Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Streak Continues...Barely!

It wasn't looking good as Hemmies and I (Davey D) were staring at each other at 2:25pm with the South wind blowing hard and the rain coming down hard. All of a sudden Craig and Craig III (Craig's son) walked down the hill and were up for a game. 4 (3 paying) brave (stupid?) souls teed off on hole 1 and commenced to play a round. This was not for the faint of heart...the course only gave up one birdy on hole 2, no birdies on hole 4, and some 5s and a 6. Well, as all the towels were soaked and Giants hats dripping (pretty nice we finished the round with Hemmies winning, shooting 2 over his handicap. None of us shot below their handicap making this round null and void...thank goodness. Scores were as follows:

Hemmies: -6 (sick fucking round yo!)
Davey DD: +3 (I 6ed hole 5...thats never happened before. At least I birdied 18!)
Craig: +11 (He pared hole 14 with 3 crazy shots including a par save from his knees in the tree.)

Anyways, there ya have was one of those days where no putt was safe...obviously.

Happy Frolfing!

davey d

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  1. Glad to hear that the streak lives on. I finally got to play disc, at the course in San Juan Del Sur. My skills are not up to par, as it were, and though I did manage to beat my wife, and daughter, I only beat Kara by 1 stroke (straightup)and that was only because she had a double boge on the second to last hole! Crazy that you all went from 20 players two weeks ago to three this week. Btw, I think Erin is playing too much disc, he is starting to look a lot like a Basket!