Monday, July 27, 2009

The Return of Stein!

Well, another Sunday Frolf in the books as Cal Ripken Jr. continues to sweat. First off let me say a gracious THANK YOU to Erin for that AWESOME picture of Kid Rock, Em, and Davey Motherfuckin' D. I can't believe that picture actually leaked on the internet...I told Kid Rock to burn that dam picture. I love it! I can't get over it. I keep going back to the web site and looking at it and chuckling.

Anyways, on to the frolf...we actually all (Linz, Nate Dog, Vincenze, Devan Hemmings, Jimmy E, HemHaw, and myself) played together and decided to play a "Ready Frolf" round (which is the name of Erin's last post) meaning when your ready---FROLF. It actually speeded things up and there was less of people staring at each other pulling out their internally measuring tapes deciding who is furthest from the basket. There were many winners on this day (not including The Park Knight who couldn't make tourney because his daughter decided to make a doody all over his house) including: The Linzanator who broke the Women's record...she shot a +3, James Birdy Eldridge won a CTP prize of a chocolate bare genorously donated by Vince, Erin won a CTP prize of some fancy chocolaty bready sconey thing donated by Linz, and yours truly (dentist) who won the tournament. I have noticed that the last 3 weeks the winner has shot 6 under their handicap (good to remember for future events). Erin HemHaw was actually sitting 13 under after 16 holes but unfortuantely 5ed hole 17 and 3ed 18 but Doctor Detroit was ready to pick up the scraps and swoop in for the win (we both shot 11 under but my handicap is -5 and Erin's is -6). But why I ask? Why don't we pay more attention to second place? Afterall it is the second best you can do (OK, now I am just stating the obvious). But really, why? Anyways, Erin took second and for those who care Nate Dog and Linz tied for 3rd.

P.S. Who did Joe Nameth and the New York Jets Jets Jets beat in the famous Super Bowl where they were big underdogs and Nameth predicted the win?
The Baltimore Colts?

P.S.S. The Fort Bragg course is having their weekly random doubles at 6pm on Thursday. $5 entrance and $1 for ace pot (there are several aceable holes).


Our Ready Frolf Round


  1. Go Linnz! Jody and I are really excited to come see you all! Good job Davey. Ready set frolf.

  2. To answer Davey's question: first of all it's Namath, not Nameth, you goof, and yes, it was the Baltimore Colts who were supposed to destroy the Jets in the Super Bowl (SB III, I think?). More importantly, why do you ask??

    I can't help but wonder where Erin can go now, after this astounding feat of Photoshop artistry! Oh, and what is around Davey's neck? I couldn't figure it out. Bling fo sho, but what kind?

    Good tourney, nice win Davey, nice chick record Linzanator!

  3. Well James, funny how the 40 year (or is that 50 yet?) old remembers the first Super Bowl in like 1910 (ouch, burn, sting) and how to spell Joey's last name! Were you alive for that Jimmy? Also James, if you were following along with my post the reason I asked who played the Jets is because that team came in second place and in my post I asked why there isn't more talk of who comes in second place. Comprendes? I love you Mr. 13 under!

  4. im still on the floor laughing after seeing that pic

  5. Sorry Davey, I'd comment on your post, but my eyes are too old to read it, and I can't find my spectacles...