Monday, March 19, 2012

W.I.P. Winning In Perfection & Meeting Notes!

Winning In Perfection, or simply WIP, took this Sunday's windy tournament in outstanding fasion as he blasted putts from tail wind, head wind, swiling wind, or whatever wind you could throw at the guy. I played with the guy and he putted in a fearless manner ousting the competition. Nice win Wip! Jeremy took second as he aced (for the first time...just kidding...well, it was probably the first ace he had on Sunday) hole 9 and shot -3.

Meeting Notes:
1. Sponsership/Course Improvement/Alan Carlson/Concrete
Turns out, Alan Carlson only owns 15% of the land east of College of the Redwoods (Ice Bowl land) and the same owners who own the Boatyard Shopping Center own the other 85% of the land. Jim called Alan Carlson and found this out and is awaiting a call from the other owners. Thanks Jim. Keep us posted. Also, Dirka wants to start going around and finding sponsers for tee pads and baskets for WHEN we expand or concrete the Fort Bragg course. The members offered Dirka suggestions and gave him the green light. Also, several members formed a Course Design Crew to "Pimp the Course Out". Those members include: Rye Bread, Dirka, Hemmies, and Hawk. These members are going to come up with designs and figure out an Awesome Course Layout. Vinny helped us estimate that each concrete tee pad would cost about $80.

2. Vandalism to the Mendo Course/Welders
As most of you know the Mendo Course was vandalized about a week ago. Me, Hemmies, and Vindy reset baskets 1 and 18 wtih concrete and Vinny yielded his chainsaw around to improve the stump for basket 18. We need a welder to come help our baskets. Action Plan: Nate Dizzle and Vince are going to talk to Welders they know to see how much they would charge to fix the baskets.

3. Fund raiser for the Mendo Course/Communication with Mendo High
We have talked about having a biggish tournament/fund raiser for the Mendo High course for a long time but we have remained underground but as more and more people are playing Mendo it is time to check in with the school/principal/maintenance. Action Plan: First step: I was nominated to talk to the High School principal just to get an idea of what she thinks about disc golf and disc golfers. I will keep people updated.

4. Westport
Vinny informed us that someone is building a course in Westport. Action Plan: Vinny is going to let us know of the progress.

5. Conduct
As we have talked about for the last several weeks, if someone is drinking alcohol or smoking pot or cigarettes on the Mendo Course or threatening someone, on any course, they can be disqualified from tournament play by either 2 members on your card or whomever is running that tournament.

6. Death to Willits
Let's play Low Gap!

I think I got everything boys but if I forgot something let me know and post it in the comments section. Oh yeah, pizza and pasta was eaten and beer and soda pop was drank!

Over and Out

Davey D


  1. Davey- Thanks for the meeting write up, now we have record. I other news, Nate has lined up a welder to fix the baskets. We need to ask Gail for gate access at the end of this week or early next week.

    Sounds like MCFC teams for BOP dubs is Davey/Erin, Ryan/Matthew, Wip/Hawk. Here we come Humboldt!

  2. MCFCers,

    In regards to topic 3 and my action plan of talking to the principal = I talked to the principal and we discussed the vandalism. I made sure to remind her that it wasn't just the disc golf course that was vandalized and that the hurdles and baseball stuff were also messed with. She reported that she wasn't sure if it was some disgruntled current students, former students, or out of towners but the word on the street is that it was some young (high school or fresh out of high school) kids from Fort Bragg. She went on to say that she immediately notified Catch a Canoe and told Rick that the disc golf course was vandalized and some of the baskets looked in bad shape. So, this told me (I am a master of the obvious) that she associates disc golf with Catch a Canoe. I told her that me and some other guys (including Rick Hemming's son, Erin, who helped put in the course) concreted the baskets back in and want to weld the baskets back together. She expressed that she was very grateful and thankful that we did this and she said that she would give me the key to the locked gate so we could bring a car down to the course to do the welding. She said that she prefers that we schedule the welders and then I call her so that I am not holding on to the key for a long period of time. I went on to mention something about how we feel like we are the Shepards of the course and we often times pick up garbage and beer bottles and that we are doing rightousness out there. She then offered me an academy award and a nobel peace prize. We met for tea and there was a lot of laughter (okay, I am joking about the tea and laughter).

    Anyways, overall I thought the conversation went very well and was a great opening conversation/bridge for our relationship. I now need to talk to Nate Doggy and Vince so we can set up the welder.