Monday, July 26, 2010

Vince and Nate!

Thats right ladies and gentlemen you heard it hear first...both Vinny Vincenzo and Nate the dizzle dog Anderson shot 8 under their riduculous (wait did I say that out loud) handicaps. Both Nate and Vinny played in my group along side EHems and it was a pleasure to watch the twos of thems battle it out. Nate shot a -4 (8 under handy) and Vinny shot -7 (8 under his handy). Vince was parking everything and Nate was overthrowing shots I have never seen him overthrow like hole 10. He also parked hole 1. Nate made friends with the Katana on this day. After they tied on topple the world Vinny beat the Natedog on hole 12. Another highlight of the day was Ehems almost aceing hole 17 throwing a turnover threw the treeline and going over the basket. Nice shot Hems! There ya have it. Can someone post the scores?

Nate -4
Vince -7
David -6
Erin -9

Jeriemiah 8
Jeremy 0
Logan +5
AJ -6

Linz 9
Brady -4
Gregg -1
Jim -8

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Ace List Grows with Each Passing Day

Sunday tourney was 8 frolfers strong. Ryan, AJ, Tai, and Linz (along with Maddie the Caddy) teed off on 5, while Nate, Devon, Brian and Matthew teed on 1. No sooner had we arranged our names neatly in order on our homemade scorecard, than my group heard whooping, shouting, hollering and yahooing from the parking lot. Matthew Starkweather hucked his limited-special-edition-MFC logo disc for an ACE on hole 1! Might I remind you that this blue disc was the very same disc he won as a CTP on hole 1 not long ago. 'Twas meant to be.

Try as we might, no one managed to make Matthew split the ace pot in 2 that day, though I came mighty close on 8 when I turned my blue avenger over into a bee-line ace-run and hit the basket!

Nate Doggy Dog took the tourney with a 2 under his handi, and Linz got second with a 1 under her handi. I'll get you yet, Dizzle.

This is really just an abridged version of Sunday - I'm sure Ryan will give us all the poetic version, and perhaps we'll hear a first-person account of 'The ACE of July 18, 2010' from Mr. Starkweather himself.

Linz +4
Tai +11
AJ +1
Ryan -2

Devon Josephs +28
Nate +2
Brian +9
Matthew -1


Monday, July 12, 2010

My Boy

Sunday Scores:
Lindsey +7
Brady -5
Ryan -10
Jim -8
Tai +6
Nate +3
Jeremy +1
AJ -6
Brian +11
Derrick -1
David -9
Erin -11

Friday, July 9, 2010

Live From Fort Bragg, It's Thursday Night!

One match, five teams and three and a half hours is all it takes to kick off the summer season of doubles at the newly minted Fort Bragg College of the Redwoods eighteen hole disc golf course. After some deliberation over how the teams would be broken up, a final draw left: Erin & Nate, Greg & Derrick, Vince & Jeremy, David & Ryan and Jim played the round Cali. After the front nine of play it was G&D with the lead (-7), followed by N&E (-6), a tie for third between V&J and D&R (-5) and J pulling up the back (-1). This was a tight match.

Let us now discuss the intricacies of playing someone Cali. As Jim can attest to, if you are not playing well Cali does not afford you a partner to "pick you up" when you need a big putt or a drive just a bit closer. Now wait a minute. Could it be that I am now arguing against Cali on the grounds that it makes things tougher for a player. Wasn't it not too long ago that you, Ryan William Magee, argued that Cali was actually too easy and that a player could dial in a hole with two drives or make certain he nails that putt with two tries? I have to defend my maniacal ramblings by saying that nowhere in this post have I said that I am against playing Cali. There is simply no way to play with an odd number that would be any more fair. Besides, if I pose a question to myself on my own post and then proceed to answer it, is this not a bit like smashing a tee-ball home-run versus a heated discussion at the bar after a round which would be more like hitting a Lincecum change-up out of the park after falling behind 0-2? I suppose so, but I prefer to visualize this analogy in terms of whiffle ball. In my mind, answering my own questions versus an open debate with fellow frolfers is like pitching to Skye Estelle Starkweather versus pitching to Aaron "the home-run baron" Brun. You should take note that my analogy is from the perspective of the pitcher and not the hitter. I think the pitcher has the advantage and therefore deserves the spotlight in the production in my mind. If this were to actually try to explain the nuances of playing Cali then we could just show up to the course, ingest a half ounce of psychedelic mushrooms and play away. Instead we play the game like regular folk and the outcome depends on who plays the best.

