Monday, October 25, 2010

a couple of announcments

g$ and jason tied at manchester rainy tourney, it poured all day on us down there. but h at didnt slow down g or jason, g won it in a playoff, i played like shit for sure ,

also in da news king of the lake in tahoe will be a national tour event next year, big deal for sure in july, just a few weeks before the worlds in santa cruz,

also fort bragg ice bowl preparations under way, i am looking for people who really want to help out.
my number is 541 490-9321
looking for peeps to do :
donation gathering
help with course layout or improvements to course of anykind
scorecards and flyer layouts
media rep
any and all help will be greatly appreciated
lets do this up better than last year peeps

News Flash: It didn't rain on Sunday Tourney

As might have been expected, there was a gathering of Mendocino Coast Frof Club players at the Mendocino High School in the picturesque victorian village of Mendocino, CA. With only the strong of heart as witness, a rain-free round of Disc comenced.
Ryan, Craig, Jeremy, Jason, Greg and Nate set out at the agreed upon hour of 4:30 (We should consider changing that next week as we finished in the dark) and played through the mild and frolfy conditions. A swell time was had, including but not limited to, Craig; our hadicapped winner with a -3. Second was the overall winner, Ryan, with a handicapped -2. Great match with a close ending involving every player in the tourney on hole 18.
In belated news, and you would think one of these guys with internet access would post it before the guy who does this from his office in town, David Stein battled out an epic four man playoff to win last week's tourney. For more news on this check in with the man himself.
Aloha, pau.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Headlines: 1. UTM back on the scene to shoot his all time best -5, 2. Hemulous shoots 10 down, and, 3. Winnie McWinnerson Parky Parkerton WINS!

Winnie McWinnerson Parky Parkerton (or simply Matthew) shot a stellar bogey free -9 (6 under his handicap) round to take the gold on Sunday. There were rumbles and shouts of, "Purple Rock". There were songs being sung about it referencing Prince. There were also whispers in the other groups (including my own) of, "what is this Purple Rock"? A new kind of crack rock with hints of purple in it? A nickname of a Cal Bear Football Player? An entry in the Cannabis Cup? Little do folks know that the Purple Rock is Parkeeloko Gold's new putter. Anytime this disc is released from Putterton's hand someone somewhere in the world says, "Purple Rock". Has anyone checked the weight or legality of this fierce weapon? I think not, and much like a Giants game not to long ago I, David Todd Stein, am putting this disc golf round under protest. That's right you heard it hear first a protested game!! Well, just like the Giants ended up winning that game and going on to win their first round of the National League playoffs I am already conceding this protest and saying congratulations to Winnie and his magic Purple Rock.

Can someone, anyone post the scores and maybe a picture of Prince or Mateo Rockerton for the blog's front page?? Once again, I really need to learn how to post pictures...


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chick Record Smashed in Lindsey's Seismic Victory!

In a devastating display of masterful driving, putting, and psychological warfare, Lindsey destroyed the field, the chick record, and her own personal best on Sunday by shooting a 1 down, 8 shots under her handicap! On a day many found the wind speed and direction to be daunting, Linz used it to her advantage, and left her opponents literally in the dust. When asked after the round to describe her putting, she chuckled disdainfully and looked at the horizon like a gunfighter recalling a particularly brutal victory: "I made everything."

Many members of the MCFC have subsequently expressed doubts about continuing with the sport after their dismembering on Sunday, and one can only hope the club will survive--much as one hopes a wild animal will survive after being trapped and placed in a zoo. How long can the body continue to live after the spirit has been gutted? Only time will tell. But the memory of this performance will live on, if only in the nightmares of the competitors there to experience it!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stormin' in for Victory, Jeremy ties for second but leaves

In one of the briefest summations of a tourney ever, Brian Storms showed up last Sunday and opened up a nice fresh can of whoop-@#$, and beat everybody by eleventy billion strokes. Jeremy tied for second but was already at the coffee shack in Ft Bragg by the time the round ended, so Vince took second place by not leaving early. As is tradition, whom ever post about the tourney has to mention there own great/mediocre/horrible round. lets just say mine was the latter. Oh and David shot really good. And Erin.
Lindsey +6
Jake S. +4
Vince -3
Ryan M -2
Nathan +4
Matthew +4
David -9
Jason +4
Brian -3 FTW
Jeremy -3
Greg +2