Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Long Awaited Post From The Stein

Well, here I am fellow FROLFERS! I am posting my first entry and I first want to re-say a BIG thank you to Mr. Erin Hemmings for creating this amazing blog where we can discuss Frolf related issues/topics, see the Brody's and Derrick snowboarding, re-live past aces and rounds, and most shit. So, today (the 25th day of January of the year 2009) was a windy, might I say blustery (which one defintion states, "to force or bully with swaggering threats") day, which is in fact what a one, Mr. Erin Hemmings did to this course on this day but these weren't threats. The first round that went out consisted of George or Rusty (whatever you call him this week), AJ (a newcomer to the tourney but I have seen him on the course practicing up), Tommy, Me (David), and the threat maker himself...Erin. Erin took the card by shotting a strong 9 under (2 under his handicap) and bouncing out of at least 3 putts. I don't know if y'all can do the math but if he wouldn't of bounced out these 3 times he would of shot a 12 under...but needless to say a helluva round. Second place on the card went to none other than your ace pot holder Davey D...I shot an even round (4 over my handicap). The second group consisted of Birthday boy, Nate Anderson (HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATE DOG), Aaron B-Run (Keep coming back Aaron), Roy, Derrick, and Rye Bread "J.D. Salinger" Ryan. After the first group finished up we patiently awaited the second group's shots and facial expressions to try and get a read on their scores. After seeing these glum, wind blown expressions I thought I had second place securely wrapped up like a nice Hannukah or Christmas present but on this day I forgot about one man who has traveled a long way to get back to this tourney...Mr. D Money Derrick who shot a smooth 2 over (2 over his handicap). Welcome back Derrick, you bastard!
So for a recap the scores are as follows:

Rusty +12...10 over his handy
AJ +8...8 over his handy
Tommy +6...9 over his handy
David even...4 over my handy (3rd PLACE...which doesn't mean shit)
Erin -9...2 under his handy (WINNER)

Nate +14...6 over his handy
B-Run +19...13 over his handy
Roy +16...13 over his handy
Derrick +2...2 over his handy (2nd PLACE)
Rye Bread +12...12 over his handy

As you can tell by these scores this day was no walk in the park and if it was a walk in the park you would of stepped in dog shit!

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  1. thank you davey boy,
    we should put a warning for "adult language" on your posts
    loved it