Monday, September 20, 2010

4 Way Tie, 15 people turn out, Erin Lays up?

News heard all around the Frolf World: Erin the Hemulous Hemulie shoots 12 under, wins with a -7 handicap by laying up? Thats right folks you heard it hear first. The 4 way tie consisted of up and comer to the Frolf world Tai, Vince the Vinny Vincenzo, back from Frolf tour (oh I'm sorry I mean PDGA Disc Golf) Derrick strokes a lot Dirka Dekendra, and none other than Frolf Designer HemHaw. Top of the World was played with 3 out of the 4 players missing, Hemulous laying up and taking the high pay out (I am not sure how many paying customers).

Other news on this beautiful day included 3 (thats right folks 3) CTPs. Hole 12, 13, and 15. Rye Bread took 12 and 15 and won $9 and a shirt and Nate the Sawyer Sawyerton won the hihgly sought after new Aviar made of sturdy wood and rubber (smell it).

Bagtag Challenges: Dirka holds onto his bagtag after tying with minussixweather. The dentist fends off pesky little Arthea Julip (Arvin Jules).

In related news: after shitting the bed last week wtih a -1 (my worst round in a long time maybe ever) the dentist comes back and shoots -8 hitting 33.5 foot jump putts and missing 15 foot gimmes.


Ok well Matthew here Jumping in on David's post to break down a few scores-

jason +12
Tim +8
Jake +4
Jeremy 0
Tai +2
Craig +1
Vince -5
Derrick -6
AJ -3
David -8
Nate +4
Matthew -6
Ryan Magee +2
Erin -12
Ryan (city) +6
Ok just a reminder for all you in frolf land, we had a little contraversy last week which could have been avoided if:
a) scores had been double checked
and b)people didn't roll in half hour late.
Also, we should wait until all the cards are in and checked before going up the hill to hole 19.
Should we have a drop dead cut off? a time? Maybe no one after first drive has been thrown?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Jeremy Wins

Running out the door, found that I had two scorecards from yesterday. Here are the scores on those two:

Nate: +7
Ryan: -7
Matthew: -6
David: -1
Jim: -8
Erin: -10

Hope someone else has the third card.

Congrats to Jeremy!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boontfling 2010

It started out as an outing amongst friends and ended as a cohesive bonding in revelry as well as consolation.

This post will try (if possible) to recount the events at the inaugural Boontfling Beer Tier event. The first arrivals were A.J., G-Money & Jeremy; all of whom played in the Friday night doubles round. The reports were of a -17 posted. This was an intimidating bit of information for the early morning crew. David and Jim, Matthew and Ryan & Erin all heard the news, picked out a Stalker of their choice and warmed up. Two discs were lost within the first ten minutes. This was not a good omen. Talk turned to the new #2 tee box which very much brought the pond into play for the average hucker. The players meeting was called and the bar was open (8:30 AM). The teams were broken up and off we went. I can only speak for myself when I say that I had a pitiful round. I say that in hindsight because I thought it was only so/so. Upon returning to the clubhouse I learned that Jim, Erin & Greg all scored -5! Well played gentlemen. A.J. posted -2, Matthew -1 & Davey at 0. Jeremy and I were the only MCFC'rs to shoot over par. I was dissapointed, but it was nothing that a little dipping of the ol' figs wouldn't solve. We headed on down to hole #9 and had a dip in the river and a recharge. The next round proved to be a bit more of a challenge due to high temperatures and wind. Erin fired off a -4, A.J. ground out another -2, Davey and I shot -1 together on the same card & Matthew, Greg and Jim fell off. As a team we all rallied together and realized that we were mostly playing well and support would be provided and would lead to a great finish.
The after-hours party will not be reported on here. The only post frolf information to be passed along was that the BBQ was fantastic. Mexi- rice and beans (better than you think and I know you think it was good) carne asada and tortillas with salsas to die for. We ate up and retired to a gentle night of rest (or did we...).
Next morning at ten we met and played the third and final round. Davey took the club weekend honors with a -6, followed by myself with a -3, Erin slowed but finished strong with a -2, A.J. a 1 (I think), Greg 2 (maybe) and Jim and Matthew with higher scores than they would have liked, yet were still competitive.
There were three aces: a one-on-top-of-the-other-first-time-ever-ace-by-good-friends ace and an on the fly Boss flick on 1a (a temporary hole along 128 and under a few oak trees (really, a basket under the canopy of oaks in Booneville?)) by none other than Ryan Magee.
I think the club all really pulled and rooted for each other all the way through the weekend. Guys were picking each other up and showering each other with support. I felt like part of a disc golf club. I think it was a maturing of the club and it would have been all the better with a full turnout. I noticed that being rowdy (as some of us can be) does not have to be negative. We were the merry frolfers and were not afraid to share it. I hope this is a sign of where the club is going. I like the camaraderie we brought with us and it showed in the standings:
Erin Hemmings -11 4th place
AM 1
David Stein -7 3rd place
A.J. Bule -3 5th place
Ryan Magee +1 6th place
Greg Thompkins +4 6th place

Congrats to the players and thanks for the support. I went from the worst score in the AM1 division to placing in the money. I hope you all enjoyed each other as much as I enjoyed being with you.
Please post your own accounts of rounds, de-constructions of certain holes or just sound offs.
Aloha, pau