Thursday, August 27, 2009

Isn't winning enough? :)

It was a perfect day for disc golf. The sun was shining , the wind was blowing just enough, and there were 7 of us ready to take it by storm! As it turns out the second group to drive did just that, pulling in both of the CTPs and the victory. The first group, however, (Brodys and Nate) only won the award for the most curse words yelled and the most fart sounding shots :) This day belonged to the second group; Jake, who beat his first weeks score, the Stein, who took home a second place victory and the CTP for 15 (a champion wraith Nate found while rooting through the evil that dwells below the bleachers), and I'm not sure how Jim did, but judging by the rest of his group I'd say he probably had a good day. Way to go guys! But the one who really shook the shingles was Derrick, the big winner of the day, raking in his coveted R-pro hydra for the CTP on 18, because he's never satisfied with just a victory, and shooting his best score ever with a -5 before and after handi. It seems when Derrick wins he has to win almost everything!! Hope to see you all Thursday at the college.

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