Monday, July 27, 2009

The Return of Stein!

Well, another Sunday Frolf in the books as Cal Ripken Jr. continues to sweat. First off let me say a gracious THANK YOU to Erin for that AWESOME picture of Kid Rock, Em, and Davey Motherfuckin' D. I can't believe that picture actually leaked on the internet...I told Kid Rock to burn that dam picture. I love it! I can't get over it. I keep going back to the web site and looking at it and chuckling.

Anyways, on to the frolf...we actually all (Linz, Nate Dog, Vincenze, Devan Hemmings, Jimmy E, HemHaw, and myself) played together and decided to play a "Ready Frolf" round (which is the name of Erin's last post) meaning when your ready---FROLF. It actually speeded things up and there was less of people staring at each other pulling out their internally measuring tapes deciding who is furthest from the basket. There were many winners on this day (not including The Park Knight who couldn't make tourney because his daughter decided to make a doody all over his house) including: The Linzanator who broke the Women's record...she shot a +3, James Birdy Eldridge won a CTP prize of a chocolate bare genorously donated by Vince, Erin won a CTP prize of some fancy chocolaty bready sconey thing donated by Linz, and yours truly (dentist) who won the tournament. I have noticed that the last 3 weeks the winner has shot 6 under their handicap (good to remember for future events). Erin HemHaw was actually sitting 13 under after 16 holes but unfortuantely 5ed hole 17 and 3ed 18 but Doctor Detroit was ready to pick up the scraps and swoop in for the win (we both shot 11 under but my handicap is -5 and Erin's is -6). But why I ask? Why don't we pay more attention to second place? Afterall it is the second best you can do (OK, now I am just stating the obvious). But really, why? Anyways, Erin took second and for those who care Nate Dog and Linz tied for 3rd.

P.S. Who did Joe Nameth and the New York Jets Jets Jets beat in the famous Super Bowl where they were big underdogs and Nameth predicted the win?
The Baltimore Colts?

P.S.S. The Fort Bragg course is having their weekly random doubles at 6pm on Thursday. $5 entrance and $1 for ace pot (there are several aceable holes).


Our Ready Frolf Round

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

CR weekly

Hey yalls,
AJ is calling for random doubles, Thurs. @6.
Fort Braggarts represent.
Norte es mas fuerte.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Arvin Julius

Well, let me start off by saying that Erin, you have outdone yourself with this picture on the blog. Is that Pete the Magic Dragon, Caesar, or a disc chucking AJ (Arvin Julius) riding an Innova breathing dragon all the way from Humboldt County down to San Diego and back up to Mendo to take all of our money and CTP prizes. Thats right...AJ's silly (might I say riduculous) handicap of 2 over finally paid off (pun intended) for him. We all knew it was just a matter of time and that time was Sunday July 19, 2009. AJ came out all buisness and was rifling (as usual) his putter at any basket in sight. AJ, like Jody last week, shot 6 under his handicap and won the thing easily. Nate Dizzle Dog Anderson, Erin HemHaw Hemmings, and yours truly tied for second shooting 2 under our handicap. We played a closest to the pin on the money shot (for those who don't know the money shot it is from the tee box on hole 8 to the basket for hole 10...short but sweet) and I took it by a couple of feet. HemHaw had the best overall round with a -8. Might I add that the gracious winner, Arvin, took who ever wanted to wet their whistle to Patty's for sweet succulent beverages made up of malted barley and hops. Thanks Arvin and nice win!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Jody does it!

So I am hear to gladly boast Jody taking the win this windy Sunday. She is the first female to win one of our MFC tourneys. She also broke the woman's tourney record and her personal best game ever. My sweetie. I am so proud.

It was a relaxed start to the game. We got started promptly at 4:15 or so. If I can remember correctly it was Jody, Linz, Nate, D- Roc. Davey the Oral Hygienist, and myself Bryan "to good for a single so I will take a double and a triple bogey"Brody. We also had a special guest for the first 10 hole, the Dean from the College came down and joined us. He is the one responsible for the new course and a MFC recruit. We also had a "special" guest for the back 9 as well. This was a less friendly guest, I believe his name was Marco and he decided who lives and dies. But never mind Marco this is about Jody.

Jody rocked the front nine shooting even and putting the preasure on. She held on to the lead even with Davey checking the card and nipping at her heels. One of Jodys highlights was blasting a drive on 10 that went as far as the end of the bleachers and wrapping up a easy 3. The big show was saved for the end where she almost aced 18, but parked it for the bird instead. All in all she just kicked some ass. Derrick and Davey tied for second and played CTP on 12 for the 5 bucks at stake. D took some tree love and walked away with his 5 bones.

