Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ok well this is my first real Mcgeal Blog I ever did.  Hmmm.... not a gripping Introductory sentence huh?
Lets try again...

"People who love sausage and people who believe in justice should never watch either of them being made"  
-Otto Bismark

Well I love sausage, and I love Justice.  What is this my friends? Are you confused why in my first post ever to any blog especially to the blog with embodies my dream of having a local disc golf club so that I could play in a weekly tournament and regularly fork over 5 hard earned American dollars to other people would begin with a picture of a volcano, a quote about sausage and justice, and a run-on sentence? My dear hurlers of polymer platters, let me ease your befuddlement.

I may have been shooting for the moon but in my never ending quest for justice, I simply wanted the replace the photo of Tim Linsicom,  I mean Jim Eldridge, with Ryan "Rye-Bird" "J.D. Slinginger" "Catcher in the Rye" "Hawaii 5-0" Magee.  Gentle readers and those Internet junkies who may have stumbled across our little blog due to my careless and, I daresay, negligent inclusion of over Seventy Three different subjects in a (so far) two paragraph blog (and a second run on sentence), please do not continue reading.  For I found that I had not one, not two, nor could I find even thrice a picture of my hero and your true MFC champion, one Mr. Ryan "Mama pull out the Rye-Bread and the Mustard 'cause that was a grand salami" Magee.

But I DID find this nice picture of Volcan Arenal that I took in Costa Rica.

Luckily, I did not have enough Blogging Power Points to replace the picture of Jim "how come we can never think of a clever nick name for this guy except for lame s##t like Jimerson" Eldridge with a random vacation picture.

And I did learn how to put a picture in the Blog.

Ok well fellow club members, I guess that will take care of tying up the smattering of Volcanoes, Justice, and run on sentences I left all over our beautiful Blog.  Oh... and the sausage?  Like Justice and sausage, feel lucky you did not watch this blog being made.


  1. Aye,
    Some run-on, others run-off like my no good girlfriend from eighth grade, she left me for some older english dude from her summer camp, I mean come on, where's the respect, she could have told me she was looking for some grown up European and then I would have taken up smoking and worn brown leather shoes and even defended Hugh Grant when he got busted with the hooker, but no she ran-off so I will no longer run-on.
    Aloha Matthew for recognizing the true MFC champion.
    As for the picture of Flames Helldridge, maybe I'll get mine up there for a day before the Tourny.
    May the drizzle hide with the hobos on the headlands for the 4th, may my pants fit like they do right now forever, and may all of Matthew's posts be as obscure and entertaining as that one.

  2. Amen Brother Bread and Sir Parkweather. Happy 4th.
    Those darned english any way.

  3. I have a whole slew of points to make!

    1) There is no way to describe the pleasure I took in reading Diceparker's rambling, disjointed, clearly never proofread post! I have to say I was completely inspired! I am making a mental note to write a blog post with a healthy buzz as soon as possible!

    2) I thought the extended posting of my picture was a wonderful gift to the internet community! Sort of a community beautification project. Now I see that Rye's picture is up instead. Oh well, there goes the neighborhood again.

    3) I am equally baffled as to why no nickname has been established for me. Might I suggest a few:

    ~The Dominator
    ~Long Jim Silver
    ~175g (This would allow me to claim any nameless 175 gram disc)

    4) I love sausage.

    5) Speaking of which: what ever happened to Aaron Brun damnit?