Tuesday, November 30, 2010

what a round

well i dont know bout all-o-yall, but i thought sundays tourney was pretty special.
The weather was very nice. Big G$ WON THE ACE POT !!(2nd biggest?). I shot my best round ever at mendo the elusive 10 down. Anxiously awaiting my key to the double digit down clubhouse. This round felt good to me cause ive felt like ive been at a "plateau" for some time in my golf game. We had like 9 star frames on our card, and the total under for the card was 32 down. Oh and i won a super cozy scarf for a ctp on 14. jim took 2nd with 5 under his handi. i remember nate dogg had a good game at even i think. and he brought flowers

could some one fill in some scores?

erin -12
jim -10
nate dogg even?
D roc -10

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Next Weekend!

Here is the flier for the Special Tournament which is next weekend in Willits:

* In commemoration of Matthew “Parkweather” Starkweather *

The Mendocino Coast Frolf Club presents:

The 1st Annual Matthew Dark N’ Weather Special Tournament

When: Saturday December 4th and Sunday December 5th, 2010
Alternate Shot Handicapped Glow Round on Saturday at 7pm
Sunday Tournament at 12pm (players meeting at 11:30am)
*Optional warm up round on Saturday at 2:30ish*

Why: Because we haven’t had a special tournament in a long time and to celebrate our beloved leader Parkweather before he ventures off the coast and into Babylon (he is moving)

Where: Willits KOA Disc Golf Course

How: Please RSVP to Davey D or Rye Bread because we are reserving camp sites

What: Bring a CTP prize (if you can) and yer “A” game because Rye Bread and Davey D are hosting and there will be many a surprise

Fees: $5 buy in for the glow round and Sunday tournament ($10 total). Also, bring money for camping (if you’re camping) and Liars’ Dice

Brought to you by the Mendocino Coast Frolf Club

Friday, November 12, 2010

fort bragg handicapped weekleys

hey all , just wanted to let you know we had our first fb handicapped weekly this thurs at 2 pm, (with no handis yet). 7 folks showed up ,jeremy, g, myself,tom (a new player) , dennis, jason, and vince, we played the front and back nine and i won it with a six down .it was a beautiful day, fun was had by all, hope some of you might make it in the future when your schedules allow

Monday, November 8, 2010

12 person turn out, Hemulous and Jimmers put up a 10 down, G brings 4 CTPS, and Jason goes Pro?

3 groups of 4 men walked around circling one another throughout the early afternoon attempting sphere shaped objects in chain linked structures some better than others and some much better than their handicaps. The thing I can say about my group was that Jimmers played GREAT and the bounces were going his way. He should of been 9 under after 9 but missed a couple of putts and ended his first 9 holes at -7. Roy and Nate also shot well and were at -3 after. As for me well let's just say I have seen better days but did end my round with no bogeys, a par and birdie finish and finished a mediocre -5. The back 9 saw a tree steal Nate's disc, the wheels start to come off for Nate but our entire group parred hole 17 (the first time I can remember that everyone on my card got a par on 17) and Jimmy missing a difficult putt on 18 for par and a tie for the win. This day belonged to Jason who shot his best every round...I think -1 which is 7 under his handicap and who than decided to go Pro and take everyone out for beers at Splattys...THANKS JASON. Jimmy and AJ tied for second which Jimmy won in a 2 hole playoff.

PS Jimmy hit the basket twice for ace runs BUT the ace pots lives and grows to $136.80.
PSS Special Willits tournament is scheduled for December 4th and 5th...stay tuned for a flier.
PSSS Can someone post the scores and maybe a picture of Jason or a picture of a shoe cobbler?


Monday, November 1, 2010

Willits Special Tourney!

Hey Frolfers,

As per Ryan's awesome idea and willingness to organize, and Davey's willingness to co-organize, I am writing to chime in on the timing of the DELAYED-SO-LONG-IT-WAS-LOOKING-LIKE-WE-WOULD-NEVER-DO-ANOTHER-ONE special tourney! Rye, you mentioned wanting to do it in November. The only weekend I could do it is the last one, the 26th-28th, which is the weekend following Thanksgiving. So I'm pulling hard for that weekend, or any weekend after that. LOVE the idea of another special tourney in Willits! Will it be too cold to camp? Do we need to rent cabins? Will the course be a slogfest? All questions I look forward to us working around!