Monday, August 31, 2009

That was the first time I did...

8-The amount of people that played on this glorious day. 7-The number of strokes I shot under my handicap. 6-The number that "Joda the Diah" shot under her handicap. 5-The number of times I wanted to see Don Quixote and Sancho Panza come over that fictitious high hill. 4-The hole I should have won the CTP if we would of remembered to mark it. 3-The number of people who won things (other then fun and frustration) on this Sunday (Nate Dizzle took home some fine looking produce donated by Parksasome). 2-The number of strokes I was away from tying the record holder, Erin Hemmings (AKA Mr. 15 under). 1-The number that I felt on this day ("You're number 1, kid").

It was heard throughout the course on this Sunday, "That was the first time I did...". I (if you couldn't tell already) shot 13 under. Derrick tied his high score shooting 5 under. Brian Brody shot his high score of 4 or 5 under. Joda the Diah tied her high score (and the women's high score) shooting 2 over.

Hope to see y'all on Thursday at the Fort Breezy doubles round.



  1. Good job Davey! Vince is calling for another doubles at the college some time before Thurs. anyone want to join us? Give us a call or email and let us know when would be good for anyone.

  2. Jody and I are meeting D-roc in manchester to play the new KOA course and see if it is worth a "special" tourney. We would love some company on that adventure as well. That is tuesday at noonish! hope to see any of you out there!

  3. Sorry, I can't make the KOA adventure.
    It is 1:15 right now, and if you started at noon you might already be through a round. I was disappointed with the use of the land and the layout, a bit boring. I brought all my discs and used my aviar driver for every shot except one that I ended up overthrowing. I wish we were consulted for that course. The MFC could have produced something stronger. As for strong MFC productions, I was thinking about a round at my place on Friday. 15 hole par 3. Most holes can be played with a good putter or mid-ranger. If anyone is thinking this might sound fun, let me know. I'll try to be at thurs. dubs at the Bragg. Back is getting better and I think I'm ready to play the long holes again.
    Aloha Davey, Derrick and Jody, nice play. It's just easier when I'm not there to psyche you out.
    A hui ho.

  4. Bready Breakinski,

    I could probably play a "Joey Memorial" round on Friday sometime after 1:30pm. Let me know.