Monday, June 22, 2009

Wind +Ace+Fathers Day= Fun!!!

Lindsey outdriving us on 17

Erin wins the overall with a -5

Bryan wins the loudest "snap" while driving award.

Matthew's stylin drive

Jim wins the tourney with a -1 handicap round

Jody getting some nice shoulder turn and great distance!

Maia and Yoda "playing"

Lindsey Aces hole 7!!!!!
She ripped an Avenger SS in a sharp
turnover through the trees and into the basket
Super awesome first ever hole in one.
$23 pot was icing on the cake.


  1. What an amazing round. Ups and downs. Aces and shanks!
    Congrats Linz! Congrats Jim. Congrats Erin. # out of 6 people walked away with money. How wonderful is that.
    Cant wait till next week when I can try to tackle my ever sinking hand.

    Any mid week games let us know?

  2. 3 not #. My shift key gets away from me sometimes.

  3. Maia and Yoda at their best. I love it.

    Good thing Maia brushes her teeth (ahem)

  4. Wow, a guy goes away for 10 days and people start acing holes and new courses are being built in our backyard...welcome back Davey. I love the pictures...especially the one with Linz holding all our money. Nice ace Linz!

    the dentist is back