Monday, August 3, 2009

Jody' first Chick Flick.

Hey fellas and gal. Hope everything on the beautiful Mendo coast is flying along wonderfully for you all. Jody and I just returned from a amazing weekend of Chick Flickin' and Cock Flockin'.

The event its self was amazingly organized and fun for woman of all skill levels. Jody got to attend some roller and flick clinics as well as some trick shot clinic. And now for the big news Jody took 4th in the intermediate division beating 12 other girls. She was on the leader card and made a good run for it. She also won a lot of great prizes including something that you will only see at a Chick Flick, it is called a P-Style. It is made for girls to be able to pee like boys. It really works and it really freaks me out. Any way....

There was a night glow random mixed dubs for the Cock Flock (All the guys who caddied for the gals) Strange enough I was the odd man out and the guy from Cali had to play Cali. I took 5th place and took 6 dollars. I shot a 5 down and the winners shot 15 down. However I did not have to share my winnings with a partner! Woo Hoo.

Oregon has some wonderful disc golf folks and a really passion for the sport. If any of you ever get a chance come up and check out one of there amazing events. Here is a link to a video for some of Jody's high lights. Hope you enjoy.


  1. JODYJODYJODY! way to go. i was totally rooting for you outloud as i watched your video. it looks like a ton of fun. so many chicks!

    i was EVEN through 16 yesterday (AAAAAHH!!!!!!) and then tripled 17 and doubled 18. Why, I ask you?!
    I had a easy par putt on 17 that hit the top and rolled... disaster...oh well.

  2. I've only been playing tourney for two months & it seems like your drives have improved so much since then. Wow.

    Also, was the +4 your best round in Mendo ever? I keep trying to post a mid-week non-tourney record, but I can never beat our tourney records. Never would have thought I'd play my best round at tourney?!