Thursday, February 28, 2013

The FB course should retain shot variety throughout the changes and improvements being made. Support is needed in modifying 3 of the original front 9, as well as 1 Icebowl hole to all have mandatory left to right or straight flight routes. The old back nine is not viable anymore, but these mando shots will help replace awesome holes like 11 and 15 from the old back nine.

Tone pole positions will also attempt to balance shot types and may include 2-3 additional holes from what is shown on the map.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

FIrst chance to reg for 2013

Hey y'all just a reminder- we will be meeting tomorrow, thursday at 4 pm at the fort bragg DGC for your first chance to join the MCFC for 2013.  For $35 new members will recieve a bag tag, mini, and sweet hot-stamped discraft disc.  For $45 you can get 2 discs.  We will then play disc to figure out the bag tags...Hope to see you all there!

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Players Results: 88 players biggest turnout yet!!!
open: 18 
Erin Hemmings 116
dallas 118
davey d 130
dan h 131
matt f 132
javiar 136
jeremy center 137
derrick r 138
josh L 138?
nez 139
matthew s 139
jesse a 142
rye bread 143
jim eldridge 143
mike 146
chris caudle 146
rocky 148

womens: 10
jessica 165
jenna 173
anna c 175
vanessa 195
talerra 227
franny, alice, bronwyn, shelly, and marina decide to play one round

advanced: 12
ukiah joe 128
tupper 129
dennis hull 135
sam 136
george wright 147
aj 151
mattman 153
bob r 154
josh house 154
c mac 159
ty 162
robert dnf

intermediate: 29
wip 135
hawk 138
ben 140
levi 141
donnie 142
chris v 145
bill g 145
andreas p 146
daniel h 146
jj 146
jeremy h 148
dylan l 149
ivan 150
garret 150
darren b 151
kyle 152
dave 153
grant 154
larry jr 154
peaches 156
ryan t 156
carlos 157
euan p 157
kevin 160
ceasar 161
drew 168
jarod l dnf
greg dnf
ryan s dnf

recreational 12
adam 148
tyler 149
jose 152
kevin (meatball) 152
justin 159
alex 163
andrew 163
gabby 165
mike c 172
brandon 187
bob 222
jon dnf

rec grandmasters 3
bruce 166
Larry senior 169
tom 176

ryan 152
john b 163
jevyn 172
jack 193

donation results to come soon

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ukiah Sun Bowl

The weather was prime, the wind was scarce, and "the coast/MCFC" came to play.  It was an absolute beautiful day and shortly after tee off, I was warm in my puma pants and skull cap.  I quickly put on my ball cap and finished the round one over which was tied with Eric Langton but 4 strokes back of the one they call Levi who shot a hot 1st round of -3.  David Guzman took my card at 4 under.  The phrases I heard based on my round/shots at low gap were:  "Davey D, too hot", "you almost aced it and then it was gone down the hill", "Davey D, nice putt/par save".  3 bogeys, 2 birdies, and the rest pars was my round.  Coming back to tournament central with neither my head held high or my head held low I learned that Lt. Dan/Dan the Man was atop the Advanced Division at 6 under.  The word, "BAGGER" was thrown around quite a bit but who am to say.  A quick lunch and the second round commenced.      

Shorts and a Boonville t-shirt was the atire for the second round.  I quickly learned I was on the chaser care with Langton, Dirka, a Ukiah guy named Ben, and a Ukiah guy named Donald.  I must say that Dirka putted very well.  The phrases that I heared based on my shots were:  "Too hot", "Oh, shit its down the hill and out of bounds", and silence.  The second round we played every hole at a different tee location making it harder for some and easier for others especially if you have a thumber.    Well, 4 over wasn't what I hoped for but that is what I got especially after going out of bounds on a hole and scoring a 5P.  Anyways, the hightights of the MCFC were:

Levi took 2nd place in Am 2
Erin Hemmings took 3rd place in Pro and
Lt. Dan/Dan the Man took 1st place in Am 1

I forgot to mention that Dan the Man aced hole 18 on the second round and was thouroughly congratulated by Ukiah folk and Coast folk.

Whoever wants to fill in the gaps (get it-low gap) over the winners or there own round please do so.  Lets go MCFC...lets represent for the FORT BRAGG ICE BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Otter Open Shocker!

A couple of MCFCers went down to the Otter Open last weekend to represent, and HOLY SHITBALLS, one of 'em knocked it out the box!!!  Check the results, keeping an eye out for the Advanced Masters division, and the name Starkweather!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ten Mile Revival

Last Saturday, mendo coast disc golfers were treated to the first installment in about a year of the "MCFC Special Tourney".  Hawk Stevers spearheaded an effort to create a safari course on private property up the Ten-Mile River.  This has been the fourth (correct me if I'm wrong) safari course used in special tourney play.  The first being Erin's "Pond Course" followed by my "Joey Memorial 2-par", followed by the Mendo "APE" and now we have the "Ten Mile Revival".  I LOVE THIS SHIT!  Let this be a revival of the Special Tourney in all its glory.  We have fun tournaments on the horizon and lots in more in development. 

The Ten Mile Revival course used the topography of the land to create tough putts, the tightness of the trees to shrink the available birdie window and designed OB to brutalize the scores. 

I was stoked to be out playing a new course in our backyard with the mendo/fort bragg regulars.  There was a whole new bag of shots needed to score on the revival set-up and two rounds just wasn't enough.  I bet I'm not the only one who wants a few more runs at that island.  Let's support any efforts to pursue the use of that land and anywhere else our club can find to set up temporary courses.

Thanks Hawk and anyone else that helped in the setup and breakdown.  Add your TMR accounts on the comments.