Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quick Post

I find it necessary (even though I didn't win) to publish the winner and runner up for Sunday's (June 28th) tournament. Rye Bread took first place with an impressive -4 (-5 after handicap) with Nate Dizzle Dog Anderson right on his heals with a +1 or +2 (-4 after handicap). I also find it necessary to report that we had a fairly impressive turnout of 11 people (even with out Erin, Jimmy, and D Money) including Frank from Lake County and the return of Tommy Boy Snyder. The best overall score went to yours truly..."pulling teeth Stein" shooting a quiet -6. Congratulations goes out to Rye Bread but will he attempt his feet of trying to win 3 straight or will he chicken out and go to Usal Beach?? I don't have answers just more questions.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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I dont know if you have heard, but they are putting a 9 hole in at the College of the Redwoods!
There was a flier on the map at the High School. They are gonna work on it tomorrow from 9 am till it is complete. They could use some help. Call Drew for more info. 707-499-6781

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wind +Ace+Fathers Day= Fun!!!

Lindsey outdriving us on 17

Erin wins the overall with a -5

Bryan wins the loudest "snap" while driving award.

Matthew's stylin drive

Jim wins the tourney with a -1 handicap round

Jody getting some nice shoulder turn and great distance!

Maia and Yoda "playing"

Lindsey Aces hole 7!!!!!
She ripped an Avenger SS in a sharp
turnover through the trees and into the basket
Super awesome first ever hole in one.
$23 pot was icing on the cake.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday AT 5:00!

Anyone wanting to play Friday the 19th at 5pm we would love the company. Come on out and get warmed up for Sunday. I know this is not what the blog is for, but we have not been added to the email list. So if anyone would like to add us to that list it is kinfolkfan@yahoo.com. Thanks and hope to see some of you today.
The Brodys

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

new course record

I watched Mendo Disc Golf history being made this evening. After losing my first 5 spot to AJ last week, I've decided I need to start actually practicing. So Erin, Maia and I made our way to the high school after work. Normally our rounds involve a fair amount of practice shots and messing around but, determined to start taking the competition aspect of disc golf seriously, I decided we'd play a legit game. No extra throws, no mulligans. Just straight-up tourney-style play.

As I was busy double-bogieing my way through the front nine, Erin was quietly coming up with birdies on all but the 9th. An errant sidearm landed his coveted red Firebird squarely between the boards of the outer tennis court. A push through the trees brought him under the basket for a gimmie. 10 went off without a hitch, and we climbed the stairs to 11. After hitting the trees and falling just right of the scoreboard, he lauched an 80 foot putt and missed by a hair. Another par. (Meanwhile, our hero is trying to help me rescue my suck-ass round, and I'm getting pissed. This doesn't phase him, apparently).

We rounded the northwest corner and by this time I began to take notice of his unprecedented number of bounce-outs: ZERO. Seriously - this guy never has a round without a bounce out. I kept quiet, knowing his anticipation was mounting. I drive a comet bullet straight at the basket on 15 and make my second birdie of the game (am I finally getting the hang of that disc?). We approach 17 knowing that the heat is on. A bogie here could potentially blow the whole thing. I hold my breath through the run-up ... his fingers snap and the Boss flies across the field in a high turnover arc. It hits the road and rolls down the hill. Damn. Shot number two hits the trees and falls unceremoniously to the dirt. Then he drains a 40 footer for par numero 3 - huzzah! We both clear the uprights on 18, which is pretty rad for me but fairly normal for him. I putt out and clear my disc. Erin takes his time, and his focus deepens.


Super cool. 15 down. Way to go baby!

Friday, June 12, 2009

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I just found a feature that enables automatic emailing anytime anyone leaves a comment on the blog. Any post, old or new. That way you can keep up on comments without having to always check back to see if old posts have new comments.... If you'd like your email added to the list, say


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

KOA Jam (Parental Advisory)

There is a bit of language in some of the music so if you have tender ears in the room turn down the volume. But here it is the KOA Jam...


