Sunday, February 26, 2012

Coast Cup Update: We have a new leader!

Go check the scores! Under the Coast Cup page...


  1. I seem to be missing from the Coast Cup standings...


    1. Your right. My bad. I calculated your points for the Ice Bowl (112, tied with G for sixth place) but didn't them add up like the rest. I will go back and look up your Willits and Boonville points and fix it. Anyone else I missed?

  2. this idea is prob too much work but, would it be possible to see the points awarded for each tourney, like in the nor cal series . that way we could look to see what our worst tourney was.

  3. No, its a good idea. We will need that info anyway after the last tourney. I just need to find some time to type it all in. Wait, actually Willits points are under Darkenweather or Drunkenpleasure, Boonville under coast cup. So all I need to do is write in the FB points