Monday, August 31, 2009

That was the first time I did...

8-The amount of people that played on this glorious day. 7-The number of strokes I shot under my handicap. 6-The number that "Joda the Diah" shot under her handicap. 5-The number of times I wanted to see Don Quixote and Sancho Panza come over that fictitious high hill. 4-The hole I should have won the CTP if we would of remembered to mark it. 3-The number of people who won things (other then fun and frustration) on this Sunday (Nate Dizzle took home some fine looking produce donated by Parksasome). 2-The number of strokes I was away from tying the record holder, Erin Hemmings (AKA Mr. 15 under). 1-The number that I felt on this day ("You're number 1, kid").

It was heard throughout the course on this Sunday, "That was the first time I did...". I (if you couldn't tell already) shot 13 under. Derrick tied his high score shooting 5 under. Brian Brody shot his high score of 4 or 5 under. Joda the Diah tied her high score (and the women's high score) shooting 2 over.

Hope to see y'all on Thursday at the Fort Breezy doubles round.


Friday, August 28, 2009

XXXVI How Don Quixote and Sancho Panza happened upon a gypsy band and other adventures

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza had been riding through the high hills of La Mancha for days; in search of adventure and opportunities to right the wrongs of society. Upon reaching the crest of one hill Don Quixote paused. Sancho rode past, unable to deter his normally faithful burro from the cool rewards of the stream a few meters up the path. As Sancho's ass drank plentifully from the stream, Sancho puzzled over the look of question on the face of the knight-of-the-sad-countenance. Don Quixote saw something down in the valley that Sancho could not recognize. There was a distinct round of cheers or jeers that would rise up from the valley floor every five to ten minutes or so. Often these very human sounds would be accompanied by the sound of steel chains shaken.
The sound recalled an image in Don Quixote's mind of men beaten brutally with chains, by their captors who hold them for no greater charge than crossing paths with such ferocious animals.
With the tip of his helmet and the unsheathing of his sword, Don Quixote spurred the aged Rocinante towards the valley and the cries bellow. Sancho looked on as he had been doing for the previous few minutes. Still unable to decipher the look on the face of his friend, he made sure his proud steed was fully hydrated, and slowly followed the dust trail left by the hasty departure of the great Don Quixote.
As Don Quixote emerged through the passage he had found in the vast blackberry bramble, he discovered a scene unlike the one he had envisioned atop the hill. Before him were three men and one woman. Throwing what Don Quixote could only guess to be long distance weaponry at steel mannequins with chains in place of the human rib cage. Our hero knew better, after many unnecessary injuries to himself and his dutiful squire, than to ride directly into the line of fire in this shooting range. Instead he chose to watch on and examine the purpose of this training. He saw right away that the discs being thrown were made with blunt rounded edges and would probably be outfitted with blades to fulfill the sinister desires of its thrower. After all four assassins had buried their weapons into the midsection of their target, they congratulated one another and set out to commit the same foul deed on another unsuspecting herdsman (who else would be standing alone on a hillside in the high mountains). Don Quixote saw his window in the wall of thrown weapons and prepared to attack. Having lowered his face protection and adjusted the grip on his sword, Don Quixote was now prepared to rid the Earth of this evil training facility and all of its inhabitants. Like all knights errant, Don Quixote took an oath to right any wrong he observed without regard to his own health and safety.
It was Sancho Panza who disliked this part of the oath most. If only his role as squire to the Knight-of-the-sand-countenance was to persuade him to keep free of bodily harm, than Sancho would have been much more readily available to perform his duties; instead of meandering down the path in search of a safe place to assess his master's injuries. It was at this moment of thought that Sancho realized what Don Quixote was about to do. He is going to slay this gypsy band and Sancho would rightfully inherit any gold or jewels left as bounty (Don Quixote must never benefit financially from any of his deeds or he would be in direct defience of his oath sworn before the squire Sancho Panza). At this realization, Sancho had the most confidence in the great knight, and decided to rest in the meadow just above the gypsy camp.
From this perspective, Sancho could see Don Quixote's mistake clearly before Don Quixote could possibly have realized it. Amongst the assassins there were three dogs. All of which could encircle and take down a horse the size and health of Rocinante. Upon reaching the dogs, Don Quixote pulled on the reigns hard to make Rocinante lift his front hooves and use a stomping motion to keep the dogs at bay. The dogs barked a prodigious amount and Rocinante could not handle the racket. Don Quixote retreated the attack long before he reached his targets.
At the site of this, Sancho felt great shame for wishing the deaths of the gypsies and decided to congratulate Don Quixote on his decision to keep safe his steed and only mode of transportation and allow the gypsies, who have already begun to leave after seeing the drawn sword and battle pose of the knight before being discovered by the dogs, to go free. Don Quixote saw no shame in surviving his horse and thanked Sancho for his reassurance, reminding him that if the dogs had not attacked Rocinante, those gypsy assassins would not live a moment longer to plan attacks on lonely herdsmen.
So it was agreed to take a high path through the mountains and seek adventure and righteousness elsewhere.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Isn't winning enough? :)

It was a perfect day for disc golf. The sun was shining , the wind was blowing just enough, and there were 7 of us ready to take it by storm! As it turns out the second group to drive did just that, pulling in both of the CTPs and the victory. The first group, however, (Brodys and Nate) only won the award for the most curse words yelled and the most fart sounding shots :) This day belonged to the second group; Jake, who beat his first weeks score, the Stein, who took home a second place victory and the CTP for 15 (a champion wraith Nate found while rooting through the evil that dwells below the bleachers), and I'm not sure how Jim did, but judging by the rest of his group I'd say he probably had a good day. Way to go guys! But the one who really shook the shingles was Derrick, the big winner of the day, raking in his coveted R-pro hydra for the CTP on 18, because he's never satisfied with just a victory, and shooting his best score ever with a -5 before and after handi. It seems when Derrick wins he has to win almost everything!! Hope to see you all Thursday at the college.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Like taking candy from a baby...