On this evening, Derrick & Greg played the best. Taking a commanding three stroke lead after birdying the 11th they looked tough to beat. Erin & Nate made a play at it with a birdie on 12. Dave & Ryan decided enough was enough and birdied 13 to come within 2. The game came alive on hole 14 when N&E and D&R birdied and the CTP D&G missed an important one. 15 is a massive, monster L to R shot easily over 400 ft. E&N missed long and right (not a typo, turn-over boss shot), D&G short and R&D short. Greg made an excellent up shot after a rare Derrick miss and Dave neatly secured par for us. D&G up 1 over N&E and D&R. 16 spelled birdie off the tee for D&G while N&E pulled off the par and Dave made a brilliant 30 footer for birdie and sole possession of second. Along came 18 and the whole game. D&G missed leaving a make-able par while Dave parked a drive making for an interesting playoff. We decided to tee off from the road behind 1 out to the basket for 6. D&R were up on the hill, pin high with about 15 ft. to go and D&G were 35 ft. out past the basket and left. Two putts left short gave D&R a chance to win. Dave missed low and Ryan smashed the chains dead center and bounced off the pole. A little too much gas. Off to hole 7. D&G parked and D&R deep 20 ft. Ryan chained barely upper right, Davey short and thats all it took. D&G bagged it with a birdie.
Nice match. I for one am much more interested in Thursday frolf with the new full 18.
Aloha, Pau.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Erin's unplayed original C

Jim's C course

Thank you Erin for updating the MFC blog style. It looks fantastic. I am coming out of my blogging retirement to comment on the boot-leg course activity on the Mendocino Coast. I have just recently embraced Erin and Rick's "B-course" as my favorite. I have fallen victim to the sleepwalking adventure we call "A-course". It has always proven itself challenging in the windy conditions, but the "birdie or die" nature of the course has gotten stale. I must preface the rest of this post by saying that Mendo High is one of the most visually impressive frolf courses anywhere. With white-water views, Point Cabrillo, sunsets and sea stacks one is drawn to the idea of a cross between Torrey Pines and Pebble Beach. The only thing separating us from them is the fact that every hole on the course is within reach of the average player with the exception of 17. With the recent landscaping of the 4 and 9 baskets, the risk/ reward ratio has been made much easier. B-course changes all of that. A good hard won par can vault you up over the competition. A 30 foot birdie chance is something you hope for. I think tougher courses breed better putters. On A, if you have a 20 foot putt, you missed on your drive. On B, if you have a 20 foot putt you nailed your drive. This, to me, is what frolf is all about. On Thursday I had the pleasure of playing the Fort Bragg "back-nine" for the first time. After a tough round of chain-outs, pole-outs and basket-outs, Davey had Matthew and I beat with 10 down or maybe better. Matthew played very well with a 7 and I puttered out with a 2. Things were tight after 9 with 5/3/1, Davey/Matthew/Ryan. The back being played as the front again, Davey lit things up. This is how he beats us all at Fort Bragg. Let it be known that if Davey beats you at Fort Bragg it won't be because he got warmed up and shot all the same holes again. The back nine is tough, long and plenty of left to right. I got decidedly beat by Jeremy again with the theme of my game, chain-out and pole-out your birdies. I love these new holes. They are hard and may keep the scores a little more in check at Fort Bragg. Now I open the blog page and see "Jim's Mendo C-course". What is going on? Have we 4 legitimate courses right here on the coast? I think we should start a club. Call it the MFC or something and play against the MCDGC. Thanks again to Erin and Rick for B, Rusty and Roy for FB back nine and now Jimmers for C. Now for the Epilogue.
We should consider not playing Mendo A for every tourney. It would be exciting to mix up the courses on Sundays but play with the handis. Open season for comment.
Aloha, Pau

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Erin & Lindsey's video response...