Monday, June 8, 2009

Divide & Conquer

I report on our small mendo tournament without knowing the results from the koa weekend. All of us townies who stayed home want to hear all about Willits 2009!

Here at Mendo High we continued the streak of Sunday frolf, which is something close to 104/104. When was the first official Sunday Tourney? Anyone?

Anyway, we had a damn fine tournament. By 'we' I mean Vince, AJ, myself, and Lindsey in her first official tournament showing. It was teeshirt warm. NW winds 7-10 mph.
Here is the scorecard:

Everyone played well, with AJ taking the game by one stroke. With the way this guy putts he won't have a +3 hc for long. We gave Lindsey a 7 handi which seemed about right. She had fun and will hopefully be playing more Sunday's in future. Oh and Lindsey's +6 is a women's tournament record!


  1. Nice job keeping up the streak! Of course I am personally offended that Lindsey's first ever tourney was while we were all gone. What the???

  2. i know what the....
    i don't think she likes us stinky frolfers