Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tips for windy days.

  1. Stay Home
  2. Putt upside down
  3. Aim a little more to the right
  4. Putt upside down
  5. Lay up
  6. Dress warm
  7. Watch Erin
  8. Use the "El Rollo" shot
  9. Putt upside down
  10. Wear shades so your eyes don't dry out
  11. Overstable
  12. Flick it
  13. Bring loppers (cut branches before match)
  14. Be aware of where the wind is coming from
  15. Don't get discouraged
  16. Putt upside down
  17. Aim the frisbees so that they go in the basket
  18. Don't try to drive the 17th tee from the 14th hole
  19. Do make it through the uprights
  20. Take a deep breath and go for an ace (you know you're not gonna beat Erin, right?) 


  1. Rye Bread,

    Have you been watching me putt or something? I must of hit at least 4 upside down (short) putts on Sunday. Trivia Question: Who was the first Mendocino Frolf Club member to putt upside down in tournament or competitive play?? I don't have the answer only more questions.


  2. Very entertaining post Ryan. I thought I might add a couple tricks.

    1. Flatter is better.
    2. Play putts from high to low, this means NOT from your knees people.
    3.Putt upside down when your too scared to putt normally.
    4. Headwind makes putts go high, tailwind disc stalls low.
    5. Either use the wind on purpose, or avoid it on purpose.
    6. Aim a little more to the left.
    7. A hat is nice.
    8. Don't play like there is no wind.

  3. You crazy windblown mothers forgot the most important wind tip of all!! Always leave yourself upwind of the hole!

    Sorry I missed the round, boys. Sounds like it was a good 'un. I love super windy frolf: I call it X-games frolf!