Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday AT 5:00!

Anyone wanting to play Friday the 19th at 5pm we would love the company. Come on out and get warmed up for Sunday. I know this is not what the blog is for, but we have not been added to the email list. So if anyone would like to add us to that list it is Thanks and hope to see some of you today.
The Brodys


  1. Hopefully I remedied that!

  2. 'twas a fun round... tho not low-scoring, we had some crazy wind-induced rollers and fly-away putts. thanks brodys!

  3. Thank you Jim! And thank you guys for coming out! I dont know how to express how someone could hit the basket with a great up shot 40 ft. out then have to make another putt from the same direction 30 ft out. It happened I dont know how or if that even makes sense.
    A crazy day for all and lots of fun. Hope to see all of you on Sunday!