Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quick Post

I find it necessary (even though I didn't win) to publish the winner and runner up for Sunday's (June 28th) tournament. Rye Bread took first place with an impressive -4 (-5 after handicap) with Nate Dizzle Dog Anderson right on his heals with a +1 or +2 (-4 after handicap). I also find it necessary to report that we had a fairly impressive turnout of 11 people (even with out Erin, Jimmy, and D Money) including Frank from Lake County and the return of Tommy Boy Snyder. The best overall score went to yours truly..."pulling teeth Stein" shooting a quiet -6. Congratulations goes out to Rye Bread but will he attempt his feet of trying to win 3 straight or will he chicken out and go to Usal Beach?? I don't have answers just more questions.


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  1. Thanks for the review of Sundays round. I just could not stand to re live that sorrow. I lost it out there. Any way we are headed out to play the high school and maybe the work on some B tees at the C of R course. We will look for anyone to join us out there. Probable be at the high scool around 2ish. See you all later.