Thursday, January 29, 2009

this guy loves disc golf

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tips for windy days.

  1. Stay Home
  2. Putt upside down
  3. Aim a little more to the right
  4. Putt upside down
  5. Lay up
  6. Dress warm
  7. Watch Erin
  8. Use the "El Rollo" shot
  9. Putt upside down
  10. Wear shades so your eyes don't dry out
  11. Overstable
  12. Flick it
  13. Bring loppers (cut branches before match)
  14. Be aware of where the wind is coming from
  15. Don't get discouraged
  16. Putt upside down
  17. Aim the frisbees so that they go in the basket
  18. Don't try to drive the 17th tee from the 14th hole
  19. Do make it through the uprights
  20. Take a deep breath and go for an ace (you know you're not gonna beat Erin, right?) 

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Long Awaited Post From The Stein

Well, here I am fellow FROLFERS! I am posting my first entry and I first want to re-say a BIG thank you to Mr. Erin Hemmings for creating this amazing blog where we can discuss Frolf related issues/topics, see the Brody's and Derrick snowboarding, re-live past aces and rounds, and most shit. So, today (the 25th day of January of the year 2009) was a windy, might I say blustery (which one defintion states, "to force or bully with swaggering threats") day, which is in fact what a one, Mr. Erin Hemmings did to this course on this day but these weren't threats. The first round that went out consisted of George or Rusty (whatever you call him this week), AJ (a newcomer to the tourney but I have seen him on the course practicing up), Tommy, Me (David), and the threat maker himself...Erin. Erin took the card by shotting a strong 9 under (2 under his handicap) and bouncing out of at least 3 putts. I don't know if y'all can do the math but if he wouldn't of bounced out these 3 times he would of shot a 12 under...but needless to say a helluva round. Second place on the card went to none other than your ace pot holder Davey D...I shot an even round (4 over my handicap). The second group consisted of Birthday boy, Nate Anderson (HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATE DOG), Aaron B-Run (Keep coming back Aaron), Roy, Derrick, and Rye Bread "J.D. Salinger" Ryan. After the first group finished up we patiently awaited the second group's shots and facial expressions to try and get a read on their scores. After seeing these glum, wind blown expressions I thought I had second place securely wrapped up like a nice Hannukah or Christmas present but on this day I forgot about one man who has traveled a long way to get back to this tourney...Mr. D Money Derrick who shot a smooth 2 over (2 over his handicap). Welcome back Derrick, you bastard!
So for a recap the scores are as follows:

Rusty +12...10 over his handy
AJ +8...8 over his handy
Tommy +6...9 over his handy
David even...4 over my handy (3rd PLACE...which doesn't mean shit)
Erin -9...2 under his handy (WINNER)

Nate +14...6 over his handy
B-Run +19...13 over his handy
Roy +16...13 over his handy
Derrick +2...2 over his handy (2nd PLACE)
Rye Bread +12...12 over his handy

As you can tell by these scores this day was no walk in the park and if it was a walk in the park you would of stepped in dog shit!

Windy Sunday Photos & a Movie!

Nice Form Davey! Also great write up of the tourney, the
blog needed you man.

Going over the score one more time...
Can these really be right?

Derrick and I on the podium. Is that my putter or a
villainous mustachio?

This putt was in, dead center!

Friday, January 23, 2009

A question for the Mendo Frolfers.

This is Bryan again and I had a question for everyone involved in getting the course set up at the high school.

Here is our scenario:
There is a existing course in Hood River. It is not very old, they have just added the baskets within the last 6 months or so. A set of 9 nice baskets! Erin I do believe has actually seen this course and knows the pain I am in. It is very close to 3 roads one being I-84. It is a very small piece of land and the holes cross over each other all the time, non stop really. They thought some holes out, but others are just asking for a accident. To boot it has so much poison oak. The Hood River Rec. Dept. is willing to talk to me about moving it and the best location I can come up with is neighboring the high school. I think there is a great potential, because it is already a hiking trail and designated rec area.

So my question to all of you is "Can the high school and rec area share the disc golf course? What actions did you take to get the course on the land at MHS? Is the "B"course ok'ed by someone or is it just a "unspoken rule"?

I will post pics of the exsisting course and maybe a few of where I hope to move it to. Any help would be great. Thanks again Erin for setting this wonderful blog up for us to use!

See you all soon.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Frolf Records

I thought it would add some fun to keep track of all the record rounds shot on our course. I have set up a rough list out of memory, but I'm almost positive it needs some corrections. If you know of any records I don't, or see flaws in the ones I listed please leave a comment. If anyone can think of other records worth documenting let me know.

