Thursday, March 29, 2012


With gallant glory and a steady stroke (he he he) the one they call Chenzy played a brave round on Sunday the 25th day of March in the year of 2012. Vin shot an even round on the B course which is nothing to shake a disc at. I beleive he shot 6 under his handicap. Below is a short recap of the after round interview:

Reporter: "So Chenzo, what are you going to spend your winnings on?"
Chenzo: Chenzo is doing the robot dance and singing an 80s ballad mash up.
Reporter: "Excuse me Mr. Koski, what are you going to do wtih your winnings?"
Chenzo: His robot dance becomes more feverish.
Reporter: "I don't have time for this nonesense I am out of here"
Chenzo: Vinny chases the reporter towards the parking lot, while still doing the robot dance while his 80s ballad mash up turns into "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel.

While the other frolfers watch on in amazment Vinny's last words (as he is still chasing the reporter in the distance) "May March 25th now be considered Vince Koski day from here to eternity..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha".

2nd Place=EmmersonMcJimmerson (-2...3 under his handicap...I think)
Best Round of Day=Hemmies (-8...1 under his handicap)


Sunday, March 25, 2012


I Just saw that par infinity is doing this up north and thought it could be great for us too!

great way to get very accurate handis and real ratings for our courses, and there is a discount for league members to get a pdga membership


Welcome to PDGA Sanctioned Leagues

— Kevin McCoy

You may already have some sort of local league play or ‘action’ in your area. We are going to make your league better by offering PDGA player ratings to the equation. Chuck and Roger’s rating system is arguably the most exciting part of being a member. It’s always fun to go online and see what your rounds end up being rated. Some area leagues offer pseudo ratings but PDGA leagues are going to offer official ratings that will actually affect your player rating. This is beneficial in many ways;

  • It gives players more rated rounds that equates to more accurate player ratings.
  • It will allow offering handicap events which are popular with recreational players.
  • It helps to determine which division is best suited for players.

I was involved in a very successful club in Tulsa and I really have a strong desire of wanting to help strengthen clubs and leagues. Giving something back to the club is essential to making the PDGA work for them. Here are some of the benefits the clubs will get out of the running leagues.

  • Special Promotional PDGA Membership Discounts
  • ½ of the $1 league fee stays with the league for course improvements, baskets, charities, etc.
  • Exposure and advertising for your league through

Here is how PDGA Sanctioned Leagues are going to work initially. The first phase for 2012 will roll out in March, once daylight savings kicks in. We are offering sessions of 6 to 10 weeks for your league. We are going to start out keeping it simple with basic singles play, but in later phases we will be able to offer other formats.

  • Anyone interested in becoming a league director can contact the PDGA and get a League Director package.
  • It will be a $25 PDGA sanctioning fee
  • The PDGA will provide the league director a League Director Spreadsheet.
  • The spreadsheet will be able to track the results of your league auto-magically.
  • Each league then is able to view results on the league page on

The spreadsheet the League Director will receive will be a simplified TD report in Excel spreadsheet format. It’s a very simple page that just tracks names and scores, for uploading to the PDGA website. And, for the more dedicated TD's that want to input more data it can be used to track more detailed stats like your Birdies, Bogies, wins, losses, etc.

We are keeping it simple at first to make sure we have the kinks worked out. Eventually we will be able to offer many different types of formats that you may be play at your local action.

  • Handicapped leagues
  • Global league where you can compete against players across your state or all over the world
  • Team leagues where teams will to play against other teams in a match play like system
  • We will even be able to offer Doubles leagues and Mulligans

So if you like this idea and want to see the PDGA grow, buy into this plan, and start a disc golf league in your area. I guarantee this is a great path for us to succeed. My belief for true growth of the PDGA is grassroots - the home town recreational players. There are a lot of players that may have family, job, and responsibilities at home that they can’t chase their disc golf dreams every weekend, but are just as competitive. The PDGA leagues are going to provide the platform for the home town hero’s to compare themselves to the big dawgs. Even if it’s just compared by a rating it will be a very beneficial way to build memberships and get more value out of your memberships.