Hello Frolfland-
It was a beautiful day for Frolf yesterday, the air was warm, a light breeze blew across the headlands, and 9 shiny, happy people played in our weekly.
There are many side plots to yesterday- Dave and Parky returned after a few weeks and both resumed where they left off: Dave throwing 10 down and Matthew throwing it all away on the back nine.  The return of some players from the past: boon-varro and Jonah.  But the real story was: The Brodys.
I guess we all should have known.  If you read this blog with any regularity, you might have noticed that when they are not appearing in the local newspapers posing if front of disc baskets or printing up stickers for our club, Bryan and Jody travel around the Pacific Northwest playing disc golf, playing disc golf tourneys, checking out disc golf courses and blogging about disc golf. Basically living the dream.
The dream quickly became a nightmare for anyone not named Brody who was hoping to win something yesterday.  Between Jody and Bryan, the Brodys won tourney, the CTP ($10 from parks) , the longest put of the day prize ($5 elderberry) set a new official  Chick Flick record (2 up, Jody) and the unofficial "I wish that those two people weren't so nice and friendly because it makes it very hard to hate them and do something vengeful like put sugar in there gas tank or something because they just beat the living sh_t out of me and took all my hard earned money" award.

Congrats Jody on winning tourney, and Bryan for CTP and best shot.  It was a fun day in the sun.  I guess I should go start practicing now....
SP3   (Starky Parkweather the Third)

Monday, August 10, 2009


The high school was crawling with out-of-towners kicking the ole' black'n'white around (my personal thoughts on soccer = seriously... soccer? who cares?). The annual Skunk Classic compelled the few frolfers who showed to turn tail and head north to our brand new back-up course, CR. Again, a round of thanks in order to all who made the possibility of a back-up course a reality.

Those who showed were Hem-haw, Hem-haw II (Devan), Magee, Brun, (Nate) Dog & Linz. All were in favor of a non-handi doubles round. The teams: - Linz/Erin - Dog/Magee - Brun/Devan. It was unanimously pre-determined that the ace pot was out of play because Jim was absent.

Brun generously donated beverages to the thirsty group and we began our round. I personally shanked every single drive I threw, but I was able to close out a good many of Erin's great drives. Brun and Devan played a great game of strategy, despite several instances of rogue laser interference and kung-fu samurai. Team Dog/Magee was on with great approach putts. I don't know if it was the CR baskets, but Magee and I both had a lot of really-long-putts that hit chains & bounced-out.

It was a great afternoon, and gave a few players a chance to play CR for the first time ever. Erin and I took the cake home (or rather, to Piaci's) and thoroughly enjoyed it. We were encouraged by Brun to spend our hard-earned $$ at Subway, or perhaps even splurge and hit up Asian Buffet. Magee/Dog turned in a -3, and Devan/Brun a 0.

See ya'll next week.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sunday August Second

It was a 6-person tourney, a goodly crew, including Linz, Roy, Vince, Derrick, Erin and myself. We played an augmented version of one-group "ready frolf", in which we all played when ready, with the exception of the tee-box, where honors remained. It was a good compromise, allowing for good pace of play and a proper hard-earned teebox line-up as well. After about 11 holes, with Linz playing great and most of us playing well, Erin judged himself out of it, and started to just go for aces. But he also seemed to make most of the challenging birdie putts he left himself. I found a way to bogie 15, which, when you think about it, is pretty hard to do. On 17, Linz left herself a very makable par putt, which would have allowed her to layup on 18 and still win. But her uphill effort missed high, and her comebacker missed and rolled all the way to the bottom, dooming her chances for a tourney win. A brutal turn of events after 16 excellent holes, but Linz took it with her usual nonchalant grace...and maybe a few extra words thrown in. This opened up the tourney to others, and we figured out Erin, Derrick and I were all tied for the lead going into 18. All three of us birdied (clutch!) to set up a three-way playoff at the top of the world! Derrick's effort sailed wide left, my effort missed wide right by a foot (!), and Erin's also missed right. All three of us bogied, and moved to the second playoff hole--a longer throw to 6--which only Erin birdied for the win! Derrick and I did a CTP to the 11th basket from the track, and Derrick edged me by a few feet for the second place money. But before you feel sorry for me, you should know that I drowned my sorrows in the delicious macaroons I won from Vince in a CTP on hole 3!

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Jody' first Chick Flick.

Hey fellas and gal. Hope everything on the beautiful Mendo coast is flying along wonderfully for you all. Jody and I just returned from a amazing weekend of Chick Flickin' and Cock Flockin'.

The event its self was amazingly organized and fun for woman of all skill levels. Jody got to attend some roller and flick clinics as well as some trick shot clinic. And now for the big news Jody took 4th in the intermediate division beating 12 other girls. She was on the leader card and made a good run for it. She also won a lot of great prizes including something that you will only see at a Chick Flick, it is called a P-Style. It is made for girls to be able to pee like boys. It really works and it really freaks me out. Any way....

There was a night glow random mixed dubs for the Cock Flock (All the guys who caddied for the gals) Strange enough I was the odd man out and the guy from Cali had to play Cali. I took 5th place and took 6 dollars. I shot a 5 down and the winners shot 15 down. However I did not have to share my winnings with a partner! Woo Hoo.

Oregon has some wonderful disc golf folks and a really passion for the sport. If any of you ever get a chance come up and check out one of there amazing events. Here is a link to a video for some of Jody's high lights. Hope you enjoy.