something happened that I have never witnessed...J-Cob hit the light pole and almost took out the light and his disc ended on the hill above basket 7. Needless to say it was a tough shot from there but if he hadn't hit the pole the onlookers verified that he would of went through the uprights. Well, Hemmies wins gold, Davey D gets the silver medal and J-Cob bronze. We had a big turn out on this day with 3 new players and I think a total of 15 or 16 players (13 paid customers). The ace pot lives to see another day and the #1 tag goes to NicaraguaWeather. Are we going to let soontobetropicalweather take the coveted #1 tag to La Jungla? Someone challenge that guy.

In related news: J-Cob wins CTP of a Ginger Brew and $10 gift card to Harvest and Davey wins a thong?

Can someone post the scores?

davey d boo hoo ducks


  1. Did Jimmy McJimmerson really shoot 5 under on the C Course? Curious minds want to know. Also, what did Kyle shoot on Sunday? Who changed the blog background and format? Hemmies? It looks AWESOME!


  2. I also like the background picture, but shouldn't it be reversed, so as to more closely resemble our awesome logo?

    Yes, the rumor is true--I shot one of my better rounds ever yesterday. Matthew and I took on the C course, and I shot a bogie free--repeat, bogie free--5 under par. We had an extremely rare and strange south-east wind, and somehow I made it work for me. Matthew was as encouraging as one can be while in a battle over the #1 tag, and played pretty well. I just drove better than usual and didn't miss any putts, and that was the difference. I birdied 6, 7, 8, 12, and 16, and parred the rest. With all the pitfalls on that course, I was very proud of that round, and proud of busting Davie's strong C course record...by two!

  3. There was a mix up in play on hole 3 of my card. I called Davey D out for a stance violation; a falling putt. Davey shot again and missed. After talking to Erin and Jim, we decided to let Davey's first shot count. I would like to relate rule 803.04 G of the PDGA rule book: Any throw that involves a validly called and seconded stance violation may not be used by the thrower. Re-throws must be taken from the original lie, prior to subsequent play by others in the group. I think we should invest in a club copy of the rule book to have on hand at Tournaments to avoid this in the future.

  4. Concur on the rule book purchase!! Make it so! Matthew and I had another question yesterday about where one may stand upon throwing a shot OB, and there is always the question of where one may stand when throwing back through the mando uprights from the opposite side.

    Maybe Davey should give the second place dough to Jason?!

  5. Rye Bread- Sorry I doubted your ruling, you were right!I think CAC has some rule books, or maybe there's an app.

    Jim, 5 down C course is good, but no boge's is awesome. Good job, it will be hard to beat. Glad you guys like the blogs new look. It's finally not generic.
    The new spread sheet is to keep track of our all time scores, not just the last 10 for handicaps.