For those wondering what speed golf is, Wikipedia defines it as:

"Speed Golf is a sport started California in 1979 by American runner Steve Scott and which involves completing a golf course in the lowest combination of strokes and time.

Players run between shots and generally carry as few as one or as many as six clubs, (discs)
A player's score is calculated by adding minutes plus strokes, so a round of 90 completed in 50 minutes and 30 seconds would compute to a score of 140:30."

So next time you want to play some disc and only have half an hour, time to try for a speed golf record!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A SUNday frolf match Jan. 18, 2009

With clear skies and a light southeasterly breeze, sunday's tournament had the conditions to make for a low scoring round.  Players arrived early to warm up there shoulders, the dogs practiced sitting on the tee box and a band of hippies from Portland, led by Val, showed up to test the limits of the Mendocino High School Disc Golf Course.  To really understand a round like this, we need to follow in the shoes of one of the greats; one of the founding fathers of the MFC.  Jim Eldridge has his own share of tournament wins tucked away in his underware drawer next to his fake dog poo-poo and his monogrammed handkerchiefs.  A day like this beckoned him to the parking lot and out on the course for a shot at a 2009 title.  As all the players split up into groups and score cards were etched with the appropriate names, one by one they lined up for their first shot out over the soccer fields and hopefully into the basket.  It was not until 11 of the twelve drives were tossed that Jim approached the tee for #1.  Parked.  #2. Parked.  3,4,5,6,7.  All birdies.  With a score of -7 after seven, even with his handicap that clings to his back like a frightened kitten, digging its claws deep into his shoulder blades, Jim still looked the safe bet for a win.  A couple of pars on 8 & 9 gave him -7 after 9.  The big toss across the football field and back past the bleachers may just be the longest "par"able hole on the course.  Jim dug deep into his burlap sack of gumption and let fly a smooth gliding, arching, shot that despite the southerly (or easterly depending if your name is Jim or Ryan) component to the wind fought back towards the hill.  Unfortunately the shot landed a yard short and forced him to putt from the dreaded "corner o' death" at the base of the bleachers.  It was at this point that something happened.  A clandestine force slipped into Jim's bag and wrecked havoc on a flawless game.  As readers, I know you want me to stop now.  You say, "Jim is a great player.  He's shown his mettle on the course and deserves the respect of a champion.  Let us not delve down to the depraved state of gossip.  We don't need the juicy details.  Tell us who won.  Who placed second.  It just wouldn't be right to read on if we are not going to get the happy ending we all want.".  I say to to you, "Bravo.  Thank you for being the rational head in this world of paparazzi.  I will continue if only to tell a story.  I will remember your request for restraint when it comes to taking pleasure in the demise of a man's frolf game."  Let the story now unravel like a ball of yarn racing to prove that it is not just a ball of mass, but a long, long line of braided cotton which if manipulated correctly could yield you a sweater, a pair of gloves or even a winter scarf.  None of these articles of clothing could have prevented the foreshadowed events.  Jim's shot for 11 came out of his hands and received a well deserved smile and nod of the the head from the author of this post.  As if to say, "you don't have control over your own destiny", a small branch just barely visible in the high hizer line smacked Jim's shot down, potentially robbing him of a much anticipated 8th birdie.  After birding I believe 12 & 13, Jim set his sights on the anhizer line to the left of the trees on 14.  Let it be known that there were no gremlins witnessed in the trees at this spot on the state park property.  No gnomes, no menehune, not even the chupacabra, the goat sucker himself, made an appereance; although apparently bigfoot prefers the more forested areas to make his presence known.  Jim's shot vaporized into the tree.  An unlikely "lost disc" was announced and Jim reteed.  Standing on the tee box all alone, shooting for par, one can only imagine his dilema.  Do you take another risky shot at the basket or play it safe and shoot for bogey.  Not a position you or I would like to be put in and without knowledge of how Jim chose to play it, a 5 was scribbled on his card.  Very seldom do we see that number on Jim's card but twice when the 5th and 15th holes are labeled.  Things slowed down and Jim continued his brand of steady, calculated disc golf.  You can count on brands.  Orowheat for one will produce a hearty loaf of bread packaged to keep freshness in and contaminates out.  My beloved Bear Republic brewery homogenizes their Racer5 to taste just the same time and time again.  These patterns do not have their exceptions.  Even these two examples of excellence (I am expecting care packages from the above mentioned brand names) may produce a "bad egg".  Willy Wonka's factory was equipped with machinary to weed out the offending products and save the brand the embarasment of letting a mistake slip through the quality control.  Let it be said that Jim would have scored much, much worse, were he to haul around a 2 ton quality control machine and pass every shot he took through it.  The rest of the players would have been burdened by such a device, possibly blocking otherwise open shots or just slowing the pace of play.  Jim did not have such a contraption for the game and was left to take his shot like everyone else.  The imposing distance of 17, the undisputed #1 handicap hole on the course, showed not even a flinch in the otherwise stoic demeanor of a concentrated Jim Eldridge.  Out of his hands came a perfect rip that landed him skipping on the track out by the #11 bleachers.  A veteran shot by a veteran champion (let it not be overlooked that Val the hippie almost landed on the parking lot, ramming about a foot below the benches for #1).  Sitting just below the the hill and with a clear view of what the hole required to produce a par, Jim used his patented "use the thumber to make the disc vertical when it passes the trees thus giving it a better chance for a clean getaway" shot.  An excellent choice that  more often than not leaves Jim with a decent par look.  Oh how I wish it turned out that way.  I wish I could tell you that Jim not only got through the trees, but mimicked none other that Dave "don't tell me when it's coming, just hit me" Stein, and birdied to take a commanding position into 18.  I wish I had a robot butler that cleaned the clothes, did the dishes, emptied the cat's litter boxes, raked the leaves, vacuumed, cooked (sometimes, I think I might prefer to cook on nights that I can prep and hang out in the kitchen), scrubbed the bathroom and fulfilled any other chores I can't think of right now but until we either learn to expand our communication systems to link us with genies hiding in lamps on far off shores, this will never happen.  Jim's shot got lodged in the tree, high enough to warrant a stroke penalty and a razor sharp glare from the champ.  Another 5 and deep breath later, we all stood on the 18th tee.  As the final group to finish, the rest of the players were down by the goal posts to judge the final shots.  After a few misses by the rest of us, Jim fired a well placed upright disecter right at the hole.  Unfortunately, and in Jim's own words, "that was the story of my whole back 9", the shot careened of a tree right next to the basket and rolled far enough away from the hole to leave a tester for birdie.  Does he make the shot, does Jim hit the birdie?  I don't know.  I can hear you now.  "You brought us on this forsaken journey.  You dragged us through this muck you call a leisure game and you end the whole thing with 'I don't know'.  How dare you.  How dare you be so vain."  I must defend myself by saying that I too was having a less than stellar day and my shot on 18 (I hoped) could save my score and maybe back me into second place contention.  I was so focused on that shot that I really can't remember what Jim did.  What I do know is that Tim the Navarro Nightmare won his second straight match and is now in contention to tie and possibly eventually break the long standing record of "three-in-a-row" held by the man who's pen you follow right now.  Since the record was set, a few attempts have been made but none have been staunch enough to earn the triple crown of frolf.  Will the Nightmare step into history with a big win, or will his rising handicap slow down the freight train momentum built up over the last couple of weeks?  Time will tell.  The last run at the record was made by Mendocino's own Nathan "Nate dog" Anderson of Anderson Alternatives in Mendocino, "your eco-lumber provider".  The same Nate dog that won second place in a three way playoff between Rusty, Erin and himself.  Despite a valiant birdie run by Rusty and a creative "coffin shot" by Erin, Nate dog split the uprights and nonchalantly flicked in the winning putt.  Congrats Tim and Nate, well played.  Thank you Jim for not hating me after this posting and thanks Erin for the legwork on this blog.  Stay Frolfy Mendocino. 


