Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Brody Movement

Hey guys this is Bryan Brody. Just wanted to drop a line and update you all on the courses we have come across on our move to Hood River. We got to hit up the Redwood Curtian in Arcata. This is the complete opposite of the high school. We only got to play the first nine, but what a beautiful course. We did not have really great games, but really great times. The pictures are of us teeing off on tee 2. You have to climp up on the stump and chuck it. Hope to make it back for the whole course. We drove north from there and stopped for the night near Roseburg. We woke up and headed east toward Crater Lake. We went to Whistlers Bend DGC. Well worth the journey off of I-5. rates this course at 5 out of 5, and we would have to agree. There is a 600' hole with about 100' of elevation. I got my longest drive ever out of it. There is also a picture of that hole. This course really has every type of hole. Tight wooded, wide open, and water in the background.
Hope this finds you all throwing great games and having wonderful days.
We look forward to playing some rounds with you all soon.
More pics avalible at


  1. WHAT! Did you guys move? Is that what I heard? Where are you guys living?


  2. WHAT! Did you guys move? Where are you living? Does that mean you aren't coming to Sunday tourneys?

    David and Yoda

  3. Yeah, I thought maybe Jody may have said something. We are up on mt. hood for the winter. We will be down for a tourney here and there. We plan to be back sometime in spring or so. Sorry to take off without saying good bye to everyone. Cant wait to come back and try to hang with my low handi. We are playing on courses with TREES, should help our game or make us quit.
    HA! Have fun and look forward to throwin' some disc with you and yoda soon.

  4. Jeez you guys! Nary a word that you're leaving, until you're gone! This feels like a break-up, doesn't it? I blame myself somehow.

    Keep in touch, and come back soon, will ya??

  5. It wasn't you it was us. We swear.
    We will be back before you know it.