Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Disc Golf

Season's Greetings-
Frolf has continued through rain, hail, sleet and cold.
I was too busy and-or modest to post last weeks tourney results but here they are.
I shot a -9 to take the overall pot whose participants included Jim, David, Derrick, Mathew, and myself. The -9 equated to a -3 after hc which was good enough to win the handicap tourney over the second place score of -2 shot by Rusty. The ace pool was also drained by a skip ace on hole #2 by... me.
In an effort to spread the wealth there was a wicked cool mini ham and eggs disc CTP prize offered generously by Derrick which was won by me on hole 11. Thankfully, there was one more CTP on hole 18. Not one of the 7 drives split the uprights! We had to settle it with a playoff to a short hole 10. Jim snuggled it in and won a holiday song mix compiled by Davey-D.
Whew! 5 for 5 would have been a little over the top.

Yesterdays tourney was the last of the year and had a decent showing of 10 guys. Rusty has been on everyone's heels and he finally didn't get second place, HE WON! He shot an impressive -1 which dropped to a difficult to beat -5 ah. Jim and I tied for second with -4's ah's. Which was settled from the top of the world. I had a brand new Firebird and confidently threw it out wide and let it tank to the left through the uprights within 10'. Jim missed, then threw back through the posts and absolutely nailed his 50' par putt. I felt only slightly bad sinking my birdie..
As consolation Jim did win the only CTP of the day by making the best drive on 18. He won the last bottle left of the ginger beer Lindsey and I made for Christmas. Cheers Jim!
See you all next year, and don't worry next week my hc will be back to the impossible to win -7!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thunderstorms & Lightning!

While Fort Bragg was getting dumped on by a major thunderhead we were granted fair weather for Sundays game. Our first true wintery feeling tournament was attended by a dedicated group of eight frolfers. Jim, Ryan, Mathew, Vince, Spoon, Nate, David, and myself. Mathew shot the round of the day -7! and sunk many long rainbow shaped putts. Second place was taken by Vince with what I believe was a -1? Jim, David, and I were in the overall pot and all shot pretty lousy games. David and I tied at -1 and we settled it at the top of the world 18. Whenever I play this shot I never know how to get my distance right, I usually just throw a big heizer to the basket, but I am long or short more often than through. Anyway, this time I went through barely. David missed by less than a foot!

No photos this week, but not bringing my camera was a big mistake. While I was warming up, there was an incedible, vivid rainbow over the northern headlands that lasted a good 20 minutes. The clouds were imressive and ominous, showing dark bellies of some large anvil shaped thunderheads. While rounding the bend on hole 17 we heard some deep rumbles from a couple miles north. Which brought up an interesting disc golf ruling question, "What happens when a lightning bolt hits the basket, and instantly melts your putter? Is the put good if half the putter puddle is still in the basket?" We need answers...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Late Recap

Better late than never. Here is the recap of Sunday's tourney:

We had one our largest turnouts yet with fifteen (paying) participants. This meant three payouts and a larger spread of wealth. The round started out breezy at about a 'Four' on the Beaufort scale, where " dust raises and loose paper; small branches are moved" and quickly turned to a 'Five' where "small trees and branches begin to sway; crested wavelets form on inland waters". Needless to say, the scores suffered a bit with the wind. David Stein won with an uncontested -6 bh, -3ah.

I have to mention that Jody also shot a -3 ah. WAIT!, now I remember what happened. I added her card up wrong and got her hopes way up, but for naught. She was only -2 under. Sorry again Jody. Anyway Tim, our newest member and quickly advancing frolfer, tied Jody for second. These two had yet to place in the money previously, so all eyes were on the top of the world playoff shots. Jody made a real run for the goal posts, but Tim walked away with second place, and Jody with third. Dallas and I tied for the overall with -7's and we also had a playoff from the top. I missed, he didn't. Damn. Overall it was a nice round for most, with a beautiful high strato cirrus sunset, and a nice send-off round for Jody and Bryan who moved north on Monday. Hood River's Gain, Mendocino's loss. Mendo disc golf will miss you guys, and we eagerly await your return!

I forgot to mention the spicy nuts ctp. Mathew came through once again with a great ctp prize of home brewed spiced almonds, which Roy excitedly accepted for his skillful shot on #3. Roy throws ctp's all the time it seems ...just wait untill he starts sinking those 30' puts!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Brody Movement

Hey guys this is Bryan Brody. Just wanted to drop a line and update you all on the courses we have come across on our move to Hood River. We got to hit up the Redwood Curtian in Arcata. This is the complete opposite of the high school. We only got to play the first nine, but what a beautiful course. We did not have really great games, but really great times. The pictures are of us teeing off on tee 2. You have to climp up on the stump and chuck it. Hope to make it back for the whole course. We drove north from there and stopped for the night near Roseburg. We woke up and headed east toward Crater Lake. We went to Whistlers Bend DGC. Well worth the journey off of I-5. rates this course at 5 out of 5, and we would have to agree. There is a 600' hole with about 100' of elevation. I got my longest drive ever out of it. There is also a picture of that hole. This course really has every type of hole. Tight wooded, wide open, and water in the background.
Hope this finds you all throwing great games and having wonderful days.
We look forward to playing some rounds with you all soon.
More pics avalible at

Monday, December 1, 2008

Handicap Theory

How about a post on the theory of handicaps?  Here is my question:  Does our current handicapping system primarily reward inconsistent play?  For example:  if a player was so good that they shot 17 under par every time they went out, they would have little if any chance of winning.  Is this a good thing?  If we agree it isn't, is there any kind of fix to the problem?

Ah, but weather plays into it too, doesn't it?  Presumably Mr. 17-under will have a better chance in more difficult conditions.  So weather could even the scales a bit.

Complex issue.  Opinions?