Monday, March 28, 2011

The Kid Is A Natural!

Well, it is a good thing we didn't start tourney at 2:30pm becuase it was raining like a muthafucka but turns out 3:30pm was Awesome weather and no rain! There were 3 groups and shortly after "START" was shouted, the first shot of the day by Vinny Vincenzo Vincesalot takes the $100 ace pot. This marks Vinny's second ace pot collection. He hit hole 3 on the fly...nice shot Chenzy! Well, Matt F. once again shot a solid round (-6) to go 7 under his handicap and win the pot again! There was a 3 way tie for second place (shooting 5 under handi) between: Hemmies, Cody, and G. Top of the world saw Hemmies take the second place standing. Score of the day belonged to Hemmies -13...DAM...-7 on the back nine. Once again I had the 9 holes of the day shooting 8 under on the front 9 unfortunately I couldn 't do anything on the back nine and actually/literally sharted on hole 16 and 18 and finished at 8 under. Anyways, it was a fun day! We are doing a practice "C" course round on Saturday April 2nd to show people the course. I forget what time?? Hemmies, what time did we say? daveykeeponfrolfinginthefreeworldstein

Friday, March 25, 2011

Late Recap/Good turnout

Late Re-Cap: Sunday offered a well timed, and well-com'ed hole in the weather. With only 1 short downpour, it was the best disc conditions in weeks! We had 18 players.

So many new members are coming out every week and most have true handicaps, with another 4 added to the list just this week: Wip, Hawk, Chris V, and Ryan T. Welcome Boys! We can all expect record cash payouts in coming weeks. 20p x $5 =$100!

This week my group included Wip, George, Nate, & Chris V. Random groups are great. It was interesting to see how these new guys have improved. George has great control on what I consider a tough shot; the turnover flick. Chris V has a natural hyzer spike, though not always intentional. Nate continues to improve his putting with a finesse pitch putt. Wip on the other hand lazers his putts hyzer style, and is solid from 20'. Everyone was under par through the front 9 and all have the potential to become neg handicappers. When did these guys start throwing? A few months ago? I better step up my game...

This weeks winner, Jesse, knew he had a good handicap going in and he capitalized, which as we all know is tough to do on command. He shot his best tourney round yet and took the loot. Textbook win bro.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Streak Continues...Barely!

It wasn't looking good as Hemmies and I (Davey D) were staring at each other at 2:25pm with the South wind blowing hard and the rain coming down hard. All of a sudden Craig and Craig III (Craig's son) walked down the hill and were up for a game. 4 (3 paying) brave (stupid?) souls teed off on hole 1 and commenced to play a round. This was not for the faint of heart...the course only gave up one birdy on hole 2, no birdies on hole 4, and some 5s and a 6. Well, as all the towels were soaked and Giants hats dripping (pretty nice we finished the round with Hemmies winning, shooting 2 over his handicap. None of us shot below their handicap making this round null and void...thank goodness. Scores were as follows:

Hemmies: -6 (sick fucking round yo!)
Davey DD: +3 (I 6ed hole 5...thats never happened before. At least I birdied 18!)
Craig: +11 (He pared hole 14 with 3 crazy shots including a par save from his knees in the tree.)

Anyways, there ya have was one of those days where no putt was safe...obviously.

Happy Frolfing!

davey d

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ice Bowl Video

The video above is the low res version, if you want to view it in high resolution go here:
Select 480p when you get there.

Thanks go out to MCTV for the radical special effects! My only complaint is I wish more players made the reel, oh well..

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Davey shoots -12, Jimmy shoots -10 but low and behold Matt F wins!


Sorry for the late recap but I figure better late than never. It was a beautiful sunny day with hardly any wind. Many Frolfers took advantage of these conditions to put up stellar numbers but Matt F. breaks the record (of a handicapped round) shooting -9 (15 under his handicap). I wonder if Matt F. has been improving and practicing? In related news Dennis shoots -7 (7 under his handicap) to take second place. Nice job fellows!

We had 20 people show up on this day (which may be a new course record) and 12 or 13 payed players...many others were getting scores in order to get their handicap secure and in place.

The club is growing and I wanted to mention here that our very own Jimmer Eldridge has been working on an MCFC Players Book outlining our mission statement, rules, rules/guidelines of the high school, and generally pitter patter. Some of us old timers have been hitting the streets getting the word out about some of the high school rules that we HAVE to follw including: 1. NO ALCOHOL USE AT THE HIGH SCHOOL, 2. NO SMOKING OF ANYTHING (that includes over the fence line), and 3. NO PLAYING THROUGH SPORTING EVENTS. The high school and the principal have already thretened to pull out the course and baskets and we are still on probation. In the past we have followed these rules loosely but it is now time to follow these rules without question! We will have a players meeting tomorrow before tournament to go over these again.

Happy Frolfing!

Davey D