We are leaving for a few weeks. Hope all the tourneys are wonderful and exciting. On another note Derrick put up a new record at the College of a -5. Good luck taking that one down guys.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Fabulous Brodys

Our friends made the cover of the weekly sports section of the Mendocino Beacon. Click the image to view in greater detail.

Apparently, the writer of the article is not familiar with the High School Disc Golf Course, citing that disc golf enthusiasts must travel to one of the many overly-hot inland courses to enjoy some Frolf. Not so!

Thanks, Brodys ~ You are a wonderful spokes-couple for our favorite sport!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

post-independence day tourney

9 Frolfers showed up today to recognize the birth of our fine nation with a smashingly well-played tourney, and better-than-average results all around. Although this year's "Tourney de Independence" took place on the 5th of July rather than the 4th, the full effect of yesterday's celebration/debauchery was felt by many throughout today's round.

The flip divided the people, and away went Bryan, Erin, Tom & Ryan, pulling ahead of the rest at a breakneck pace. Jody, Linz, David & Nate cooled our collective heels, waiting for Jim "practically always late to Tourney-weather" Eldridge. We had a fine first few holes, with pars and birdies abounding. Special update: Jody's drives were super-stellar today. I put in my daily requisite bogies on 3, 4 and 5 (what what?) & noticed that Jody's round was going to wipe me out if I didn't get my ducks in a row, & quick! With a bird on 3, she had me beat after nine, coming in at only +1! She rocked the back nine until 17, where the infamous cypress ate up her blue disc (it should be duly noted that Jody pared 17 yesterday). She played a very determined and impressive round. I kicked the chick record down a notch to +5, with narry a bird nor double-boge. Nate Dog also finished up with pars and birdies far outnumbering his bogies, bringing him in at +3. Very little swearing was heard.

Meanwhile, Flames "2 is the new 3" Helldridge drew a big fat -13 in the end, sinking crazy putts from crazy distances, as though he were putting for a living and selling real estate for fun. He took the cake and ate it too. Tried as he might to catch his arch-nemesis Jim, David pulled in at -4, having just woken from blissful hungover dreams of taking the pre-D-roc ace pot and high-tailing it to Reno. He was sporting the same clothes as yesterday.

The more efficient group seemed to play an equally fun and impressive round. I believe Ryan "please do not kick my beer" Magee played one shot off his tourney best (?). He sank his teeth into more than a few putts and tallied up his row: -5. Bryan Brody, who I like to call Jon, had some high highs and some low lows, apparently succumbing to 17 like his dearly devoted partner Jody. Tom toted a folding tri-pod stool along with him for the round ... smart man. A steady -1 in good form.

It is now 10 PM and Erin "hem dinger" Haw continues to bitterly complain that his -12 was still three shots away from a handicap win. Excuse me while I give him a leftover Vicodin and put him down for a little nap. I hear that he left no drive more than 25ft from the basket, and accounted for his obligatory bounce-out putts on several holes (it's still a good score, kiddo).

Great fun, this tourney. I am grateful to all who attended, and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ok well this is my first real Mcgeal Blog I ever did.  Hmmm.... not a gripping Introductory sentence huh?
Lets try again...

"People who love sausage and people who believe in justice should never watch either of them being made"  
-Otto Bismark

Well I love sausage, and I love Justice.  What is this my friends? Are you confused why in my first post ever to any blog especially to the blog with embodies my dream of having a local disc golf club so that I could play in a weekly tournament and regularly fork over 5 hard earned American dollars to other people would begin with a picture of a volcano, a quote about sausage and justice, and a run-on sentence? My dear hurlers of polymer platters, let me ease your befuddlement.

I may have been shooting for the moon but in my never ending quest for justice, I simply wanted the replace the photo of Tim Linsicom,  I mean Jim Eldridge, with Ryan "Rye-Bird" "J.D. Slinginger" "Catcher in the Rye" "Hawaii 5-0" Magee.  Gentle readers and those Internet junkies who may have stumbled across our little blog due to my careless and, I daresay, negligent inclusion of over Seventy Three different subjects in a (so far) two paragraph blog (and a second run on sentence), please do not continue reading.  For I found that I had not one, not two, nor could I find even thrice a picture of my hero and your true MFC champion, one Mr. Ryan "Mama pull out the Rye-Bread and the Mustard 'cause that was a grand salami" Magee.

But I DID find this nice picture of Volcan Arenal that I took in Costa Rica.

Luckily, I did not have enough Blogging Power Points to replace the picture of Jim "how come we can never think of a clever nick name for this guy except for lame s##t like Jimerson" Eldridge with a random vacation picture.

And I did learn how to put a picture in the Blog.

Ok well fellow club members, I guess that will take care of tying up the smattering of Volcanoes, Justice, and run on sentences I left all over our beautiful Blog.  Oh... and the sausage?  Like Justice and sausage, feel lucky you did not watch this blog being made.