Wednesday, February 29, 2012

group outing?

Par Infinity - Humboldt County Disc Golf
Birds of Paradise Bring Your Own Doubles (BYOD) event info: Saturday MARCH 24th. A division $60 ($30 per player) B division $40 ($20 per player). Payout will be big for 1st place, 2nd will get their money back and 3rd will get some plastic. This is assuming there are enough teams in each division. Custom stamped discs will be available for purchase. No "players package" as far as i know. $ raised for disc sales will go to BOP chain fund (still looking to get 3 mach style baskets to finish out the course). Meeting at Co-op 730 at teh gate by 9. 930 players meeting and 10am start. For sign ups contact myself (KB) 601-9716 or Irish 845-7801. This is his gig, I am posting info here on his behalf.


  1. davey you want to be my partner?

  2. Hey wait a minute I want David!!! Arm wrestle?

  3. Well, according to my records (my email) HemHaw asked me at 11:12am, then Dirk Digler asked me at 12:12pm, and now PWs at 7:16pm...WOW, it feels good to be loved! Should we figure out who is going and then figure out what doubles teams should be or is it (like the bag tags) first come first serve? I looked at a youtube video of that course and it looks epicly epic.

    P.S. In the ring of fire is that PDubs disc going to the right hand corner of the screen and is that why he is yelling? Also, am I falling over my putt? I look like a damned Flamingo. Who is the guy right behind me to the left? Waldo?


  4. David, I think the best way to decide so nobody's feelings get hurt, is just decided which partner you have played best with recently...
    Interestingly, nobody has asked me to be there partner- apparently they think you are the key member of our power duo!
    Seriously though that sound like a blast- lets all get good partners and go up there and kick some butt. We should make sure Brady is coming down.

    In response to the Ring of fire questions: My disc is the orange yeti, center right of picture on the laser beam line to basket. I am yelling because I am drunk. (was that before or after I tackled you?) I think you look great on your putt, partner!


  5. ill be your partner parkweather

  6. that was chris v parkweather

  7. James,

    "Welcome to Humboldt" he says in a NorCal Southern accent. This course is an hour (in some direction) of Arcata. I know it gets hot there in the summer and there are rattlers.


  8. I wish David hadn't just written dental dam. Btw we should save the above picture soley because of the yellow disc at the top right, the one 40 feet above the basket and hyzering AWAY from it. Possibly the worst ring of fire putt ever?


  9. I'm in. Contraceptives should be left in the package, on your package or in the trash (i.e. off the blog).