Saturday, November 27, 2010

Next Weekend!

Here is the flier for the Special Tournament which is next weekend in Willits:

* In commemoration of Matthew “Parkweather” Starkweather *

The Mendocino Coast Frolf Club presents:

The 1st Annual Matthew Dark N’ Weather Special Tournament

When: Saturday December 4th and Sunday December 5th, 2010
Alternate Shot Handicapped Glow Round on Saturday at 7pm
Sunday Tournament at 12pm (players meeting at 11:30am)
*Optional warm up round on Saturday at 2:30ish*

Why: Because we haven’t had a special tournament in a long time and to celebrate our beloved leader Parkweather before he ventures off the coast and into Babylon (he is moving)

Where: Willits KOA Disc Golf Course

How: Please RSVP to Davey D or Rye Bread because we are reserving camp sites

What: Bring a CTP prize (if you can) and yer “A” game because Rye Bread and Davey D are hosting and there will be many a surprise

Fees: $5 buy in for the glow round and Sunday tournament ($10 total). Also, bring money for camping (if you’re camping) and Liars’ Dice

Brought to you by the Mendocino Coast Frolf Club


  1. Frolfers,

    So, I reserved the lodge and a tent site. So far those staying in the lodge include: DaveyD, Parker, Dirka, and Jimmers. Also, Rye Bread and Hemulous are sleeping in their cars on the tent site. What are others doing? Who else is coming? Nate Dog, G, Jeremy, Jason, Vinny and Natalie, Arvin, Johnny Quest, UTM???? Also, I have lights (generously donated by Jimmers) to light up each basket but I don't have lights (yet) for people's discs. Should I buy lights and bring them or do people want to be responsible for bringing their own lights for their discs?

    Recap of last week's tourney: Johnny Quest and G Money had an epic 4 or 5 hole playoff that Johnny Quest won and G took second (they both shot 6 under their handicaps). Nice work gentlemen!


  2. sounds fun, cant wait the glow round sounds epic, get your lights ready jim do you have any of those lights left

    small possibility of long lost mfcers making a appearance

  3. Surprise Guest for Willits? Say it ain't so! Could it be Brangelina? Bennifer? Brodys? I think Jimmy only has a couple of lights. Jimmy?


  4. Hey Peeps,

    So I only have a few lights left, and we've got a slew of people coming. When I threw this tourney the last time, I cowboyed up and bought a bunch of extra lights people could buy from me at tourney, so everyone would be covered. I highly recommend someone do this NOW. Otherwise, it just seems inevitable that half of the people won't have lights for the glow round. The lights can be bought online at Sun King Disc Sports for something like 3 bucks a light.

    Bring on the mystery guests....I'll believe 'em when I hug 'em!

  5. Can we move up the tee time for the Sunday round? What are we gonna do until noon?

  6. Jimmers,

    I will talk with Rye Bread and one of us will probably order up some lights today or Monday. As far the Sunday round I guess we will just see what happens Sunday guess is that people will be recovering and some people might be driving over from the coast. PEACE!


  7. Hi everyone. I am getting so pumped up about next weekend. I was thinking that I might buy a bunch of those radio shack leds and batteries to share/sell at tourney. they are cheaper (i think like .50 cents each) and in my opinion brighter than the fishing lights. I used my thanksgiving vacation to make a cartoon commerating the special tourney. I will try to send it out to everyone soon. SO if Erin is out there are you doing handis today?

  8. yeah boy i am excited too i cant stop thinking bout the glo round i really like the alternate shot doubles idea ive never played that way before. i got a new glo buzz and a new glo orc im gonna leave a flashlight on in my bag to keep em charged. the date for the icebowl is gonna be feb 12th ,stafford is jan 29th. Sonoma Co. (Crane Creek or Luchessi) Jan 8 or 9th. Feb 26 or 27 for Napa. and Feb 19 for Ukiah

  9. Noon for the round on Sunday sounds like a really good time.... Not that we are coming or..... well I would not make it too early or Bennifer might not make it in time. Just saying. And LEDs at Radio Shack are much cheaper than fishy lights. If you order LEDs and Batteries from they are even cheaper and they ship hecka fast. I hope you all have fun down there.

  10. Yo Peeps!,

    I've been thinking about the rules for special tourney, fo shizzle! Here are my two cents on the alternate shot doubles match:

    I think we should make teams alternate drives. Here are my reasons:

    Most of us feel capable of driving any of the holes out there, BUT there are some holes that will be particularly challenging in the dark. I'm thinking mostly of the pond hole #6 (!), but also someone could lose a disc on signature hole #15 at night for sure if they turn it over right, or let the wind really let take it away left. I guess what I was thinking is that if we said doubles teams had to alternate drives, then a teammate could choose odd or even holes according to what they felt comfortable with, and it might be more fun for everyone, less pressure, and less lost discs, which is no fun for anyone.

    Second thought: if we don't do it that way, and just do a pure alternate shot, then it seems like it would shake out that someone whose putter is hot would never get to drive. Conversely, someone who couldn't buy a putt would get all the drives. I don't like either of those scenarios. I like making both teammates drive and both teammates putt, and having their score come out of how both players did both things. Alternate drives takes care of that. The winners will be the team where both players drove and putted the best. The other way, you might have one player doing most of the driving and one doing most of the putting, which isn't a total test of the team, and so the handicap for the team might not be accurate.

    Imagine this, the nightmare scenario: one player is having an off night, and can't drive or putt very well--understandable in dark cold conditions, right? He drives on hole whatever, and it isn't close. The second guy, who is playing well, only gets to throw the upshot. The first player misses the par putt, the second player has to clean up with the bogie putt. And then: rinse and repeat! First guy gets the box again, and does the same thing. This could go on for awhile, particularly in the dark! Any bogie will result in the same guy on the box. That round would be not so fun for either the first guy or the second guy.

    So I vote for alternate drives.

    As for scoring the overall, I am assuming we are just adding everyone's team score against their team handicap to their individual score against their individual handicap, right? Like, if my team goes 1 under our handi, and I go 2 under my handi on Sunday, then my overall score would be 3 under handi. Does that sound right?

    And let's make sure we bring the special tourney trophy. Does Erin have that from Manchester? It's so long ago, I can't even remember.


    I'm outa here tomorrow, flying to CO on Wed., and driving straight back from SFO to Willits for the glow round on Sat. night! See y'all there with bells on!

    Oh, and I call dibs on the bottom bunk!


  11. If we could drive 120 mph we might make it in time for the Glo round. However, we will abide the speed limit for the most part and show up just as you all lay your heads down for a short few hours of rest. We have a Team Disc Golf match on Saturday that restricts us from leaving any earlier. Cant wait for Sunday. I may be up bright and early for a warm up round. Is there a way to add a car to any of the sites? Just let us know if that is still a possibility. See you all Sunday morning.