Friday, April 5, 2013

In the aftermath

May 9, 2013

No one knew it would come to this.  After the first strike, everyone thought it would be over.  It wasn't.  After the second strike everyone thought there would never be an over.  They were right.
Under the cover of disc towels and rain jackets, one man persevered.  If it weren't for his training and experience in hucking plastic discs around in the rain, all of humanity would be lost.  From under their own noses, the provocateurs were destroyed with a Blizzard Destroyer armed with an impact triggered nuclear device the size of a dime.  With the leaders out of the way our hero was left with only the multitudes of soldiers roaming undirected and unrestrained and un-unarmed.
"Beware of the depth charges dropped from enemy John-Boats."  The words remind him of the last time he saw a friend alive.  Diving for his protein, he finds more dangers from above than down below.  The sharks are his friends.  They don't hunt him.  They don't wish him ill.  They just feed and he just avoids them.  Life would be so simple if it were that easy.
Opening his bag he sees only 12 Aviars left.  One wizard (they suck anyway) and all the Blizzy he would need to restore freedom to this, the fallen country.  With his discs armed and ready for anything, he sets out into the guts of the enemy's encampment...


  1. Rye Bread (or shall I say John-Boats) is back! Post Apocalyptic, Shark, Disc Story...I love it...but didn't you mean a Blizzard Boss? (Blizzard Destroyers suck). The main question...who was this one man that persevered? Stanky Dank? A one armed, disc hucking bandit? Maybe we will never know?


  2. Cool post MCFC. I have not heard many fictional disc golf stories, but this one is pretty creative. Blizzard discs and aviars, also wizards, good weapons to have. I would personally have prodigy in my arsenal because they are my favorite company. It would be pretty amazing if all of humanity relied on disc golf. I really like military things and disc golf so this is a good combination of those. Sounds like there is more to this story, I will have to explore more to find the other parts of it.