— Kevin McCoy

Thursday, March 22, 2012

extra extra read all about it

soooo excited for this. lets get a club banner made before this event. and lets get a group site!!

Hosted annually by the United Flyers of Sonoma, The UFOS Pro Am Jam Disc Golf Tournament is held the first weekend in June. This is a “B” tier PDGA and NorCal sanctioned event for both professional and amateur level players that has drawn participants from as far away as Hawaii and Florida. It is easily one of the most popular disc golf events in Northern California.

Now in its’ seventeenth year, the Pro Am Jam this year moves to what we hope will be its’ new home at beautiful Lake Mendocino, a California Recreation Area managed by the Army Corps of Engineers. In this location, we have access to four disc golf courses:

  • Lake Mendocino, South. An 18 hole course fairly close to the lake entrance.
  • Lake Mendocino, North. Currently a smaller 9 hole course, it is in the process of being expanded to 18 holes as well and may evenwill be ready by the tournament date in 2012.
  • Mendocino College. An 18 hole course with multiple tee positions, that is only a short distance from the lake.
  • Low Gap Park. a Mendocino County park with 18 holes located just across from Ukiah High School.

The proximity of these courses give us the opportunity to accommodate more players and perhaps migrate the Tournament to an “A Tier” event at a later date.

The fact that there is nearby camping at a very reasonable rate is another plus for the venue change.
Campsites are $25 per night and eight persons are allowed per campsite. These can be reserved by calling
ReserveUSA or visiting their website.

Because this event fills up early, online registration is stronglyrecommended.

Details for the 2012 Event

We will be using both the North and South Courses for this year’s event. For 2012 we will not be using Mendocino College or Low Gap.

After touring both areas, we have determined that Tournament Central will be located at the Pomo “A” day use site near the North Course. This tournament will be the first time that Mendocino North will be played as a full 18 hole course. The preview we received today assures us that Mendocino North will be a very technical and challenge 18 holes of golf. This area is also closer to the lake.

Are you a U.F.O.S or D.G.O??

As the U.F.O.S. have reserved an entire loop in the Kyen Campgrounds, if you are a U.F.O.S, you have first pick of these sites direct through this page at a rate of $10 per person per night. This area has restrooms and showers. If you wish to camp in the U.F.O.S. reserved area, you mustregister online at this site. The PDGA site online registrations will NOToffer the camping option.

Not a U.F.O.S or wish to have an individual campsite for your family??

If you prefer to make your own camping arrangements, other areas are available at $25.00 per campsite per night through ReserveUSA either through their website or by calling the number listed at the bottom of this page.

Recommended Campsites include:
Kyen Campgrounds (sites 48-60) Next to North Course and to the U.F.O.S. loop (sites 61-67)
Kyen Campgrounds (sites 39-47 & 69-72) further away from the course & tournament central.
CheKaKa Campgrounds (sites 1-13,15,17,21) Adjacent to South Course. Restrooms, No Showers.
There are, of course, other campgrounds at the lake, but they are further away from the action.

Monday, March 19, 2012

W.I.P. Winning In Perfection & Meeting Notes!

Winning In Perfection, or simply WIP, took this Sunday's windy tournament in outstanding fasion as he blasted putts from tail wind, head wind, swiling wind, or whatever wind you could throw at the guy. I played with the guy and he putted in a fearless manner ousting the competition. Nice win Wip! Jeremy took second as he aced (for the first time...just kidding...well, it was probably the first ace he had on Sunday) hole 9 and shot -3.

Meeting Notes:
1. Sponsership/Course Improvement/Alan Carlson/Concrete
Turns out, Alan Carlson only owns 15% of the land east of College of the Redwoods (Ice Bowl land) and the same owners who own the Boatyard Shopping Center own the other 85% of the land. Jim called Alan Carlson and found this out and is awaiting a call from the other owners. Thanks Jim. Keep us posted. Also, Dirka wants to start going around and finding sponsers for tee pads and baskets for WHEN we expand or concrete the Fort Bragg course. The members offered Dirka suggestions and gave him the green light. Also, several members formed a Course Design Crew to "Pimp the Course Out". Those members include: Rye Bread, Dirka, Hemmies, and Hawk. These members are going to come up with designs and figure out an Awesome Course Layout. Vinny helped us estimate that each concrete tee pad would cost about $80.