Monday, June 8, 2009

KOA Pro/Am Jam Extravaganza

I've got a few minutes this morning, with the tourney still fresh on the sizzling brain, so I'll kick in with the first post here, even though I don't have the full picture of the weekend, given my late arrival on Saturday morning.  I hope all the kooks will kick in their rants, and a full picture shall emerge!
It was quite a weekend, to say the least, full of full-throated frivolity and antics aplenty, and similar to last year, the disc golf was the least of the fun for me.  Part of that was due to a chest cold I brought with me this year.  I threw myself into a four-man ball-golf tournament earlier in the week, during which I had no less than a stomach flu, the beginnings of the cold, and allergies (we ended up qualifying for the next round, woo!).  By the time the tourney came around, the flu was largely gone, but the cold was full throttle.  My wife couldn't understand why I was going to the thing, but hey, the KOA comes but once a year!  I held up pretty well on the first day, finishing with a 3-down which, but for a few bad breaks and chain-outs, could have been 6 shots better.  My putting was really grooved, and things looked good.  But after the frivolity of Sat. night, and an inability to sleep, my tank was empty about halfway through the Sunday morning round.  I gave serious thought to bagging the final round and either going home or following the lead Open group around to learn a thing or two, and cheering on the other MFCers, but I didn't think that would be good form, so I finished up.  I was something like 5 down through the first round and a half (including a birdie on the crazy-hard-to-birdie new 17th pin position), and 10 over through the last round and a half, and finished the tourney at 5 over.  I stumbled home and slept from 9pm to 9am, and am looking forward to a slowwww recharging week this week.

Ok, so, the highlights of the weekend for me:

~The MFC turnout!  Although we were all sad that Erin couldn't get in under the wire, otherwise the turnout was supreme, with 6 (!!!) of us competing, and 5 others there to party and lend support!!!  We had Davey and me in the AM1s, Matthew, Rye, and D-Money in the AM2s, and Nate-dog in the REC division, and ABrun, with quiet but wry and fun friend Mean Gene, the Brodys, Travelin' Matt, and D's main squeeze Franny all along for chicanery of their own.  It was a high-flyin' group, and made for hours of fine entertainment, not only for ourselves but for the camp at large.

~D-Money's birthday!  Sly quiet one that he is, he didn't let on, but Franny finally told us that Saturday was his birthday.  He celebrated by not only playing some kick-ass disc throughout the day, but cooking some astonishing kababs for all of us at night, and sharing the extraordinary blueberry cheesecake that baker-extraordinaire Franny had brought for him.  Matthew said it best: "I feel guilty eating this delicious food.  Aren't we supposed to be cooking for HIM?"  But that's D-Money for you--kind and generous and, now, one year older.  How many is that now, D?

~The dice games!  We had a big circle of chairs around site 59's campfire, and it wasn't long after the last round on saturday that the dice kicked in to gear.  Over a period of maybe four hours, I think we managed to play four games of dice, and we became the comedy club of the campground, with many furners from other sites coming by and sitting in to watch the absurdity.  I doubt I've ever laughed as hard or as consistently as I did during those games, each character playing their parts to a T, as if the thing was being filmed for a sit-com or something. As Davey pointed out on numerous occasions during the weekend, we should write a damned screenplay about these absurd disc golf tournaments, a la "Best in Show".  If we wrote up this tournament, the dice games would have been the high point of the movie for me.  Later in the night, a couple of neighbors taught everybody some Humboldt game involving holding items in your hand and guessing the number of items in everyone's hand, the loser "ramming" or shotgunning a beer. Needless to say I was only a spectator of this game, but Nate-Dog ended up at the business end of the shotgun at one point, and in a spectacular show of support, when Nate lost the next game, Matthew valiantly stepped up to ram the penalty beer on his behalf.

~The volume of new pin placements!  The course on Sunday was unrecognizable from what it had ever been before, and it was a blast to try and figure things out!  There were completely new pins placements on 5, 6, 7a, 10, 11, 13, and 17, and with only one exception (10), the holes were harder to much harder as a result.  Applause to the KOA, and/or whoever went out and did it, because the course is a whole new world now.  Brutal in places, but certainly new!

~The way we all supported each other!  The broken-up nature of the tourney allowed the A-group to watch the Bs, and the B group to watch the As, and also the non-playing crew was out in force!  So it was really great to look over while playing and draw strength from friends, and to support those playing from the sidelines.  VERY cool.  I think that support single-handedly kept me going the last day!

