Fort Bragg CR Course Records

Write down any records you know of and we will make a list.

There are at least four official 15 under doubles scores, the teams are: Derrick & Randy, Erin & Derrick, Roy and Erin, Jeremy & Erin.  Erin & Wip

Blayke & Erin shot -17, 9 for 9 on safari back 9.  Only hole not birdied was #1.

Matthew and Erin shot -16 on

Erin has shot a singles round of -13

Jim and Vince went 9 down through 9.

Most aces, Jeremy with at least 6.

18-hole Speed Record (including new back 9):  Jim with 5 under in 26:27, for 75:27.


Hole 17:
Wip, SA