Monday, October 25, 2010

News Flash: It didn't rain on Sunday Tourney

As might have been expected, there was a gathering of Mendocino Coast Frof Club players at the Mendocino High School in the picturesque victorian village of Mendocino, CA. With only the strong of heart as witness, a rain-free round of Disc comenced.
Ryan, Craig, Jeremy, Jason, Greg and Nate set out at the agreed upon hour of 4:30 (We should consider changing that next week as we finished in the dark) and played through the mild and frolfy conditions. A swell time was had, including but not limited to, Craig; our hadicapped winner with a -3. Second was the overall winner, Ryan, with a handicapped -2. Great match with a close ending involving every player in the tourney on hole 18.
In belated news, and you would think one of these guys with internet access would post it before the guy who does this from his office in town, David Stein battled out an epic four man playoff to win last week's tourney. For more news on this check in with the man himself.
Aloha, pau.

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  1. Thanks for the write up Rye Bread. Sounds like an epic competitive battle. Congratulations Craig! Was that Craig's first win (in Mendo)?