This Week's Winners!

This weeks scores: (bh means before handicap, ac after handicap)

Larry +5bh +2ah
John +3
Ryan -1bh -2ah
Roy +4bc 0ah
Derick +4
Val +4
Nate +5bh -3ah
Tim 0bh -4ah
Tom -5bh -2ah
Erin -10bh -3ah
George 0bh -3ah
Jim -5bh 0ah
Ann +14

Note to Mathew: No need to start Handi's for Val, John, Ann, or Derick. They were just visiting.
Hope to see you next tourney.

Thanks for the great posts Derrick and Ryan! Lindsey and I really liked them.

im comin for ya

derrick is back on the scene and not going anywhere for a while. although i missed you all and the course greatly, i had a wonderfull time visiting my family, seeing some incredible concerts( garaj mahal check em out), getting some great snowboarding in on beautifull mt hood

, and disc golfing in the frozen northwest.the brodys out of a complete jonzin addiction set up three holes in like 3 feet of snow. bryan shoveled some tee spots and all the snow was ob.

i played a new course in vancouver wa that went in near where my parents live called leverich park. this park was being taken over by homeless camps and addicts but now from sunrise to sunset a constant flow of frolfers. its only 12 holes but its fun. i shot probably 15 rounds here while i was gone. my best score ended up a 1 down which i was happy with. also many rounds went down in the dalles at sorosis park(funny name huh?)a fun course as well but very frustrating with tons of trees but a couple of great views.
also the brodys and i took a day trip to hornings hideout one of the greatest places on earth prior to putting in 36 holes, a long and somewhat less long course. now with the addition of the frolf this place trancends greatness and becomes some sort of heaven like playground with tons of peacocks

so thats what ive been up to. The blog is great to keep track of whats happenin here while ive been traveling. Im glad you created it Erin. See you all sunday if not sooner.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New B-Course Doubles Record!

