Thursday, February 28, 2013

The FB course should retain shot variety throughout the changes and improvements being made. Support is needed in modifying 3 of the original front 9, as well as 1 Icebowl hole to all have mandatory left to right or straight flight routes. The old back nine is not viable anymore, but these mando shots will help replace awesome holes like 11 and 15 from the old back nine.

Tone pole positions will also attempt to balance shot types and may include 2-3 additional holes from what is shown on the map.


  1. I'm heading up your way this weekend and plan on throwing your course for the first time early Saturday afternoon after a late breakfast at Eggheads. Would like to throw with local golfers so as to pick up the nuances of your course. I'm old (55 on Sunday) and broken (rt hip arthritis), so golf game reflects such. Always bake before a round and am easy going. I am a UFOS club Board member and have been involved in frisbee sports for over 35 yrs, so one of the old school dudes. 707-206-8352, and I drive a green Mercury Mariner. Hope to hook up with someone to show me your course. Jim Sutherland

  2. Hems,
    I love the layout and appreciate your thought behind it and you uploading the map. Is hole 6 on this layout the hole we played in the ice bowl. I like that hole...short but challenging. Have you or anyone looked at or played the reverse tunnel shot? Is it as good?

  3. I would still like to see a island hole from 16 on Erin's map to a basket over by 9s tee pad