Sunday, March 4, 2012


it is with heavy heart and head hung low that i must announce the death of one of our favorite events. The KOA pro am jam is dead, over , finnish, kaput, for ever. RIP. The owners have killed it without remorse or sorrow for what they have done. these merciless SOB's demanded way to much $$ and put way too many restrictions on the event this year that the UFO's had no choice but to pull the plug. It is such a shame that tournament had been going on for sooo long. but like the phoenix from the ashes of destruction rises a new promise for a even better event on two courses in ukiah.The rumored north coast showdown will be combined with our departed friend to create The UFO'S pro/am jam! It will be held this summer on low gap and lake Mendocino courses.(can you say "please don't roll down that hill"). I feel pretty certain that all the mcfcers will be stoked to have another tourney close by to go to.



  1. WOW! My initial thoughts and feelings were surprise and sadness but then they quickly turned to anger at the new Nazi Bastard owners of the KOA to kill such a fun party event. Well, I guess we shouldn't be surprised. Dirk Digler, are they going to refund your money for the cabin you reserved? I guess we should be practicing Low Gap and the Lake and getting ready for Poison Oak.


  2. Yeah they refunded but kept ten bucks for a cancellation charge. What would you expect from these folks. I'm excited for the new tourney. I'm down to go practice soon