Monday, November 1, 2010

Willits Special Tourney!

Hey Frolfers,

As per Ryan's awesome idea and willingness to organize, and Davey's willingness to co-organize, I am writing to chime in on the timing of the DELAYED-SO-LONG-IT-WAS-LOOKING-LIKE-WE-WOULD-NEVER-DO-ANOTHER-ONE special tourney! Rye, you mentioned wanting to do it in November. The only weekend I could do it is the last one, the 26th-28th, which is the weekend following Thanksgiving. So I'm pulling hard for that weekend, or any weekend after that. LOVE the idea of another special tourney in Willits! Will it be too cold to camp? Do we need to rent cabins? Will the course be a slogfest? All questions I look forward to us working around!



  1. Jimmy,

    Thanks for posting. Thoughts: What about the next weekend (December 3-5)? I say this because it seems like the weekend after Thanksgiving is a time that many like to spend with their families...just a thought. In response to Jimmy's concerns: 1. I think many a folk have 0 degree sleeping bags or back country sleeping bags and/or people can either camp or rent cabins, 2. Bring the slogfest, it might add to the's hard to predict the weather for any given weekend anyway (well, maybe not... it's usually guaranteed to be sunny and hot in Willits in the summer). Bready, we will have to find some times to coordinate. Cheers. Oh yeah, how come no one is responding about the meeting pre-frolf next week?? Do we want to have a meeting next week??


  2. Ok Stalkweather here (patent pending Magee, Ryan) A few thoughts:
    Go giants I can't freaking believe that they are the best.
    I vote for the weekend before thanksgiving. I don't wanna exclude anyone but I'll be gone the weekend after, and then gone gone in December (imagine one of those little yellow animated faces with a sad face here)
    Jim: It will not be too cold to camp, just maybe too wet. If people want cabins they should rent them. It will be a slogfest.
    David: I am responding to you, so please don't include me in the not responsive camp. I can't speak for the non-responders, but I didn't here about the meeting until your post. I would love a meeting next week.

    In other news: Erin wins tourney in playoff with Nate.
    Probably deserves its on post.

  3. Stalkerweather and gang,

    First off: GIANTS RULE! Next: I guess we could the especial tournament the weekend before Thanksgiving...that just means that Rye Bread and I will have to make fast work of puting it together because that is in 2 weeks from this weekend but I think we can do it? Who is in for that weekend? So, meeting at Frankie's at noon on Sunday? Dirka? Hemulous? Jimmers? Bread? Linz? The Dog? The Return of Rick? Does anyone else check this blog?


  4. ill be there, just got home ive had limited internet