Monday, July 12, 2010

My Boy

Sunday Scores:
Lindsey +7
Brady -5
Ryan -10
Jim -8
Tai +6
Nate +3
Jeremy +1
AJ -6
Brian +11
Derrick -1
David -9
Erin -11


  1. Thanks for the video. Oscar is a fun guy. Is the waterfall on the Big Island? I have to admit I immediately pictured a disc basket set into the cliffs behind the falls..

    Oh, and great round Sunday, your game has grown.


  2. Bread,

    Go to Youtube and type in Laughing Baby. Funny stuff. Nice round. There has recently been talk of a secret fortress, clubhouse way up in the sky, an underground gathering place, or simply a secret spot for those few who have scored in negative double digits during a tourney round. Is this place fictitious or real? Your key is on the way...

  3. your the man rye, no doubt about it. someday ill get into the magical clubhouse, you know you guys are lonely hanging out there without me

  4. good job Rye Bread!
    Thats killer.

  5. Hey MFC-
    There is a new ace list at the top of the blog. Help fill it in! Its missing a ton of aces...

  6. Hey, who can help me remember which hole my first tourney ace was on?? Were they both on #4? I'm too old to remember anymore.

  7. Howdy Frolfers- Only one thing better than a Laughing baby- Sunday tourney! Yes I will be there and I am updating the handis too- Hope to see you all there-

  8. Hey dudesw
    what were the 4th of July scores? And who won?

  9. doublesB_Matthew&Ryan v David&Jeremy_tight game through17_not sure of scores_Jeremy hits road with Katana Thumber_Matthew&Ryan choose hill shot over field shot_David parks upshot_Matthew&Ryan go OB_game over

  10. DaveyD back from summer in Shasta (I think I swam in 5 different Lakes, Rivers, Reservoirs, and random swimming holes). Anyways, did Shalala win a tourney? Is that why her picture is on the blog or did her OLD man win one? Can someone post the scores and maybe a story or know how came, did anyone ace, big putt?? You guys get the picture.