Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thunderstorms & Lightning!

While Fort Bragg was getting dumped on by a major thunderhead we were granted fair weather for Sundays game. Our first true wintery feeling tournament was attended by a dedicated group of eight frolfers. Jim, Ryan, Mathew, Vince, Spoon, Nate, David, and myself. Mathew shot the round of the day -7! and sunk many long rainbow shaped putts. Second place was taken by Vince with what I believe was a -1? Jim, David, and I were in the overall pot and all shot pretty lousy games. David and I tied at -1 and we settled it at the top of the world 18. Whenever I play this shot I never know how to get my distance right, I usually just throw a big heizer to the basket, but I am long or short more often than through. Anyway, this time I went through barely. David missed by less than a foot!

No photos this week, but not bringing my camera was a big mistake. While I was warming up, there was an incedible, vivid rainbow over the northern headlands that lasted a good 20 minutes. The clouds were imressive and ominous, showing dark bellies of some large anvil shaped thunderheads. While rounding the bend on hole 17 we heard some deep rumbles from a couple miles north. Which brought up an interesting disc golf ruling question, "What happens when a lightning bolt hits the basket, and instantly melts your putter? Is the put good if half the putter puddle is still in the basket?" We need answers...

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  1. Good job Matthew! That is a killer round! I think the putt should count, but only if you can get the half out of the bucket. If it is stuck then no hole out and no good. Good job not letting the weather get you guys down. We have 2 ft. of snow all around and are not able to hit up any courses right now. Have fun this weekend guys.