2. Vandalism to the Mendo Course/Welders
As most of you know the Mendo Course was vandalized about a week ago. Me, Hemmies, and Vindy reset baskets 1 and 18 wtih concrete and Vinny yielded his chainsaw around to improve the stump for basket 18. We need a welder to come help our baskets. Action Plan: Nate Dizzle and Vince are going to talk to Welders they know to see how much they would charge to fix the baskets.

3. Fund raiser for the Mendo Course/Communication with Mendo High
We have talked about having a biggish tournament/fund raiser for the Mendo High course for a long time but we have remained underground but as more and more people are playing Mendo it is time to check in with the school/principal/maintenance. Action Plan: First step: I was nominated to talk to the High School principal just to get an idea of what she thinks about disc golf and disc golfers. I will keep people updated.

4. Westport
Vinny informed us that someone is building a course in Westport. Action Plan: Vinny is going to let us know of the progress.

5. Conduct
As we have talked about for the last several weeks, if someone is drinking alcohol or smoking pot or cigarettes on the Mendo Course or threatening someone, on any course, they can be disqualified from tournament play by either 2 members on your card or whomever is running that tournament.

6. Death to Willits
Let's play Low Gap!

I think I got everything boys but if I forgot something let me know and post it in the comments section. Oh yeah, pizza and pasta was eaten and beer and soda pop was drank!

Over and Out

Davey D

Saturday, March 10, 2012


H=Hemmies won tournament last Sunday shooting an impressive -7 on B Course (1 under his handicap) while Vince took second place.

V=Vandalism. So, I showed up to the high school last night (Friday) at 6ish and ran into the track coach who informed me the school was vandilized the night before. The ass faces pulled up basket 1 and turned it upside down and they broke the welding where the basket attaches to the pole on holes 2, 3, 4, and 7. Basket 7 got it the worst...when I looked at it, it was crooked. Hemmies met me up at the high school and we did a walk around to assess the situation and take pictures of the damage. Does anyone know a welder that can come to the school? The vandals also cut some of the baseball fence, threw the picnic table onto the field and threw the hurdles up in the trees thus it doesn't seem like the disc golf course/community was targeted.

M=Meeting. So, the MCFC is having a meeting on Friday March 16, 2012 at 6pm at the Pizza Factory in Fort Bragg. I hope to see everyone there.

Davey D

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fantasy Disc Golf

Whats that i say, you heard it. Such a thing exists. I looked into it and have joined a few free leagues out there , and then i thought wouldn't it be fun if we had our own local league. So i figured i would create one. it cost 30 bucks to do a custom private league with more than one tournament. so im figuring a little gambling may be in order. but if i blow thirty bucks no biggie i figured it was worth a try.

I think it will go a little something like this:
Anyone can join our fantasy disc golf league
To do so they need to:
give me or promise to give me next time they see me 10$
and read our blog or someone gives them
this invitation code


then they go to
and under the find leagues tab you enter the invitation code

hopefully i get enough folks on board so i can get my thirty back and then the rest will all get paid out back to the top 30% of the highest point finishers
also there will be some kind of fun trophy for the first place finisher
come join the fun and tell your friends

theres all the info online at

Sunday, March 4, 2012


it is with heavy heart and head hung low that i must announce the death of one of our favorite events. The KOA pro am jam is dead, over , finnish, kaput, for ever. RIP. The owners have killed it without remorse or sorrow for what they have done. these merciless SOB's demanded way to much $$ and put way too many restrictions on the event this year that the UFO's had no choice but to pull the plug. It is such a shame that tournament had been going on for sooo long. but like the phoenix from the ashes of destruction rises a new promise for a even better event on two courses in ukiah.The rumored north coast showdown will be combined with our departed friend to create The UFO'S pro/am jam! It will be held this summer on low gap and lake Mendocino courses.(can you say "please don't roll down that hill"). I feel pretty certain that all the mcfcers will be stoked to have another tourney close by to go to.