Thursday, June 4, 2009

Controversial Post!

Alright, I'm going to chime in here with some controversy, because that's just WHAT I DO!  Alright, maybe not, but anyway, here's an opinion to chew on:

I think the ace-pot winner from last tourney, our very own D-money, for whom I only have the very very very very highest respect, should only win half of the ace pot money.

Here is my thinking:  we have, to my knowledge, never brought the ace-pot to an away tournament.  And if I had had a vote as to whether to bring the ace pot to Willits, I would have voted no, even if I played in it, because of the ease of hole 8.  Dave can vouch for the following: when he told me that an ace had been made, the first thing I said, just before "The ace pot was in play?", was "Oh no, it wasn't on 8 was it?"  It's such a short and open hole that I personally believe that if Willits was our home course, the ace pot would never get above 40 or 50 bucks.  And since we never made a club decision, in my view, about bringing the ace pot to other courses, it seems pretty tough to put all that accumulated ace cash into an away tournament.  I understand that a vote of the people who showed up was taken, but isn't that a little like letting the foxes vote about whether to enter the henhouse?  ;-)

None of that is to discredit what I heard was a supreme thumber which apparently "looked in the whole way"!  AWESOME shot, of which I am hardly capable.  But I believe half the pot to brother D seems fairer to me than the whole pot, given the above.  My two and a half cents.  Now everyone feel free to jump on me!


  1. you know, i dont totally disagree, before we started the round we discussed if the ace pot was in play and everyone full heartedly said yes, i remember hemmings saying it was in play when we played willits before, and another frolfer(im not quite sure who)said it was an official meeting of the mfc, so of course it should be. i remember wondering but with two senior members adamently agreeing it was in play i agreed. right after i hit the ace i remember stein saying let the controversy begin, and again was reassured by everyone that the ace pot was mine. my line of thinking is that we as a club decided to play willits that sunday and it was never said that the ace pot shouldnt be in play. it seems a little late now to go and try to change this. jim i love ya but it seems a little like crying over spilt milk. this being said if a majority of yall think i should kick fiddy back in , i would have no problem doin so ( as soon as i have it, soon im sure) its not that big of a deal the glory of the ace was reward enough and not even jim can take that away, LOL
    JK broseph
    Bro Montana
    Bro namath

  2. I just wanted to confirm that we were all in agreement with derrick taking the ace pot, and I seem to remember someone saying that other away tourneys had an ace pot in the past. I guess that's a question needing to be answered. Have away tourneys included ace pots in the past? Either way, it should be taken to a vote. Should we or should we not in the future? I vote the KOA should count. hole 2 or 15 at mendo could be just as easily aced if not more easily, and to my knowledge 8 is the only easily ace-able hole at the KOA.

  3. Good input and chiming in, peeps. Can Dave, the Holy Holder of the Ace Pot, confirm that other away tourneys have had the ace pot? Is my supreme memory flawed? We have had exactly three away tourneys, not counting Ryans, isn't that right? Erin, Nate, and I have all had them. I don't recall the ace pot at any of them, but maybe I am wrong there.

    And technically, D, I think crying over spilt milk would be if I had known the ace pot was getting brought beforehand, and then complained after. I assumed it wouldn't be in play. So there is some complaining analogy here, but maybe not that one. ;-) Crying Wolf? No. Sky is falling? Hmm, noooo. The Tortoise and the Hare? Old woman who lived in a shoe? There was a crooked man?

  4. Wow. While I sit at home on this fine Tournament weekend I find myself reading this "controversy" for the first time. I don't think there is anything controversial about D-rocks ace. As long as there has been an official ace pot, it has been up for grabs every Sunday. With the exception of Ryan's par 2 course the special tournaments have all had the ace pot. Boonville tourney? Yes. Willits tourney? yep. Little Lake Pond course? yes also.

    I don't know if any of you guys watch tennis, but a funny thing happened the other day during the French Open. Andy Roddick was playing an evening match against Gael Monfils and was getting his ass whooped. The light was fading and the court was getting dark. Andy started getting really frustrated at his game and was complaining about not being able to see the ball. Meanwhile, Gael doesn't seem to have this problem and is smoking every shot. After the match during a press conference Andy realized that he had the same conditions as his opponent, and it was in hindsight a fair fight.

    The Willits tournament was open to all, and the chance to come make the "easy" ace on 8 was open game. I for one have never aced or even bounced out) this hole and have played Willits at least 25 times over the past 8 years. Is it easier than our hole 2? Maybe for some of you it is, but I think its a little tougher.

    We need to form a consensus on the issue and put it on the blog for all to see. This should also be done for all Mendo Frolf rules and regulations. Meeting anyone?

    Oh yeah. I hope everyone kicks but in Willits!
    I will be at Mendo hole 1 @ 3:30 Sunday. Does one person constitute a tourney?


  5. Easy there, Andy-Roddick-analogy-man. If you read my post more closely, you'll see that my recollection was that the ace-pot hadn't been brought to any other away tournaments before. Your analogy would be relevant if I was arguing that it was ok to bring the ace-pot to some tournaments, but not others. If my recollection was wrong, then obviously my argument would hold no water. But Dave, the holder of the ace-pot, couldn't remember if the ace-pot had ever been brought to an away tourney either. As he said when the ace went in, "Let the controversy begin".

    I will also say that no, I couldn't have shown up in Willits at noon to play anyway, although I might have been able to at our normal tourney time. This may have been true for other people too. This tourney was sort of arranged by a few to warm up for the KOA, at an abnormal time, and as such, I could see some people feeling a bit jipped if they couldn't make the weird time or the last-minute course change or both, and had a bunch of their ace-dollars in the pot.

    In any case, it sounds like I'm the only one reading the blog who wasn't in Willits for the ace-pot vote anyway, so I'm obviously out-voted on this.

    And again I say, nice ace D! I had kick-in birdies all three rounds at that hole, but no aces.