~The solid play of the MFCers (myself excluded)!  I didn't stay around to get the final tallys, but when I left, it looked as if Nate had taken 4th in the REC, D-Money was going to place high in the AM2s, Rye played rock solid all weekend, Matthew placed second on the Friday doubles round, and Davey played well enough to wait around and see if he might get some winning from the payouts.  Nice job guys!

All-in-all, we represented the MFC with spirit, talent, perseverance, support for each other, and hilarity.  It was a fantastic time, and one which made me proud to be an MFCer!  WoooHoooo!!

Divide & Conquer

I report on our small mendo tournament without knowing the results from the koa weekend. All of us townies who stayed home want to hear all about Willits 2009!

Here at Mendo High we continued the streak of Sunday frolf, which is something close to 104/104. When was the first official Sunday Tourney? Anyone?

Anyway, we had a damn fine tournament. By 'we' I mean Vince, AJ, myself, and Lindsey in her first official tournament showing. It was teeshirt warm. NW winds 7-10 mph.
Here is the scorecard:

Everyone played well, with AJ taking the game by one stroke. With the way this guy putts he won't have a +3 hc for long. We gave Lindsey a 7 handi which seemed about right. She had fun and will hopefully be playing more Sunday's in future. Oh and Lindsey's +6 is a women's tournament record!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

And Another Thing

It just occurred to me that we think we have an unblemished record of having a tourney every Sunday since we started.  So things brings up two questions:  Is this true?  Specifically: did we hold a tourney last year while the KOA tourney was going on?  Anyone remember?  And if we did, doesn't this mean that Erin and the other non-tourney-goers MUST hold a tourney to keep our record intact?  Just askin'....   

Controversial Post!

Alright, I'm going to chime in here with some controversy, because that's just WHAT I DO!  Alright, maybe not, but anyway, here's an opinion to chew on:

I think the ace-pot winner from last tourney, our very own D-money, for whom I only have the very very very very highest respect, should only win half of the ace pot money.

Here is my thinking:  we have, to my knowledge, never brought the ace-pot to an away tournament.  And if I had had a vote as to whether to bring the ace pot to Willits, I would have voted no, even if I played in it, because of the ease of hole 8.  Dave can vouch for the following: when he told me that an ace had been made, the first thing I said, just before "The ace pot was in play?", was "Oh no, it wasn't on 8 was it?"  It's such a short and open hole that I personally believe that if Willits was our home course, the ace pot would never get above 40 or 50 bucks.  And since we never made a club decision, in my view, about bringing the ace pot to other courses, it seems pretty tough to put all that accumulated ace cash into an away tournament.  I understand that a vote of the people who showed up was taken, but isn't that a little like letting the foxes vote about whether to enter the henhouse?  ;-)

None of that is to discredit what I heard was a supreme thumber which apparently "looked in the whole way"!  AWESOME shot, of which I am hardly capable.  But I believe half the pot to brother D seems fairer to me than the whole pot, given the above.  My two and a half cents.  Now everyone feel free to jump on me!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Derrick took the Gold!

Wow, what a round! The 31st day of May of the year 2009 saw 6 determined Frolfers set there sites out on the gold medal in Willits for sort of a warm up round for the big KOA Pro/Am Jam. Before I get onto the round I hate to tell y'all who have been putting single dollar bills into the ace pot that this lump sum of money no longer exists for the taking because Derrick "You will never see me without this sweatshirt" D-Money had a beautiful thumber ace on hole 8 (the short up shot) in Willits. There was never a doubt that this rifle wouldn't be heard throughout Willits and the greater Mendocino County. Congratulations to Derrick who claimed $102 and his second ace in tournament play. Well, onto the round that saw the return of both Brody's and maybe one of Roy's last tournaments becuase of work committments. Other notable players included this writer and Erin "HemHaw" Hemmings. After 15 holes there were 4 players in contention but after Derrick birdied 17 it was pretty much in the bag. Erin and/or I (dentist) had to birdy hole 18 to tie Derrick. I had about a 100 foot putt/upshot that I gave everything I had but it hit the basket and didn't go in. Erin had a 60 foot putt that went too high...Derrick takes the gold. I took home second with shooting the best overall round of the day (you know I have to toot my own horn when I can) with a -4. Thats all folks until Willits.