Sunday, July 5, 2009

post-independence day tourney

9 Frolfers showed up today to recognize the birth of our fine nation with a smashingly well-played tourney, and better-than-average results all around. Although this year's "Tourney de Independence" took place on the 5th of July rather than the 4th, the full effect of yesterday's celebration/debauchery was felt by many throughout today's round.

The flip divided the people, and away went Bryan, Erin, Tom & Ryan, pulling ahead of the rest at a breakneck pace. Jody, Linz, David & Nate cooled our collective heels, waiting for Jim "practically always late to Tourney-weather" Eldridge. We had a fine first few holes, with pars and birdies abounding. Special update: Jody's drives were super-stellar today. I put in my daily requisite bogies on 3, 4 and 5 (what what?) & noticed that Jody's round was going to wipe me out if I didn't get my ducks in a row, & quick! With a bird on 3, she had me beat after nine, coming in at only +1! She rocked the back nine until 17, where the infamous cypress ate up her blue disc (it should be duly noted that Jody pared 17 yesterday). She played a very determined and impressive round. I kicked the chick record down a notch to +5, with narry a bird nor double-boge. Nate Dog also finished up with pars and birdies far outnumbering his bogies, bringing him in at +3. Very little swearing was heard.

Meanwhile, Flames "2 is the new 3" Helldridge drew a big fat -13 in the end, sinking crazy putts from crazy distances, as though he were putting for a living and selling real estate for fun. He took the cake and ate it too. Tried as he might to catch his arch-nemesis Jim, David pulled in at -4, having just woken from blissful hungover dreams of taking the pre-D-roc ace pot and high-tailing it to Reno. He was sporting the same clothes as yesterday.

The more efficient group seemed to play an equally fun and impressive round. I believe Ryan "please do not kick my beer" Magee played one shot off his tourney best (?). He sank his teeth into more than a few putts and tallied up his row: -5. Bryan Brody, who I like to call Jon, had some high highs and some low lows, apparently succumbing to 17 like his dearly devoted partner Jody. Tom toted a folding tri-pod stool along with him for the round ... smart man. A steady -1 in good form.

It is now 10 PM and Erin "hem dinger" Haw continues to bitterly complain that his -12 was still three shots away from a handicap win. Excuse me while I give him a leftover Vicodin and put him down for a little nap. I hear that he left no drive more than 25ft from the basket, and accounted for his obligatory bounce-out putts on several holes (it's still a good score, kiddo).

Great fun, this tourney. I am grateful to all who attended, and look forward to seeing you again soon.


  1. OMFG...(thats a legit blog acronym right?) I can't believe I am the first to comment on that awesome post by Linz... How good is that picture of Jim?!?#$%? It makes me think of several new nicknames:

    (editors note: please refer to Jim's response to Matthew's drunken post several days ago for other possible nicknames for Flames Helldridge)

    1) God

    2) Jim "so holy he thinks he can show up 15 minutes late for tourney and still take some warm up throws" Eldridge

    3) Jim "now I know why he will always be a superior disc golfer to me because he is a destroying angel sent by God to keep me humble" Eldridge

    Ok the second two are a bit wordy. Sorry I missed y'all out there. sounds like a fun round.

    -Matthew "If I was ever 8 down like Jim and Erin were today I might s##t my pants" Starkweather

  2. Thanks for the write up Linz. Great job setting the new woman's tourney record.

    On another note Jody and I were asked to help show some basic disc golf techniques and show people the lay out of the C of R course in Fort Bragg. Unfortunately we may be headed to Oregon before then. So we were wondering if any of the MFC could represent this fine sport to some newbies. The event is taking place July 11th at 1 pm and will go till 4 pm. I am sure any time that you could give would be appreciated. The Dean at the school is a great guy and is really excited to get people interested in the sport. You can contact him by email if you can make it on Saturday, or just show up and lend a hand. His email is

    We look forward to our return to the Sunday tourneys. See you all in a few weeks if we dont see you this week.

    Thanks guys.

  3. A few things here:

    1) I didn't realize that they finally came out with a camera which can capture my full nature. Erin, what did you have to pay for that thing?

    2) I'm pretty sure you aren't allowed to complain about not winning the handicap competition if you don't win the overall competition. ;-

    3) I am infinitely grateful to everyone for waiting an absurd amount of time for me to show up!

    4) Nice chick tourney record Linz! VERY consistent play!

    5) I have no doubt that the chick tourney record will be dust very soon. Why? Because both Jody and Linz should have scored much lower! Jody was on fire almost the entire day, and more importantly, played very smart throughout the round. And Linz just couldn't get the putter going like I've seen her do. So you heard it here first: chick record will be going lower soon....

    6) I think there should be a new stat we use around here, which represents unusually long putts made. Maybe two different categories: one being a putt that you would typically make ~during tourney~ less than 50% of the time, the second being a putt you'd make less than 10% of the time. Until we have a better name, call them...hopes and prayers.

    In my round yesterday, I had what I would consider to be hopes on 2, 6, 8, 9, and 11, and one prayer on 12. Pretty cool stuff. And a good indication that my score didn't have much to do with my driving!

    7) Let's hope Erin never figures out how to power down his putting stroke, and keeps getting the bounce and chain-outs. Otherwise, we're all pretty much dust. Or more realistically, he'll probably just bail on us, and join the tour.

    8) I'll be in Sonoma on the 11th, at my brother's bachelor party weekend, so won't be able to make the C of the R gig above, but I think it's a great idea, and I hope some of us can help out!

    9) Excellent posts from new posters Linz and Diceparker! Keep it up!

    Peace Peeps!

  4. p.s. If it makes you feel better Erin, assuming my math is correct, my handi almost jumped 2 overnight. I have it at 4.48, which just barely puts me at 4.

    Unfortunately I have you sliding back up (down?) to 6. ;-)

  5. p.p.s. Ummmmm....Ok......Sure I look fantastic, and I can see why someone would dedicate an entire slideshow to me, but....What am I DOING????

  6. Well put linz,
    well played Jim and Erin,
    I think that picture could be an ad for something.
    It is very captivating.
    Like a real athlete or something
    I'm back to playing with a big boy handi,
    and sure enough Lame Smelldridge goes and shoots lights out.
    I was following the card and almost had a chance at Erin, but I could not have shot the -11 it would have took to catch Him.
    I love how Erin's handi goes up without a win and Jim doesn't go to -5. It's flawed I tell ya.
    Quote of the day: on little Kimmy Eldridge's win "He was sandbagging" - Nate Dogg

  7. Hey guys it looks like Jody and I will be able to stay for the DG intro at the college. We would love if you all would still come out and play a few rounds with use and show some DG skills. Jody and I do not have a flick so we need you guys. There will be snacks provided and we should have a Saturday 4 o'clock tourney in addition at the college. 18 holes and we could make up some new ones for the second 9. Just some ideas. Hope some of you can make it and let the non blogging folks you see know whats going on. Again it is 1-4 on this Saturday the 11th. Snacks and a special 4:30ish tourney. Thanks again. Happy frolfing.

  8. Brodys,
    I am a question mark for tomorrow. My girlfriend's sister just flew in from Michigan so we might be hanging out but I may try to swing by the college and offer some expert...I mean amateur advice. Only time will tell. Is anyone else planning on going tomorrow?

  9. Another update. The college has fairways and greens. Hope some of you can make it.