Well I write to report that a fine best-shot doubles match ensued yesterday, between Ryan "Rye Bread" McGee and Jim Eldridge vs. Davey "The Dentist" Stein and Erin Hemmings.  Ryan and Jim have had a good amount of doubles success in the past, so Dave and Erin knew they had to play their best, and they did.  After the tough front-nine of the B course, the score stood 6 under to 5 under, with D&E leading but the momentum being squarely in the R&E camp after their birdies on 8 and 9.  But Davey calmly stepped on the gas on the 10th hole, and single-handedly birdied it, one of the most difficult birdies on the course!  From there, D&E never looked back, birdieing 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18, to post an extraordinary score of 14 under!  Although few doubles rounds have been played on this tough B-course, we are confident that this score will hold up as the best-shot doubles record for some time!  
Although it seemed as if Davey was carrying the team a bit (and making every putt he looked at!), a look back at the round shows that they really ham-and-egged it around the course.  They used 11 of Erin's drives, and 7 of Dave's, and after counting putts of consequence--i.e. putts made that were outside the comfortable range--I had Dave making 5 and Erin making 3.
For the record, R&E hung in there, getting to a bogie-free 8 under, before failing to make the uprights on 18 and finishing with a strong but disappointing 7-under.  But it was a pleasure to watch a doubles team in synch and on fire, making history!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Boonville Bomber...I mean the Navarro Nightmare!

As many FROLFers are aware, beer and disc golf go hand in hand. It seemed only natural, then, that on Sunday last, Nathan hosted our second special tourney at the Boonville Brewery. I don't know about the rest of you guys but I was anticipating this tourney and I was truly stoked to play this new course. Nathan did a great job of organizing the event, we had thirteen players, and just about as many donated CTP prizes, which was a great idea whovever had it.

Here are the results: Tim the "Navarro Nightmare" walked away with this one with our first over par winning score ever with a +1 ah. There was a playoff for second with Ryan Mcgee and Mr Runner Up himself Roy! Ryan took second with a +3 ah. I took the overall with a -3 bh. The ctp's were spread out fairly evenly, with a few too many in my pocket. Nobody aced, although I did see a group ahead of us ace hole 15.

This course was definitely way more difficult than ours. I can say without any doubt that every player hit trees, often. After playing his first round on the new course, Jim said this Boonville course is way better than the High Schools. I reluctantly agreed at the time, but after having a day to think about it, I would have to disagree. I think Mendo has more shot variety and more fun factor.

The special tourney torch was passed from Nate to Jim, so we will wait to see what he cooks up this springtime.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

-A- Game

Judging by the final scores, everyone was ready to bring their A-games for the first tourney of 2009. After three or four days of strong north westerlies, Sunday turned out to be dead calm. 12 players in all, we split into our groups and teed off. Halfway through the round, I'll bet quite a few players thought they had this tourney in the bag. My group all seemed in contention, and from all the noise the other group was making they were playing damn good as well.

I wish I had the scores in front of me, but I will do my best to remember them. Mae's Dad (Jim) won with a superb -12! This tied his previous tournament best, and was certainly a well deserved win. His handicap was a -5, making a -7 ah the score to beat. Ryan shot a -6 ah, which on any given Sunday is a sure win. Sorry Rye Bread. He did receive the second place $10 to ease the pain. Third place was -5ah shot by Vince, fourth was -4 by Davey-D, and I lost track after that. Also, Jim's -12 was way ahead of my -8 and easily took the overall pot.

All said, it was an impressive showing, and a great start for our 09' frolf club.
This is the time for resolutions, so I am hoping that I can get more people involved in this blog. Is anyone interested? If you signed up and are listed as an author than your ready to go, just click New Post and write whatever you want. No rules, no expectations, doesn't even have to be about disc golf.

I'm stoked for next weeks Special Booneville Pony Keg Tourney! I will take photos and blog it for those who can't make it. We miss you Jody and Bryan!

Our own Frolf Cheerleaders!
Sky & Shaleah's cheer went something like "supercalifragilisticaspialidocious You WIN!"

Nile, Jonah, & Ian Watching us play #11.
These are great local guys who grew up here
and are pretty darn good frolfer's. After many
invites they still refuse to buy into our whole
monetary based competition scheme,
and only play for fun.What gives, guys?